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Hello and welcome to Now
I'm Talking. This show is about people who
are talked about a lot, but who rarely get a chance to speak for themselves. And that's exactly what we want to change. Today I am the guest of Jan-Jacob Vogelsang. They say,
"It's not easy being a reptilian." So a lizardman. And "I would wish for a little more gratitude
for everything I 've done for Germany." Mr. Vogelsang, a little more gratitude, what
exactly do you mean by that? Well, we reptilians are here for the good of
man. We run the financial system, we run the
world government, we control the mind. We don't get a thank you for that.

Ok, but you can see that the
Germans treat us like farm animals. The perception is completely distorted. Example chemtrails. I mean, there are vitamins in there too. You see, I only want the best for
Germany. Also in your own interest as a shareholder of BRD GmbH. Okay, I'd like to dig deeper at this point
. You admit yourself that you oppress us. You take away our right to self-determination
and in return you want our understanding? I mean, that's a bit
crude. Do you know what sacrifices I make? Because I had to organize 9/11, I did
n't see my own children hatch. And at the end it says: "Dad, because of
you I gave up my Illuminati studies… and started a Masonic apprenticeship." But Mr. Vogelsang, you have to be
a bit… No, you don't have to. Then they come from the system media, OUR
system media, and almost organize a… lizard… uhh WITCH hunt. Well, Mr. Vogelsang, I know that this
is an extremely emotional topic for you.

But you really don't have to freak
out here. I want to understand what your worries and
your fears are. Tell me what you wish for. For yourself, but also for your lizard people. I wish for more warmth. Warmth? They want more warmth from us. And that means what exactly? Well, lizards are cold-blooded creatures. That's why we live in the center of the earth and not
on the surface, because it's just… too cold there. Now we've been working on global warming for 200 years
and then it's being systematically torpedoed by humans. Do n't we have a right to live? On the surface? I have a dream. That one day my 23 children, together
with all other human children, will cause even more CO2 emissions. Did you really just say that, for
more CO2 emissions? Oh Ms. Hayali, you can really
read that all over the internet. Well, I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me. I still have an appointment… in Bielefeld. Okay.. well then.. nevertheless, of course, thank you very much for
letting me be here…

and, above all, for
speaking to me so honestly and openly. Thanks. And all the best. Oh. Oh gosh! I'm sorry. never mind It's growing again..