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In today's video, I will talk about Three tips that you can use as a software developer To improve your logic building And overall, to improve your programming skills So what are those three tips, I'll share with you in this video I won't be repeating the same things that you have already heard Like, you can go for DSA, Practice more, Spend more time or make a Time Table Although those things are also very helpful here But I am going to share some unique tips with you My biggest motive behind making this video was I was receiving a lot of requests, so I thought why not address this issue So the first habit which you can make or incorporate in your life You have to do one easy problem on daily basis And you have to do a project on weekly basis and on a monthly basis, you have to make an original project of your own Now let me explain this thing, because there are a lot of misconceptions floating about this Firstly let me tell you that if you solve an easy poblem daily, Solving an easy problem doesn't mean that you are taking a test And you have to attempt to solve the problem on your own And only then you can go through the solution of that problem You don't have to do that You have to assume that "I can't solve this problem" Read the problem directly, even if its as easy as printing the sum of first ten natural numbers That's Fine! I don't mean to say that you should know how to print the sum, If you are at a beginner stage then definitely you won't be able to do it I'm just trying to tell you that when people first see the problem and are not able to solve it And they haven't practiced much before Still they try to solve the problem and they fail, but they don't go through the solution They go through the solution after a lot of dissappointment because they are not able to solve it They just have one thought that "I am not able to solve this problem" So you just have to remove that thought and promise yourself That "I have to solve one easy problem daily" Even if you are not able to solve it, that's fine, that's totally fine, Just one easy problem It has to be an easy problem, "easy" meaning A very basic problem You can find a lot of basic problems in: 1.

Leetcode; 2. Hackerrank; 3. Hackerearth; 4. Spoj Also there are lot of other websites, Even if you search it on internet, directly on google just by typing "Basic Programming Problems" You will find a lot of basic problems related to programming And you will be able to do them easily So the point is, you have to solve one easy problem daily And you have to understand the solution And you don't have to focus on the thought that you're not able to solve that problem If you are able to do it then well and good But you have to assume that you won't be able to solve that problem You have to take a new problem, not an already solved one After that you have to make a project weekly And this project don't have to be an original project or a product of your own You can make that project by using online references, I have made a lot of projects on this channel Also I have myself solved a lot of problems in this channel So you can take one of those problems Along with that you have to make a weekly project I have uploaded a lot of projects in almost all the languages, in this channel So you can check them out one by one You can do them week by week as well People say they don't have time I understand that you don't get time Maybe you have your own job, or maybe you do something else Because of which you are not able to make time for programming I understand that, but you should make time guys, that's what struggle it This is what hustle is And you have to do it if you need success So you have to make time and complete one project weekly and after that Monthly, you have to do one original project which have to be done all by yourself For example, if you have watched my video on "WhatsApp Web Clone Video of JavaScript" Now you should try to make a video calling app on your own I'm talking about a very advance level, and as a beginner this must be very scaring But as you keep solving one easy problem daily and incorporate this in your habit It will become very easy for you guys You will realize this only when you will incorporate this habit So I would suggest you to make a habot of this, one easy problem daily I don't think it will take more than 5-10 minutes You do whatever you want in your life, you have 24 hours, sleep as much as you like But do one easy problem daily if you really want to take my suggestion Try this and you will get to know the value of this in one or two weeks Daily one easy problem Weekly one project And monthly, one original project, which is of your own, Which you haven't copied from somewhere else, you haven't copied the problem statement Which is not based on any references, it should be your own idea purely If you guys follow this, it will help you a lot in your logic building Along with that, it will improve your programming skills in general And if you are watching my coding videos And solving one easy problem daily, which I have uploaded as a video in this channel And if you watch me coding, then definitely you will learn a lot of new things When you watch someone else coding, you get a different opinion And that is very important Maybe there is something which I do and when you see it, you realize that "I didn't even knew it, I should also do it or this is so easy" So you learn different type of thing like using the VS Code, or anything else There are a lot of things and definitely you will learn something new The easy problems will give you motivation It will give you the confidence of doing something productive everyday and solving one problem daily And after one or two weeks when you will realize that you have solved 14 problems Then it will motivate you The weekly projects will help you realize that there's something productive going on in your life And that will also be a good feeling for you Along with that if I talk about the monthly project which you have to make on your own That will be a test for your creativity Now in that test, there are high chances that if you think about making something, you will succeed Why am I saying this? I am saying this because, when you are solving different types of easy problems and also watching my codes Watching the channel and along with that you are making your projects which I have already made in this channel You will keep getting new ideas and you will also implement them And the egerness to implement the ideas will develop itself And that is positive and that is something good which I know So this was my first suggestion , now if I talk about my second suggestion, I would like to ask you guys to try and solve other people's problems And this could be in any way You can solve other's problems in StackOverflow, in Facebook groups You can do it online, you can sit with a group of pleople Although it might waste some of your time, but I have a mixed experience in this But again if you solve other's problems, it helps you to improve your programming skills and logic Let me share my experience with you guys, I joined a facebook group during my college time I invited people over there and told them to ask me their problems in that group In this way I got to know the problems which people face It was a very small group and initially there were only 20 members But even after that I got to know the ideas of other people and sometimes these things are also very important for you Overall I want to tell you that if you solve other people's problems, You will get to know what kind of problems you might face in general that too ahead of time And when you will know the problems ahead of time, then you will start solving your problems ahead of time too This thing might sound very weird initially, But when you try solving people's problems, your own programming skills and logic building is improved You can write on StackOverflow, or start from a facebook group There are few rules of StackOverflow according to which You can't write a simple or random answer because of some community restriction And just like StackOverflow, there are other communities too which have some restrictions So when you guys will start writing your answers over there, some of you might have complains Like "I'm not able to write over there, it requires reputation" There are many things but evetually you guys can build a good profile in StackOverflow And let me tell you, people also get jobs from there I know some people who got their jobs from StackOverflow StackOverflow have their own job section and if you have a good reputation over there And if you have solved the problems of few other people, then you can get a job from there And the people, I know, who got their jobs from StackOverflow, they got it unknowingly They said they didn't even knew people can get jobs from there, So that's how they got their jobs Let me know in the comments, if you guys knew it or not, that people can get jobs from StackOverflow So the third suggestion which I would like to give you guys Is that, you guys can make your personal repository of the code base You can make a personal repository of the code base that you are writing And by doing this, you know what By doing this, you will have the source code of all the easy problems which you have solved Which I suggested you guys to do earlier And do one project weekly And complete one unique project monthly And keep all the progress in a personal repository When I say personal repository, it can also be GitHub And if you guys don't know GitHub, it can be a bit challenging for you guys to learn GitHub initially You can also use Blogger or WordPress.com Blogger is very straightforward You can visit Blogger.com and make a free blog And you can start writing over there Here, you are not blogging, but you are creating a personal repository for yourself It will be the collection of all the codes which you write If you know GitHub enough, that you can upload your codes Then I would suggest you guys to upload your codes in GitHub, well and good But it is really important that you maintain a repository And if possible, add notes too About what you have learnt and what is your takeaway And how you would like to reattempt the problem in future When you maintain a repository of this kind, the biggest benefit will be If you want to refer to some problem, Maybe after six months you remember that you have already solved a particular problem, but you don't remember when So you can simply search it on GitHub or on your Blogger profile And you can refer to it, to know how you had solved the problem previously And believe me, you will get a lot of satisfaction So you guys can try this, and it will be very helpful for you The biggest benefit will be, you will find all your solved problems in one place Along with that you will get know how consistent you are, in your life If you are adding you problems in Blogger or WordPress.com You will get to know which post was added on which date And if you are adding consistentlty, then you will know that you have been consistent And if you are not adding posts consistently, then you will know that you are not struggling enough And you are not working hard enough And you are not putting on as much work, which you should have done These early realization are aso very important sometimes And I have talked about this early realization, in some other videos too If you guys go and watch my video on TimeTable, As I have told you guys in the video, that if you guys are making a timetable Then you can analyze it very easily if you will be able to achieve a particular goal in the given timeframe or not So these were my quick tips Three quick tips which will help you guys in logic building and problem solving Overasll it will also improve your general programming skills I hope you guys liked the suggestions If I talk about some other things which can bring improvement in your logic building Is that you can make a timetable, Now what is the relation between logic building and making a timetable If you guys are consistent and follow the suggestions consistently, which I have mentioned in this video Eventually you guys will get better in programming And your logic building skills will improve The biggest mistake which people do is that, they compare themselves with others They compare themselve with someone who might me doing programming since five years You see that a younger person is doing a better job in logic building, than you are He is doing better because he has devoted his time and have struggled before The time which you are going to devote, he has devoted that already And that's why he is ahead of you So you should never compare yourself to such a person, always compare yourself with you only If you are not able to solve any problems today, then keep a check After six months, are you able to solve 80 problems out of 100 ir not So this is what matters If today I give you 5 problems and you are not able to solve any of them Then tomorrow if you are able to solve 3 out of those 5 problems, then that is an improvement You have to chase that improvement You don't have to chase someone else's goal You don't have to compare yourself with anyone else Like "He is doing so much, then why am I still lagging behind" Along with that, if I talk about practice, you guys can offer free services Like I used to make free portfolia for my seniors during my college time I used to ask them to pay just for hosting, and tell them I would make free portfolio site for them So you can do this type of work too It is very motivating for you if you are a student And for example, let us say, you want wo try AWS You did your research on internet, how AWS works And once you get to know how AWS works Because you worked on AWS, on someone else's expense and built a product for them Now you can use AWS in future, and that's how people learn If you work in any company, and if you have one, two, three, four or five years of experience What do you learn during that experience? you might have worked on paid products You might have worked on something which you couldn't have done just by sitting home, and that increases your experience So if you increase your exposure by these kind of things, you will become a better coder You keep building your logic somewhere or the other, along with every code which you write, a little too right You build your logic somewhere or the other As much as time you spend on coding, your logic building will also increase eventually I hope I answered your questions, this was one of the most asked questions On this channel, a lot of you guys asked this question I received so many DMs on Instagram and the comment sections were also filled with exact this question So I thought of addressing it in brief and give you guys three quick tips What do you guys think of these tips, let me know in the comment section That's it for this video Thank you so much guys for watching this video And I will see you next time