2023 UW Distinguished Staff Awards

Please invite your colleagues that you see standing to come sit with you. We will go ahead and get started now. Thank you. >> The University of Washington acknowledges the Coast Salish peoples of this land, the land which touchesthe shared waters of all tribes and bands within Muckleshoot nations. >> I can take my mask off. Hi, everyone. It's good to see you. I'm Mindy Kornberg,Vice President for UW Human Resources. I have the unique privilege of serving as executive sponsor of the Distinguished Staff Award, and I am thrilled to be here in community with you For the first time I think in maybe three years. We have made a few changesto the Distinguished Staff Awards, including introducing a livestream option for nominees and others who wish to join us remotely.

Hello, everyone. Today, here in this ballroom and online, we are surrounded by those who reflect our UW values and contribute at such high levels that colleagues, managers, studentsinvested significant effort in sharing stories of their impact. Please join me in officially welcoming all of our 2023 nominees. >> [ Applause ] >> The countless achievementsof UW staff elevate our University and contribute to an unparalleled experience by both those who teach and work here as well those who come to the UW For world-class education or patient care.

Today, we will celebrate nominations of individuals and teams being recognized in one of the following categories: Career achievement; Collaboration; Diversity, equity, and inclusion; Impact; and Innovation. As we get today's program started, I would like to ask that our nominees under Career Achievement, please come to my right of the stage with your nomination card. Shall I repeat that? As we get today's program started, those who were in the Career Achievement, please come on up with your nomination card. As they assemble, I would like to give a big shout out to our DSA Selection Committee. These awards would not be possible without their hard work, which, by the way, they do on a voluntary basis, carefully reading all of the inspiring nominations.

From there, they have the difficult job of selecting our staff awardees, to be announced later this spring and honored at our Awards of Excellence ceremony. committee members, could you please stand as I call your name so we can recognize all of your work. Gwyneth Parmar. Director of projects and strategic — Hannah Barnett. Elaine Acacio , director of UW medical Northwest. Yadesa Bojia demographic designer, housing and food services. Lauren Carter, principal school of medicine. Julian Leahy, operations supervisor, UW Tacoma. Rekha Matken . Kristi Sherwood, HR director, graduate school. And lastly, Michael, program support supervisor, UW facilities. Everyone, please join me in thanking the selection committee. Now, I'd like to introduce President Ana Mari Cauce. President Cauce has continually strived to bring our community together through our ongoing challenges and achievements. I've seen firsthand her commitment to fostering values of unity, compassion and excellence that make the UW such an impactful and welcoming place.

Please welcome to the stage President Cauce. >> You look dutiful, everybody. It's so much fun to be getting back to these kinds of in- person celebrations and to be back in community altogether, including those of you that are watching. We've learned to do things all kinds of different ways and shapes and forms. It really is fabulous to be back. We really are is a university so incredibly fortunate to have such an outstanding group of talented people on our staff on all of our three campuses. Sometimes, our faculty and our students are absolutely important. They are the reason why we are here. But sometimes I think that staff gets overlooked. And you really are the glue that keeps this university altogether. I have been here long enough to know — I was talking to a Dean candidate who was asking me, I need someone to mentor me. I said, that is what staff is for. All of my training has come from the fabless staff that I work with.

I want you to know that I recognize what an absolutely critical part you are to making our fabulous University fabulous. It's really more amazing when I think about it. I think sometimes people think about universities in a fairly narrow way. It's about classrooms, and it's about English or math courses. But the incredible diversity, the skills and talent that you bring because of just how broad our impact is and how diverse the services that we give to our community are. I staff members, you make our university the incredible resource that it is for students, for the faculty, for the state, and quite frankly, for the world. Today, we are going to celebrate the cream of the crop. Those of you that are extra, extra special.

Staff that have been recognized by their colleagues and leaders for being the best of the best. that is what I think is so important. I'm very thrilled. What's really special is you are being recognized by your peers, by people who work with you side by side, by people who benefit from your talent. And that is what makes this extra special. I want to take a minute to congratulate our nominees and thank you for ensuring that are almost 60,000 undergraduate and graduate students have a pathway to their dreams. You make that possible. Take a moment, and let's clapper yourselves. >> [ Applause ] >> You also support groundbreaking research, the research that is done here. We like to say it saves lives in a medic for since. The research here save lives in a literal sense. What we did in terms of the COVID response and the fact that we became models for people across the nation, it wasn't a few days ago we were the first university to go online, setting the standard for everybody else.

The work that we do here matters. We are a complicated organism. We are a living university. You keep it running. Nominees, each of you has demonstrated integrity, excellence, collaboration, and innovation for your work, and I'm so proud to be here together with your friends and family to argue today. And I really want to welcome all of your friends and family. I know certainly — if you talk to my family, they would tell you they are long hours. You sometimes had to sacrifice because of your family member working that extra push, et cetera. So, I thank you for the support you have given them, the support you have given them is support that you have given us and our state and the world. Thank you for joining us today, whether it's in person or online. And I'm sure the fact that they are being honored is no surprise to you. Thank you to all the nominators.

I know that it takes time to write the nomination. Chat DBT may help a little bit. Thank you for taking the time to write that nomination, to put in extra time that those colleagues of yours are being recognized. And finally, I want to give a special enqueue to UW leaders in attendance today. You exemplify the values we are here to celebrate. Mandy, our Vice President for UW Human Resources. Cindy Hecker, Chief Executive Officer for UW Medical Center. Rickey Hall, Vice President for the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity and University Diversity Officer. Renee Cheng, he was coming Dean of the College of Built in a few Environments. minutes, I also want to mention Dianne Harris,Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. she wanted to be here, but she is under the weather. I get to do the very first awards for you to join me in welcoming Elaine Acacio, Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for UWMC Patient Services. >> [ Applause ] >> She also serves on the DSA selection committee and will be announcing the nominees for Career Achievement.

These are staff members who have dedicated their careers to the UW, sometimes 20, 30, even 40 years of service, I came here in 1986, and some of them came here before I did. Dinosaurs used to be on these grounds. They have demonstrated their excellent throughout that time. The nominations in this category are some of the most moving and heartfelt tributes That had been received, and as someone who , as I said, I am inching up on that 40-year mark, I'm especially proud to congratulate these nominees.

And please hold your applause until we have announced all of our Career Achievement nominees. >> [ Reading of nominees' names ] she has been an credible part. 's high standards help our department became a self and working environment for us all. He was also nominated under the category of impact. >> [ Reading of nominees' names ] From ensuring over 3000 tribal college students participate in a survey of alcohol use and protective factors to supporting participation of tribal health providers. We know more about tribal health because of his singular efforts. >> [ Reading of nominees' names ] over his 40 year career, he has demonstrated dedication, generosity, and providing outstanding customer service. During times of increased service demand and significant staff shortages, Mike is resilient and moves Ford modeling consistency and is inspiring. >> [ Reading of nominees' names ] research scientist, college of arts and sciences. She is a composer, violinist. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help students and people in our community and in many ways she is the glue that holds the department together.

>> [ Reading of nominees' names ] managing editor , Justice school of international studies. Martha has been the gold standard at UW for over 35 years and serves as the rock of the Japan program. She keeps them at the top of their fields while chairs and coeditors have come and gone. Her outstanding care for everything she does has benefited thousands of students, teachers, professors, editors, and staff for over 45 years. [ Reading of nominees' names ] Associates. Linda is the perfect mix of incredible integrity, excellence, and respect, as she is also an avid music lover of all genres. She with the college through a pandemic, a new Dean, and the financial transformation. All the while encouraging others to do so as well. [ Reading of nominees' names ] Assistant Dean for students , School of Public Health. She is the consummate equity focused leader and mentor announcing a student centered approach in all of her work while maintaining unwavering support for the staff and faculty that she mentors. Lastly, [ Reading of nominees' names ] clinical laboratory supervisor, Harbor View medical center pathology.

An exceptionally committed, talented, and dedicated manager. Her nearly 30-year career at UW has contributed to significant growth and improvements in the department and medical center. We will now recognize our nominees for Career Achievement on the livestream. [ Reading of nominees' names ] [ Reading of nominees' names ] Please joining me in congratulating all of the nominees. >> [ Applause ] >> Nominees under the Collaboration category, please stand and assemble to my right. Individual nominees, please stand at the front of the line, closer to the stage. Team nominees, please group together in your team and line up behind the individuals. I would now like to ask Gwyneth Parmar, UWHR's Director for Strategic Initiatives and Project and DSA Selection Committee Co-chair back to the stage and introduce you all to Cindy Hecker, Chief Executive Officer for UW Medical Center.

>> This is an extremely large group. I'm very excited to be here to recognize these incredible nominees. Good afternoon. I am Cindy Hecker . I'm extremely pleased to be here to introduce this Distinguished Staff Award year'snominees who are being honored for collaboration in their roles. one of UW's most important values, the nominees in this group exemplify the profound effect teamwork and have a profound effect on the success of our department and our entire organization. As a UW medicine leader, I am fortunate to see every day countless examples of staff collaboration. This collaboration is what allows us to provide outstanding high- quality care and support to thousands of patients that come through our doors in need.

Each of you here today are being celebrated for bringing creativity, skill, compassion, and collaboration to your specific teams. I am honored to be with you here today, and I would like to congratulate all of this year's nominees. Thank you very much. >> [ Reading of nominees' names ] . Produces work that is greater than the sum of its parts. Stephen Roberts. He leaves with good business sense mixed in with a big dose of compassion. He can be seen walking through the building daily checking in on coworkers. He says he does anything that he is asked. Mailing services under his direction provides more than mail delivery. During their routes, his teams pick up and deliver needed items to campus, including service awards, library books, PPE, or even a laptop to a customer working at home who cannot come to campus. The UW community is happy to have a dedicated , collaborative, and creative human.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] she has been able to leverage her knowledge and skills to not only bring awareness to human rights and associated abuses to students on campus, but also to her partnering with local and international organizations she works to further the cause of indigenous rights, environmental sustainability, and improved conditions for those incarcerated at the Northwest detention center in the affected El Salvador. [ Reading of nominees' names ] program coordinator school of business. She is a superstar member. She has worked to advance and support our staff, our students, and our faculty, and we are a better place because of her.

The school would not be as effective or out of without her organization, innovation, and collaboration. [ Reading of nominees' names ] patient services specialist, UW medical center. PSS for the UW and see medical specialties department and has weathered trying times, including the great flood of 2021. Through his respectful and compassionate interactions, he models inclusion and embraces diversity. [ Reading of nominees' names ] Assistant Dean for finance and administrative, Evans school of Public policy. Strong passion for collaborative work, empathetic leadership, and deep knowledge of UW enables the school to not only navigate the period of continual growth but to thrive during the last years of change.

She is a bright star in our constellation. [ Reading of nominees' names ] assistant Dean for finance and demonstration, College of education. A trusted colleague. She is a combination of hard skills and soft skills to collaborate, support, and execute her work effectively. She always provides the thoughtful response based on collaborating to modernize her approaches in financial planning and administration. [ Reading of nominees' names ] assistant director for investment services, College of built environments. Laura is a number of our teams. Students have benefited from her work, which includes highlights like record-breaking . She brings a thoughtful perspective to her work and helps the college reach goals.

She brings grounding presence of those she works with, helping collaborators by concrete ways to compass their goals. [ Reading of nominees' names ] business system analyst. A leader who drive success and impact across the housing and food services department. She is thorough and solid in her business analysis work. Her impact has signed during the UW if the project. She is at the forefront of all our integrations and future finance process changes. She leans in to ensure to make sure things are addressed. She has taken on the role with grace and persistence. [ Reading of nominees' names ] events a communications specialist, Department of global health. Strong commitment and experience in working with faculty, staff, supervisor, and students, both within and outside the department.

From managing department servicers, social media channels , to fostering a collaborative and supportive workplace environment, an integral part of the department of global health and the larger UW community. [ Reading of nominees' names ] administrator, College of the environment. She has established herself as a collaborative leader of the ministry of operations. Restaurant, collaborative leadership style has produced positive change in the staff, culture, and effectiveness of the school. The result has been a renewed collective commitment to the work for the benefit of both the schools and staff satisfaction. I am running out of room for all of these wonderful cards.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] executive assistant to the vice President , UW facilities. People never remember the crowd . They remember the one person that had the courage to say and do what no one would do. She is that one person and deserves to be recognized for her ability to constructively bring people together. [ Reading of nominees' names ] undergraduate academic affairs. She has trained hundreds of UW staff, faculty, and students. She has also spearheaded communitywide initiatives that improve the well-being of the general population as well as marginalized individuals.

She is also defined and implemented new campus services and filled areas of meeting campus wellness in the higher education development. [ Reading of nominees' names ] program operations specialist. Pete is an expert. He has spent many years as an expert flight nurse, teaching the fine art of critical care air transport.'s ability to collaborate within the airlift team as well as with partner agencies, hospitals, and suppliers gave him a well- earned reputation of a consummate professional who consistently six to improve mission readiness, and through that, the care of our citizens. [ Reading of nominees' names ] robotics lab manager. School of computer science and engineering. Celeste joined us in April 2021, and his immense contributions have made him indispensable. Because of him, we have become more tight-knit, elaborative, and organized, and we are forever grateful.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] senior informatics specialist, UW medicine information technology. Venice is an essential part of ideas' a military team. Her work updating the hub and newsletters keeps everyone up to great. She goes above and beyond it is a brilliant collaborator, mentor, and role model. Vanessa has made huge impacts to the UW as an organization , and we are all very lucky to have her. [ Reading of nominees' names ] business operations manager . Literally a lifesaver. Through her pivotal role in setting up one of the first drive of COVID test sites in the country. Her ability to solve problems big and small has helped us to do something never done before. She received a second nomination under the impact category. [ Reading of nominees' names ] assistant director of academic services. She goes out of her way to ensure the engagement of every physics student with the faculty in the form of mentorship and professional and research opportunities. She makes key contributions to the organization of the curriculum while advocating for students at an individual level. [ Reading of nominees' names ] labor relations negotiator, UW human resources.

As a labor relations negotiator, you are often caught in the middle, trying to find common ground in a path forward. Is often intense, often complex, and on most days when you reach a collaborative agreement, immensely rewarding. Jennifer approached us the work with a highly collaborative spirit, and her success in bringing together various stakeholders to disentangle complex situations and resolve disputes is truly remarkable. [ Reading of nominees' names ] medical assistant, Harborview Medical Center and medical clinic. The linchpin of adults medical money. He goes in the above and beyond every single moment with humility and generosity. He is always available to help and is responsible for making sure every patient and every provider has what they need to provide outstanding care. [ Reading of nominees' names ] academic services specialist, school of medicine, bioengineering. A collaborative professional, kind, knowledgeable and proficient. She is juggling many tasks between course curriculum, evaluations during each quarter, and does it with efficiency and grace. [ Reading of nominees' names ] research coordinator, Department of chemistry. Over the past year, the engine driving the center's cohesiveness bringing students and faculty together to perform research as a unified team. This is extraordinary challenging and requires a focused effort to bring down barriers between disciplines and vertically within the organization between students, faculty, and staff.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] assistant to the chair, human centered design and engineering. Embodies collaboration in all that she does. C6 and put in consensus from others, is always willing to volunteer, and bills teams to solve a variety of challenging and complex problems with patients with grace. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director of special program administration operations. College of engineering. She approaches her work with grace, patience, and excellence. Her contributions range from creating a smooth addition to hybrid schedules to managing campuswide initiatives to coexist of her as an amazing person with an enormous range of skills, impeccable attention to detail, and a work ethic that is unrivaled.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] research scientist in the school of medicine, bioengineering. She inspires everyone in the lab. She goes into every task with 100% effort, dedication, and kindness. Her presence on a team always gives us more confidence about the project. [ Reading of nominees' names ] logistic team, school of medicine. [ Reading of nominees' names ] the Department of comparative medicine's logistic team has fully embraced the spirit of collaboration. Collaboration both within their team and with other individuals and groups to benefit animal care, other university personnel, and the conduct of research. They have done this despite the fact that they work in a high- pressure, physically demanding, and fast-paced environment and have had staffing challenges since the early days of the pandemic.

UW tower team. [ Reading of nominees' names ] [ Reading of nominees' names ] Toward the achievement of this goal, the panel navigator was selected as the 2023 UW health sciences Martin Luther King Jr. award deeper UW primary care. This has been seen as a recognition for the whole team for patient engagement, health disparities and breast cancer screening for Black and African American women across all of UW 's 30-mile radius. Master of science and entrepreneurship, Foster school of business. [ Reading of nominees' names ] this small team is key in facilitating the smooth running of the master in science and entrepreneurship program at the Foster school of business. The team is also instrumental in keeping industry professionals engaged in making the program world-class. As students, this team provides peace of mind knowing we can focus on learning and making a difference in the world.

We are now going to recognize our DSA nominees who are joining us livestream. Administrative special in neurology. The title and job description do not encompass the work she does, not just in numerology, but in many other areas in the school of medicine. She is incredibly knowledgeable, hard-working, personable, and our department would not be what it is without her support and excellence. [ Reading of nominees' names ] public services supervisor , law library. Every time she has been offered an opportunity to learn new skills or take on new projects, she has said yes. She has taken on the implementation of the ideas generated by users, employees, administrators. Her contributions have impacted the UW law community at every level. [ Reading of nominees' names ] registered nurse.

An invaluable member and leader at the urology clinic. She brightens everyone stay with her humor and is the glue that keeps everyone together. She has led the clinic through thick and thin, coming up with quick and witty solutions to sticky situations. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , senior academic counselor, UW Tacoma school of engineering and technology. A truly amazing collaborative leader. She brings together staff, faculty, and experts to remove barriers in our system that might prevent students from thriving. She works directly with students to make sure they succeed in engineering , particularly women and BIPOC students. She is a wonderful example of UW excellence. [ Reading of nominees' names ] I.T..

James is the example of vacation of collaboration. He works with all members of the teams to assist in mentoring . He is the go to for the members of other teams. He is an ideal representative the team and leads and more. [ Reading of nominees' names ] assistant director, school social work. Dedication to students is paramount and she brings heart and attention to her role. She always takes a student- centered approach. The breadth and depth of her knowledge and extensive willingness to identify and create pathways for student success are formidable and always shared by her team with deep compassion and empathy. [ Reading of nominees' names ] program manager, school of medicine. The glue that keeps our center together. Her gentle and respect the leadership allows others to shine and achieve short and long-term problematic goals. Her passion for program management is embodied through her can-do attitude, growth mindset, and effective communication. [ Reading of nominees' names ] graduate program and operations manager, Department of pharmacy. Skill for collaboration has resulted in new and improved resources for our community, specifically a new bias in misconduct for supporting resource.

She quickly focuses on efforts to support a broader school committee. [ Reading of nominees' names ] registered nurse , critical care. One of the most professional, educated, and experienced nurses here at the UW promotion poorly, she possesses the gentlest attitude toward people, has superior communication skills, and helps people grow professionally. [ Reading of nominees' names ] organizational development specialist, transportation services. Representing the epitome of collaboration. See six at ways to offer support while maintaining a level of excellence that elevates her work, her peers, and the University as a whole.

She is a joy to work with, and our gratitude for the magnitude, the influence of her efforts is beyond measure. [ Reading of nominees' names ] administrator, Department of linguistics. An honest person with a heart to help others. She promises quality work and delivers it on time. She is a gentle soul who always inquires about others while — well-being. She has shaped coworkers careers, has clarity in the mission and vision of the department. Any workplace would benefit from managers like her. [ Reading of nominees' names ] manager of special projects , epidemiology. A talented leader Amber mover. Go to for support and always goes above and beyond.

A person moving forward our antiracist strategic plans and always collaborates to make sure members of our community are supported. UW recycling operations and UW facilities. [ Reading of nominees' names ] the UW recycling and operations teams works diligently to provide waste services to campuses every day. The services offered ON scene one of these hard-working staff members are one reason the Seattle campus is a beautiful place to study, work, and visit. Their team helps the UW to be a pinnacle of sustainability and our customers appreciate it.

UW retiree relations. And UW retiree Association, University advancement. [ Reading of nominees' names ] University advancement relation team embodies the integrity and values of UW's public mission . In collaboration with UW retirement Association, this team engages and stewards 10,000 plus retirees, including 2500 UW are a members acknowledging and honoring the long-standing service of UW employees and the continued impact of UW Empire — retirees have on the local and global communities. From a foundation of collaboration and innovation, the retiree relations team continues to foster purpose, meaning, and belonging with this unique constituency of current and former employees who have dedicated their professional lives to the UW.

Please join me in congratulating all of our nominees being celebrated for their ability to affect change and collaboration. >> [ Applause ] >> Nominees under the DEI category, please stand and assemble to my right. Individual nominees, please stand at the front of the line, closer to the stage. Team nominees, please group together in your team and line up behind the individuals. That is the first time people had not been able to hear Nominees under the DEI me in category, my life.please stand and assemble to my right.

Individual nominees, please stand at the front of the line, closer to the stage. Team nominees, please group together in your team and line up behind the individuals. I would now like to welcome Graphic Designer from Housing and Food Services , DSA Selection Committee member Yadesa Bojia to the stage I also have the privilege of introducing you to the Vice President for the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity and University Diversity Officer, Rickey Hall. >> [ Applause ] >> Good to be here and be a community with you all today.

Good afternoon to all of the nominees in attendance today as well as to all of those who are here to support you. I want to begin with gratitude. I'm grateful we are part of a university that places equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging among our top priorities. We do this through an equity lens with empathy and unwavering dedication to make our learning, working, and living environments more accessible, welcoming, and inclusive for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Advancing equity is never an easy task. Together, we face many obstacles, including structural racism and biases. But together, we can develop an atmosphere where we can be our authentic selves, share our lived experiences, and learn from one another. I have said many times before, diversity is everyone's everyday work. The nominees that we are about to recognize exemplify those sentiments. Through your efforts, we have seen advances in accessibility, opportunity, and belonging across our university and community. Please join me in congratulating them.

>> [ Applause ] [ Reading of nominees' names ] Department of astronomy. The glue that holds the astronomy department together. Has led a number of new initiatives that make access to resources better for our students. She is a true superstar. She also received another nomination in the category of impact. >> [ Applause ] >> [ Reading of nominees' names ] counseling services coordinator, College a built environment. Supports initiative to recruit and support students of color and first-generation students in the Department of urban design and planning.

Through her leadership style and her exemplary listening skills, she creates a workplace culture of care and inclusion. [ Reading of nominees' names ] administrative assistant, law school. Worked tirelessly at the law school to provide support for faculty at a moments notice as well as working bringing great attention to issues of diversity , equity, and inclusion. She is also incredibly kind and loving and cares deeply about her UW law community. [ Reading of nominees' names ] young student of color.

Supports BIPOC students in preparing and succeeding in higher education. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director. Foundational change pushing to open the door to more diversity, equity, and inclusion, and contribute to building a welcoming and respectful learning environment. He has created a space to thrive for years to come. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , assistant director for Academy services, computer science, and engineering. Lives — mission is to attract and educate students to reflect many dimensions of diversity in Washington. In the store, she has helped oversee the development and implementation of programs, policies, and student groups that made a measurable impact on countless computer science students. [ Reading of nominees' names ] education analyst, UW medicine . Passion for her work and commitment to support and educate is unparalleled. A direct impact on the team around her and the staff support , creating a positive work environment that allows employees to shine. [ Reading of nominees' names ] nurse manager, UW medical center. Created a community where all feel welcomed. Kindness, encouragement, friendship, and laughter are the standard. Continues to face challenges of an ongoing pandemic. Someone as skilled as her.

Internal law residency program, school of medicine. [ Reading of nominees' names ] this team has demonstrated long- standing commitment and excellence to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and contribute significantly to building a welcoming and respectful learning and working environments. In the face of overwhelming challenge, they have embraced changes and identified that their core values go well beyond training support clinicians. Their commitment to promoting leadership, wellness while striving to recruit residents from diverse backgrounds and experiences, better serve patients, promote inclusion. UW human resources DE I team. [ Reading of nominees' names ] UW human resources collaboration team has had tremendous impact in 2022. Counseling, outreaching, and equity, inclusion. Training in intersection nullity, inclusive language, BIPOC healing and community. BIPOC staff program. Development and engagement among the UW staff who identify as BIPOC and are preparing to launch a scholarship program to improve access to career and professional development.

>> [ Reading of nominees' names ] this team was charged in August, 2019, by the title IX student committee to create an online course focused on the prevention and response to sex and gender violence and harassment. This small but mighty team works together over the course of two years with multiple stakeholders to develop content for what is now the prevention and resource response. Online training courses that provide foundational information regarding equity, inclusion for all members of the UW community.

We will now recognize the nominees that are participating in our livestream. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , patient service specialist, UW medical center . Worked on the team for over 10 years and provides the best experience possible.'s title doesn't begin to capture all the work he does. He always takes an extra time working with the patient or with the team members. The first point of contact, he puts patients at ease and is great at helping them navigate the UW system. Please join me in congratulating all of our nominees being celebrated for their ongoing efforts in advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at the University of Washington. >> [ Applause ] >> Nominees under the Impact category, please stand and assemble to my right. Individual nominees, please stand at the front of the line, closer to the stage.

Team nominees, please group together in your team and line up behind the individuals. I would now like to welcome Program Manager for The Whole U Anna Tegelberg to the stage and welcome again Vice President for UW Human Resources, Mindy Kornberg. >> Now, we would like to commend this year's nominees who are being recognized for the significant impact they have made at the UW and beyond. Whether they have improved the work of a team or department or have contributed to positive lasting change within the broader population, this group of nominees inspires us all to do better through their work. Those being recognized today are truly dedicated to making a difference as they continually strive to improve the world around us in a meaningful way. These UW staff members make our local and global communities better places to learn and to live. And with that, I'd like to recognize our nominees who motivate us to strive toward greatness and to be boundless in all that we do.

>> [ Reading of nominees' names ], senior project manager. He is the glue an hour stop. He is respected around campus and has a great attitude. He shares his abundant knowledge freely with anyone. Everyday, he comes to work with a positive attitude, and it shows in his performance. [ Reading of nominees' names ] budget physical analyst lead College of the environment. An amazing individual who makes a huge impact on those she leaves. Her success in quickly building the team and meeting the needs of the college of the environment during a time of staffing shortages and financial transformation is a testament to her contributions.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] , powerplant mechanic lead, UW facilities . Through guidance and leadership, shop 50 is gone through a very difficult machinery upgrade with no problems that we cannot overcome. Integrity and technical acumen has ensured that he is the go to guy for success. [ Reading of nominees' names ] associate director for Tele management advancement. Through her collaborative approach and wise counselor, she has helped counseling tumors come to the UW and grow as professionals here. She is a trusted adviser for leaders and team members alike and helps create a sense of belonging and a supportive environment for everyone in advancement.

She was in the second nomination under the category of collaboration. [ Reading of nominees' names ] patient care technician, UW medical center. Work ethic and selflessness are truly remarkable. She makes the people around her better, and she cares for the physical, mental, and emotional health of her patients with the perfect combination of precision and grace. She is a teacher, a leader, and set a lofty standard when it comes to caring for the whole patient. [ Reading of nominees' names ] associate Dean for well-being school of medicine. Work as centered on the well- being of our workforce throughout the pandemic. She bring scoping to our entire community, sharing words that normalize struggles and bring hope. [ Reading of nominees' names ] patient service specialist, UW medical center. A wealth of knowledge. She is able to coordinate and speak with communicating professionally and calmly and keeps everything in order during high stress situations.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] assistant director of academic services , UW Dacoma. Goes above and beyond guaranteeing the students feel heard and are making the right choices for their future. She makes an incredible offer to help students achieve their goals. [ Reading of nominees' names ] graduate program coordinator , school of law. A graduate law programs coordinator. The title does little to explain how incredibly important she is to us in the graduate law programs and the law school as a whole.

She is one of the loveliest humans around. [ Reading of nominees' names ] associate director for the sustainable international development graduate program school law. She has been nearly a decade mentoring students from diverse backgrounds and circumstances for cheer she advises a diverse cohort of students from across the world. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director, live well. The lead husky through and through. For over 20 years, she has consistently with courage and commitment led teams across challenging and unpredictable context in service of a better University of Washington. Her leadership has created high quality health and safety resources for our UW community , like competent advocacy for survivors, suicide intervention, alcohol and substance abuse, and help education. Health education. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , senior research scientist, Department of dermatology. Primarily focusing on lab needs. Also lease major projects and research pipelines within the division of dermatology, which includes both clinical and basic research groups. Her numerous contributions facilitate translational science that has major implications for improving patient care and fostering the careers of junior physicians and scientists.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] associate director for academic services, Institute for public health genetics. A remarkable individual constantly seeking ways to improve the program and enhance the student experience. Through her title VII, she has been instrument in establishing sustainable systems and fostering a sense of community among students. [ Reading of nominees' names ] social worker , Harborview Medical Center. An excellent social worker who illuminates Harbor View's mission statement, caring for the most vulnerable. She is an excellent patient advocate and great communicator. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director for the program management office , UW MC patient care services. Distinguished herself and her work helping to advance UW MC as an antiracist organization. In addition, she has had an powerful impact on I.T. optimization and team well- being. She provides expert leadership along patient care teams to collaborate and achieve operational outcomes. [ Reading of nominees' names ] administrator pediatrics. As a senior admin Strader about the division of neonatal and genetic medicine, outstanding work on program development, strategic planning, research and enterprise management and management of demonstrated activities has been critical to the success of both divisions. [ Reading of nominees' names ] administrative assistant Department of applied mathematics. As the base of our department, always friendly, cheery, and helpful.

He makes everything easier, and his injury positive attitude has helped greatly in the rebuilding of our community. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director , college of built environments. Transform the way we communicate and collaborate across the University and with our external partners. Throughout her work, she continued to champion diversity in a critical lens with how we access our partnerships and the impact of our work. [ Reading of nominees' names ] grants and contracts manager. Works efficiently and precisely to help many in the school of pharmacy acquire research awards . Her knowledge of award proposals and policies allows the team to submit applications, get more grants, and conduct better research.

[ Reading of nominees' names ], Department of communication. Innovating ways for how students and faculty connect with the real-world challenges. She incorporated design thinking and storytelling tools in creating intensive team- based experiences across campus. [ Reading of nominees' names ] senior academic adviser, school of communication and engineering. She has dedicated her work to building an averment that welcomes transfer students, making sure they are seen and heard, guiding students to make the transition to the University of Washington is a passion of her! She is determined to not let any student fall through. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director of student services, human centered design and engineering. Commitment to the well-being and growth is a critical factor of our amazing students. Her inquisitive nature has changed the way the department approaches everything from admissions to graduation and alumni. [ Reading of nominees' names ] clinical research budget team lead. A kind, genuine, and caring person who cares about you as an individual, ensuring you have the resources and knowledge to be successful in your position.

Always supportive and therefore you regardless of the situation . An honor to have her as a lead and words cannot say how appreciative I am to be part of the clinical trials office. [ Reading of nominees' names ] machinery mechanic. The glue that holds our clinics together. We take for granted how chairs or lights work. When they break, it is devastating. Shows up quickly, as always prepared to have a smile on his face. He is kind, compassionate, and caring. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director of academic services Department of history. Intelligence, professionalism, and warmth have had a transformative impact. She has contributed profoundly to the academic success of history majors and students taking history classes to the experience the transfer students have to the success of the diversity minor and a supportive culture of the history department. [ Reading of nominees' names ] academic services director, College of arts and sciences. Frequently goes beyond what's expected to find creative ways to serve student needs. She also goes well beyond her expected job duties in ways that are enormously helpful to staff and faculty alike. She has done this with grace and good humor with consistent focus on improving morale.

[ Reading of nominees' names ] registered nurse , UW MC dermatology clinic. A supervise what is needed during a transformational change, and he does so with enthusiasm. His automations have made a positive impact. He leaves and make sure no one is left behind in the process. [ Reading of nominees' names ] senior scientist and lab manager, genome sciences. Enables collaborative efforts across campus and several national and international consortia. She correlates communication, sample distribution, and data dissemination across platforms. These projects would not have been as successful as they were without her contributions. [ Reading of nominees' names ] research scientist, genome sciences. Over 10 years of service, has contributed to many of the lab's high-impact publications and mentored hundreds of students. While she deserves the highest praise and promotion, she chooses a status that to have a more direct support for lab members. Her humility and grace is an inspiration. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , medical laboratory science lead, transfusion services. The lead assigned to training new employees in the laboratory. In the last year, almost half of our full-time employees quit due to higher wages at another local hospital.

Our lab has trained people constantly for the last 18 months in a sometimes having seven new employees at a time with only six full-time employees here on any given day. Through it all, managed to keep up with performance for training these employees will also getting the patient results to the doctors in a timely manner. This is no small feat. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director , finance and demonstration department of biology. Has held a large department together through in our staffing challenges. She has tirelessly done the work of multiple staff members, ensuring smooth department function while also working to fill empty positions.

In countless ways, physical and invisible, she has contributed enormously to the success of of the department and perform far beyond the expectations of her position. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , chemistry. Work in the department of chemistry so efficient and effective it is easy to forget just how many things rely on his efforts. His work is central to the way we serve our students in the way our program operates while his impact may come in small increments to his overall impact cannot be overstated. [ Reading of nominees' names ] motor equipment mechanic, training facilities and services. Always thinking in a different way in completing difficult work in an efficient manager. He comes to work ready for a brand-new day. His work at Fleet services keeps the campus running. [ Reading of nominees' names ] access services supervisor , Tran went to the library. The face of our institution, the ever energetic leader of our student staff with tile support of those in our committee meeting an extra dose of encouragement. She is a friend and colleague we all wish we could have and to we wish we could be.

The University of Washington library. [ Reading of nominees' names ] program operations specialist, school of medicine, radiology, education. Bill has provided consistent support and knowledge to members of the education team in the department of radiology. His knowledge of GME and UW policies and procedures help them quickly decipher when additional support is needed or needs to be elevated to the department level. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , UW human resources.

Her title is Whole U. She has a sincere desire to get back to the UW community . >> Program operations, Spokane site, school of medicine. [ Reading of nominees' names ] the program operations team at the Spokane foundation site has successfully transitioned the site into a new facility and new curriculum over the course of 2022. They have addressed all of the physical and technological expects a moving to a new facility while simultaneously handling the logistical and educational aspects of our new medical school schedule without their efforts, the school foundation site would not be the success story it is today.

I TS Carrie Smith. [ Reading of nominees' names ] this team has done an incredible job bringing together and pulleys for a positive impact on our community. Leadership generated over $20,000 of value for over 20 nonprofits including UW medicine by engaging over 100 employees and their families and friends during the course of the five-week I TS cares month campaign. With only to success of the team and are looking to achieve more next year. Merchant services, UW finance. [ Reading of nominees' names ] this team has an enormous task, the facilitation and complaints of credit cards throughout the University enterprise. Over 6 million transactions, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and tens of thousands of customers rely on them every day. The officer merchant services team is a recognized leader both nationally and abroad. Title IX husky prevention. UW compliance and risk services. [ Reading of nominees' names ] this team was charged with implementing and executing the watch of the University's first ever require timeline prevention and education training for all employees and students.

The work of this team has been and continues to be critical to the University's ongoing ability to ensure the successful implementation, assignments, course ablation and reporting, which represent a transformational step forward for the University and its community. We will now recognize those participating on livestream. [ Reading of nominees' names ] . Often, we don't take the time to recognize the soft skills that are foundational for more measurable things like high board scores, academic rankings, and the number of patients that receive excellent clinical care. Few people have the ability to know you while simultaneously addressing every tiny detail needing to ensure a top-notch training program remains exceptional. She is that person. [ Reading of nominees' names ] director of strategy . A passionate authentic and humble leader. She has built a vibrant and supportive community for our students, faculty, and affiliates as we work to address a critical challenge enhancing societal resistance to harmful misinformation. [ Reading of nominees' names ], human resources specialist , UW human rsources. Manages and facilitates UW welcome back to ensure employees are welcome to get the information needed to start their employment at UW on the right foot . It's unusual for a single employee to have such a wide of impact.

We are very fortunate to have the University representative in the space. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , diabetes clinic. An integral component of the clinic and a tireless advocate for patients. Her authentic concern and caring approach instantly offer comfort and engender trust making a remarkable positive difference to patients' experience. [ Reading of nominees' names ] budgeting team manager, UW medicine , clinical trials office. A dedicated employee who is passionate about her position and her employees and goes out of her way to make sure that we have what we need to be successful. Words cannot describe how much he is an asset to the University of Washington. [ Reading of nominees' names ] program operations specialist , school of medicine, bioengineering. Provided continuous in-person support for research and teaching during the pandemic that allows students, staff, and faculty to carry on and she was often the only staff person in the building. By being there, she helped to create a sense of normalcy to the benefit of all. [ Reading of nominees' names ] assistant director for student services, the graduate school. The heart and soul of a human computer interaction and design program. He has worked endlessly to support and foster a community of like-minded people at the intersection of art and design.

Where truly lucky to have him as a mentor, guiding hand, and support system. [ Reading of nominees' names ] associate director for academic operations , school of the tradition of Larry Artz. The leader with impact to understand how divisions answer strategically for the future. She takes times to offer insight, navigating difficulties in celebrating successes. [ Reading of nominees' names ] I.T. manager. Committed to the museum's mission and works to make it a reality. As a member of the community, he brings empathy and walked to an often impersonal and intimidating area of technology. Last but not least, [ Reading of nominees' names ] . This team is the face and spirit of well- being at UW MC. The project, the burnout there is, has created a space for people to share with each other what was hard in the moment. The response has been remarkable with hundreds of people joining. Doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist, trainees, and senior staff. Simply put, these two leaders have moved the dial on the well-being of many and started to evolve our culture so we focused on well-being as a priority.

Please join me in congratulating all of our nominees being celebrated for making a significant impact at the University of Washington. >> [ Applause ] >> Nominees under the Innovation category, please stand and assemble to my right. Individual nominees, please stand at the front of the line, . Team nominees, please group together Towards the back of the line. I would now like to welcome Assistant Director for UWMC Radiology and DSA Selection Committee Rekha Matken to the stage and introduce you all to Renee Cheng, Dean of the College of Built Environments. >> Hello, everyone. At the UW,we can always count on interesting and pioneering discoveries as well as novel approaches to completing our work. Innovation is critical to positive change, and our staff members regularly put that innovation on display. I see this day-to-day in the College of Built Environments, but also in fields of public health, computer science, social work, information science, and environmental action. Everyone who is being celebrated today is part of these trailblazing efforts.

You show us all what's possible as you push the envelope toward seeking creative solutions in your work. Let's all take a moment to congratulate and celebrate the staff members who are specifically being recognized today for their innovation. >> [ Applause ] >> [ Reading of nominees' names ] director of transition programs, enrollment, management, and student affairs. He is being nominated for his outstanding automation to student success. Is a campus lead for the first Jen Ford recognition of the immensely successful peer coaching program for incoming students that creates a meaningful sense of belonging for new students at UW . [ Reading of nominees' names ] , assistant I.T. director, school of social work.

Continuously innovated ideas are applied to solving some of the most challenging technical problems. He is committed to intimate service is empowering to those around him anytime of the day or night to reach their success. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , director, UW counseling center. At the core, a healer. She is thoughtful, supportive, observant, and aching listener. She brings an innovation mindset, effects change in the systems level, and invites stakeholders into a process of shared leadership. Works tirelessly to improve mental health services for students at UW Seattle.

Her leadership and organizational results is in the merger of two mental health units into one. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , technology manager, UW enterprise web services . In his nearly 17 years as a technology leader at UW, Paul has designed and built many of the technology building blocks that helped the UW faction day-to-day. His solutions help students assert their preferred name, researchers plan grant projects, and engineers across UW securely access information they need to do their work. [ Reading of nominees' names ] office manager and building coordinator for human centered design and engineering. Sets the bar for what it means to be department personnel who truly leads and invest greatly in our community. They work to ensure that students are recognized, respected, and accommodated and always fostering an environment of inclusion and acceptance.

The glue that keeps the department running. [ Reading of nominees' names ] imaging technologist, CT supervisor, UWMC radiology. An outstanding CT supervisor in the radiology department at UW Mud Lake. To her innovation, her steadiness, kindness, and positive attitude, she helped us not only to survive, but thrive, through the global crisis of contrast media shortage. [ Reading of nominees' names ] , principal network engineer, UW medicine I.T. services. As an educator, mental, architect, and network engineer, has gone far above and beyond that of most I.T. professionals. Join their organization in 2001, and we are extremely grateful to have had so much time to learn from him and grow. He is the backbone of the I.T. as networks team. Husky coronavirus testing team, school of managed — school of medicine. [ Reading of nominees' names ] This team accepted by the UW — number three ranking among public universities in the U.S.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, these staff members committed to public health, scientific innovation, and to saving lives. Together, they created an innovative and effective system to provide rapid and reliable testing to students, staff, and faculty at all three UW campuses . In addition to staff, approximately 200 graduate and undergraduate students have served on the team sentence inception and received invaluable experience for the future studies and careers. College of built environments. [ Reading of nominees' names ] This team work together to create a novel process for gathering over a decade of journal publications and celebrating the collection in a visual way on the college's website. This team incorporated expertise from the library and the office of resource brought joy, passion, and excitement to what at times were tedious tasks, standardizing hundreds of citations across a variety of disciplines to create a stunning website project.

We will now recognize our DSA nominees under innovation that are participating on our livestream. [ Reading of nominees' names ] senior scientist, school of medicine, bioengineering. A broad background and experience in developing innovative biomedical Microdevices for cellular tissue analysis and isolation. Key research areas for this application. Please join me in congratulating all of our nomineesbeing celebrated f or their ability to innovate and create lasting change. >> [ Applause ] >> And now, we come to the conclusion of the reception. Once again, we thank all the nominees and each and every one of you for attending today. Let's give all nominees a final round of applause! >> [ Applause ] >> Thank you all for coming today, and please take a cupcake on your way out.