Things not Taught at Driving School #3 DTC Driving Test UK

Hello. Today I'm going to tell you
another three things that your driving instructor would not tell you. However,
please do watch the whole of this video as you never know when any of these
things can save you hundreds of pounds. The first thing I'm going to tell you is
what to do if you get stuck in snow. Every winter I see several cars stuck in
snow waiting for hours to be recovered. However, there is a very simple solution.
Calmly remove the front door mats from your car and place them under the Tyre.
This will give enough grip to get you out of the snow. Well that was the end of
the first section. I'm now going to move over to the next tip. Have you ever been
to a petrol station and then forgotten which side the filling tank is on.

It can
be a little embarrassing. Plus you usually have to go all the way around
and end up in the back of the queue. There's a simple cure for this, there's a
simple cure for this. If you look on your dashboard, you will notice this symbol of
a filling station. Next to the symbol is an arrow. The arrow will indicate which side
your filler cap is on. The third tip I'm going to give you today is parking at a
supermarket car park. Most drivers want to park as close as possible to the
entrance. The problem with this is firstly, it usually takes about three to
four minutes to find a particular spot.

Normally drivers circulate the area for a
good three or four times before they find a spot . Secondly, you get a good
chance that the car is going to be scratched by a trolley. When I go
shopping I usually Park far away from the entrance. Firstly, I
parked my car and walk to the entrance before most people have found a parking
spot near the entrance itself. Secondly, I feel healthier for it. I hope that you
can find some benefit in these tips. If so, please do give us a thumbs up and
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From the team at DTC and from
myself a shak, thank you for watching!!.