Pull Up On The Right & Reverse | 2023 UK Driving Test Manoeuvres

[Music] from December 2017 the UK driving test will include the option of a new maneuver called pull up on the right and reverse whilst it is still recommended that we pull up on the left whenever possible we may occasionally need to pull up from the other side of the road so it is good to practice this maneuver so we are able to do so safely first we'll get an overview of the manoeuvre from outside the car before going inside to see a more detailed view from the drivers position if you have any questions about the video then please leave a comment and we will do our best to reply [Music] if the driving examiner on your test wants you to carry out this maneuver they will say pull up on the right when it is safe to do so please we should choose a safe place to stop and stop the car fairly close to the curb then the examiner will say I'd like you to reverse back for about two car lengths keeping reasonably close to the curb once this has been completed the examiner will then ask you to drive on when you're ready [Music] once we have chosen a good place to stop we should use the MSM routine to do it safely we check our mirrors signal if necessary and then stare to the right well before we need to stop allow the car to fully straighten and position the car fairly close to the curb once stopped we select reverse gear check it is safe all around the car and then start reversing very slowly we can use our door mirror to check our position to the curb but we should also look all around the car including the rear window occasionally in case other traffic approaches us any steering Corrections should be gentle as we don't want to bump a curb with our wheels once we have reversed for two car lengths we stop and prepare the car in first gear ready to pull away we must ensure we pull away safely without affecting any other traffic so this time we wait for the oncoming car before driving on returning to our side of the road let's take a look at some of the more common problems we might have with this maneuver we must be careful not to stop in an unsuitable place so we must watch out for junctions bus stops or anything else we shouldn't stop next to if there is oncoming traffic when stopping we should wait as we normally would when turning right into a side road we don't want to stop at an angle from the curb so we tried to pull over to the right about five car lengths before we need to stop to allow plenty of time for the car to straighten out if our view is blocked by a car in front of us the exercise will continue but we must be careful the examiner may step in and control the situation if they feel it's needed if we spot traffic approaching us we should stop the car as we don't want to cause any danger while we are waiting we should look around carefully and make sure the road is clear before continuing to reverse we wouldn't want to reverse into the road or curb as it would show poor car control there is no rush so reverse very slowly to give enough time to adjust our position with gentle steering if another vehicle pulls up behind our car and stops us from reversing back the manoeuvre won't be completed the examiner will ask us to drive on and another maneuver will be carried out later in the test once we have finished reversing we must wait until it is safe to drive on so we might need to be patient on busy roads [Music] so remember use the MSM routine to stop safely allow enough space to fully straighten the car reverse very slowly and steer gently and only pull away when it's safe [Applause] if you found this video interesting then please click our logo to subscribe to our channel as it really helps other people find our videos if you would like to help support this channel then please click the patreon link to find out about our crowdfunding campaign thanks for watching [Music]