Practical Driving Test tips UK, how to pass POV with pedal cam in Lichfield 2016 ????????????????

Hello I'm Rich, and welcome to my video on the practical driving test. Today we'll be looking at some practical driving test tips in Lichfield. Dealing with four way traffic lights. Doing a turn in the road or 3 point turn for our manoeuvre. I'm also going to have a camera on my feet, throughout the video. To give you more practical driving test tips, of how I'm using the clutch, brake and accelerator. We'll also have a section of independent driving, following road signs The driving test will also include large busy roundabouts, and a mini roundabout. As well as dual carriageway slip roads, on and off. And an angled start from behind a parked car. We've also got a zebra crossing complete with lollipop man.

As well as a puffin crossing. And also a section of busy town driving. So lets get on with the Point of view POV practical driving test. Hello there, my names Richard Bailey from Driving Burntwood and we're just going to do a mock test today got a camera on my head, a camera on my feet and binaural microphones for the sound quality, so… at the start of your test you'll be asked to do your show me tell me questions which you can find in a different video and then you'd be moving away from the test centre nice and steady ask them to explain what the test is going to involve and they'll be happy to do that.

At the end of the road they will ask you in this case to turn right so I'm just checking my mirrors, putting the signal on and comming to a stop. Very hard to see here so definately take your time at the start of your test whichever part of the countre you are in. and at the end of the road we're going to bo going right again, so juist checking my mirrors again, popping my signal on steadying up nice and early because we've got this learner in front of us.

And even if it's the start of your test don't feel rushed, don't feel like your having to wait a long time, if it's busy, it's busy. so just keep yourself updated, got the traffic lights there but got no pedestrians pressing them, and we're good to go so I'm not going to be talking you through all the problems that can crop up on this test or this particular test route, It's not realy worth learning test routes just checking my mirrors because we're going to be turning left at this roundabout I'm just going to be talking you through how their going to explain the test to you.

They wont tend to be too chatty because they dont want to put you off so you want to be, as normal looking for those hazards see if anyone's pressing the buttons on the pedestrian crossing and at the traffic lights I'd like you to turn right please hopefully that taxi doesn't turn to sharp, there we go All that traffic's stopping, probably not long 'till my go nice and clear in the road I'm heading into Always worth knowing where your little extra controls are like your window screen washer incase you have got low sun to deal with like this but they'll all be covered in your show me tell me questions and at the roundabout I'd like you to turn left please They may say take the next left because It's one of those little slip roads just next to the roundabout and we need to give way to anyone coming off the roundabout There isn't anyone coming off but I'm still taking it steady because the bridge is arched There could of been a tall truck coming through in the middle of the road and at the traffic lights I'd like you to turn right please I'm just taking up a good position, hugging that right line, or that middle line No need to fully secure up, there quiet happy with you waiting in gear like I'm doing saves a little bit of time when the lights change again now I've got two people turning right there after this Jaguar so…

I'll take that chance, to make my turn. and then they'll ask you to pull over on the left in a safe and convenient place they might even say where they want you to park because I want to be parked just towards the end of this grass edge before the pavement starts because we're going to have a go at the turn in the road manoeuvre. So they'd ask you to turn the car around to face the opposite direction using forward and reverse gears trying not to touch the kerbs so they'll just ask you to carry on when you'r ready so I've got this silver Mercedes coming towards me, so I'm gonna wait for them to do their thing That learners just pulled up as well and I can see them having a little look around, as if their about to pull off so I'm just staying still while I'm trying to work out whether there about to do a manoeuvre and I've got an AA car behind me now anyway so I'm going to come back out of gear and just wait a second to see what's happening so the red learners, he's having a good look around in his car just depends whether he's about to have a go at a parallel park or he's carrying on and it looks like he's having a go at a parallel park so I can carry on doing what I want to do nothing to worry about behind me there kind of blocking the road in front and don't forget your blind spot, find your little bit of bite and then nice fast hands to full lock as you set off In this car the kerb joins just about where the speaker cut is feel free to use your handbrake if you don't want to roll forwards and then nice fast hands as your going backwards little checks out the back window to make sure there's no one behind you and then looking over this shoulder, you can judge how close you can get to this kerb and in my car it's as the kerb cuts into the corner of the window frame there, another check of the road to make sure it's safe use the handbrake if you don't want to roll back into that kerb but if you feel like your confident enough to do it just with your feet that's fine as well and then they'll ask you to pull over again just by this post box and they'll ask you to just pull over again because there going to start the independent drive here so they'll ask you to go to the end, to the traffic lights and turn right and then we're going to be following the road signs for Birmingham and they'll ask you to carry on when your ready so again I'm just wondering what this lady's up to looks like she's putting her sunglasses on I'm going to let her know by indicating, that I'm pulling off little check of my blind stop to make sure I'm all safe so then you just follow the directions you've been given so it was right at the lights and then we're looking out for signs for Birmingham so I've got a couple of cars turning right there, just making sure there's no one hiding in the middle there wasn't so I'm good to go and on the map there, instantly you've got a map and Birmingham is straight over There's a little comfirmation of Birmingham but the sun was making it hard to see there So we're heading out of Lichfield now and we've got a new speed limit of 50 so nice quick checks of your speedo if you are checking it, which you want to be doing speed limits 50 we're just touching 50 now just checking my mirror because we've got this junction coming up it's quiet a nasty junction and we've got a sign here to let us know there's another one on the right and now we're going to follow the road signs to Burton please so looking on the map…

Don't know how well you can see it on the video but Burton is, on the first roundabout and it's left so, do my mirrors, pop my signal on see what's going on at the roundabout looks busy so… feel free to use your hand if the sun's getting in your way but your better off trying to remember to bring a pair of shades because you want those two hands on the steering wheel really and now we're going to follow the road signs for Lichfield you can see how nasty that sun can be we've got a third of a mile to the Lichfield exit so… even though I could go faster than this I'm not going to bother overtaking the truck there's them count down markers, first one's a good que to start signaling and they'll ask you to carry on following the road signs for Lichfield there's a little reminder of the speed limit, national speed limit and then we're coming back into Lichfield so it's come back down to 40 so a little check of your mirrors as your slowing down so the examiner might not have told you anything else at this point so just keep looking for signs for Lichfield or they might change your destination, and I'm going to do that so we're going to start looking for Tamworth signs now quiet easy while your concentrating on that sign to miss these 30 signs but Tamworth is right I've decided to take it out of gear this time and have a little rest because I know these lights can take quiet a while, there three way lights so we're going to be going at the same time as the people opposite us and not only are they three way sorry you might not of been able to hear that, not only are they three way but the pedestrian phase was on as well there let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these videos so looking at the road I'm going into It's quiet sharp back on myself but I don't want to go to far around because that's this traffics bit of road there where that white line carries on all clear after this black one, one last check into the road I'm going into and we're all good and then they'd let you know that's the end of your indipendant driving Do be careful not to speed up to early still 30 until you hit the 40 sign, think of it as a start line.

So 30… 40 now That's when it starts as a 40 and that's when you can start speeding up Do remember to check them mirrors before you speed up or else that will earn you a minor. I'm just going to pull over on the left somewhere safe legal and convenient, so thats my own choise this time I'm going to go a little bit further so I'm not opposite the bus stop Then they'll say thank you very much carry on when your ready So even though there's no one behind me and no one in my blind spot, I'm going to indicate to the traffic ahead just in case one of these three guys lives in that house there. and they know I'm pulling off then and at the traffic lights we'll turn left please Do be careful of that gas pedal when you get to the top of hills you'll have to probably ease off it so you don't keep getting faster It's worth thinking about the fact that the sun's right behind me so these people coming towards me have got really bad vision and at the roundabout we're going to go left, first exit A bit of a hidden zebra crossing at the top here, can't see the road markings but can see the flashing lights and then we're going to take the next road on the left please I'd like you to pull over on the left just before the second car leave yourself about a car lengths worth of room to pull off again don't worry about the driveways so thats closer than you would need to get normally but because i was going around that parked car, it just made it a little bit awkward.

And this is an angled start, so they'll just ask you to carry on again when your ready and there just testing that you still remember to do all your observations? It might be worth an indication because it's a little bit worse vision trying to get yourself around past a parked car do feel free to move your head if the post is in your way when your going around a bend That might seem worse on the video, that it is in real life because obviously I've got two eyes and this video was shot with one lense so It's just a bit of a bigger block in the way End of the road we're going to turn left And it looks like It's school kick out time so even though it should be my priority I'm just giving them a bit more space because they seem to be coming through whether I like it or not Little check of my mirror now incase this person tries to push through as well and just keeping it steady, because there's quiet a lot of kids about and he's lifted his lollipop up slightly, so that probably means he want's to cross these people that are the other side of the road so…

So that's your little clue that the lollipop man or lollipop lady is about to do their thing. when they put their stick sideways accros they've got someone they want to cross the road and at the lights we're going to be turning left even though Ive done my mirrors I'm going to delay my signal because of these couple of junctions here do feel free to take your time if a gaps tight so you car check your door mirror is fine so as long as your gentle coming off the clutch, like i was then if you pick the wrong gear, like i had the car will have a little moan at you and you'll know to put your clutch back down and pick a different gear but if you come off the clutch quick it will just stall worth a little check of your mirrors just before you set off incase there's a motorbike trying to get past or a cyclist on the left hand side and at the traffic lights we're going to turn right quick check of that zebra crossing and I'm sure that lady will press the button, so I'm just checking the mirrors again and there we go, right on que and at the roundabout we're going to turn right, third exit and if you can take the next road on the left please so you'll know when your heading back to the test centre because you'll have been driving around your area and you'll get to know when your nearly back here's that white boarding again they'll ask you to take the next left again in this case It's quiet tight, so probably worth going down to first gear for it because you can't see very well and then they would ask you to pull into that car park there in Lichfield and just pull in forward and that will be the end of your test and they'll let you know how you've done so just make sure you secure the car up nicely they won't care to much how you park up at the end so feel free to just pull forward into a bay and there you go, and they'll ask you to turn the engine off to make sure your fully secured up then they'll mark the sheet and let you know how you've done, so feel free to mention anything in the coments I think I'd of got myself 1 minor for that speed up from the thirty to the forty when I was explaining about the start line apart from that, thought it was quiet a nice drive so thank you for watching feel free to comment below and don't forget to subscribe πŸ™‚ thanks for watching, bye