This student failed her driving test with 2 driving errors.

This student failed her driving test with two errors; one critical and one minor. The critical driving error was because of rolling at the stop sign. At the stop sign make sure you completely stop. The car should come to a full stop. Rolling at the stop sign and slowing down at the stop sign is not enough. You need to come to a full stop. In order to make sure that you don't make that mistake of rolling at the stop sign and failing your driving test, you can stop and count one, two, three, and then start 
driving again. And the minor driving error was ending up too far from the parked car when doing the reverse parallel parking.

When you do a reverse parallel parking if you end up too far from the parked 
car, the car in front, you are allowed to have one forward movement and get closer to them. This student didn't make that adjustment and got one minor mark for ending up too far from the parked car when doing a reverse parallel parking..