Driving Test PASSED – You Can Do It Too!

Hello, I'm Chris. In this video we're going to see 
Adrian take a mock driving test. He's had 35 hours   of driving lessons in this car. He's familiar 
with parts of the area and has a driving test   coming up soon. Hopefully he'll pass this mock 
test, but even if he doesn't, it will still be   a great learning experience. Let's find out how 
Adrian feels about his test today. Okay, pretty   confident.

There are some minor things I need to 
work on mentally, but other than that, should be   alright. And what do you want to get out of the 
mock test today? Some more experience on the road   with this car because I'm not doing it in this 
car. And can you imagine failing for anything at   all today? Erm, yeah. For stalling or rolling back 
maybe on uphills. I need to think about juggling   with the acceleration pad and clutch a bit more 
and not brake too much and also observation. Need   to be super observant and careful at junctions 
and roundabouts. Just need to work on that more.   It's just a mental thing.

The experience I have, 
but just need to think about when I'm doing it. [Music] Tell me how can you check your 
indicators are working. Indicators. Okay,   so let's say, we were right right about 
here. I'll turn the hazard warning lights   on and ask someone or do it myself. I'll 
walk around the car and check if they're   properly working. Okay, great. So I'll 
be directing you at first. Drive on when   you're ready please. Sounds good. 
We're going to wait for this car. Even though I had time, I 
just want to be sure, okay. Take the next road on the left please. Ss   usual, I'm going to be giving you 
commentary at key moments during   the test to help you learn from 
the good safe driving and driving   that needs a little more practice.

faults made will be shown on screen. At the end of the road turn left please. Good mirror checks before signalling. Adrian's positioned the car well at 
this junction. The parked cars are   really blocking his view. Good observations. 
I'm really pleased he made sure it's safe. Good road position. I'm pleased 
he's not cutting the corner. Good use of the brake. He really needs to be   ready for oncoming that might 
be going around this lorry. Pull up on the left in a safe 
place please. Adrian's parked a   bit too close to the island behind, 
which makes it difficult for others   to get around us.

He's also parked opposite 
a junction. This is a driving fault. Okay,   I'd like you to follow a series of 
directions from the sat nav now please, okay? Okay. Drive on when you're ready please. You wouldn't normally switch off the 
engine until the end of the test,   when the examiner asks you to. Adrian is 
still indicating left and hasn't realised. Good all-around checks including the blind spot. But he should have signalled right to move off. After 100 yards turn right on the 
roundabout and take the third exit.   Go right on the roundabout 
and take the third exit. Good observations and I like his use 
of the gas to really get a move on. The speed limit is currently 30 miles per 
hour but in a moment is going to change to 40.

Well, he's definitely noticed. I love the way 
he's keeping his distance from the car in front. After 300 yards go left on the roundabout 
and take the first exit. Adrian's still   keeping a good safe distance from the vehicle 
in front. There's no advantage in getting close. Go left on the roundabout and take the first exit. Adrian is well prepared for this roundabout,   he observes early for opportunities and he 
keeps checking to really make sure it's safe. Good check of the interior mirror 
before braking to see how close   following vehicles are. A little hill 
start. Adrian's using the parking brake,   which is a really good idea as it allows 
him to get his right foot ready for the gas. Pressing the gas pedal when moving 
off really helps the car not stall. Pull up on the left in a safe place please. 
Good use of the mirrors. On your driving test,   the examiner will ask you to pull 
up on the left to do a hill stop.   Drive on when you're ready please. 
When the traffic is ready of course.

If this happens to you, then just stay patient 
and calm and wait for a safe opportunity. Good mirrors and blind spot check. 
Great hill start and I love the use   of the accelerator. It really gets you 
going smoothly and without stalling. It splits into two lanes and Adrian chooses 
the correct left lane as he's not overtaking. Good checks of the mirrors as the road goes back 
into one lane. It's also worth a quick shoulder   check for anyone next to you.

After 300 yards 
cross the roundabout and take the third exit. Cross the roundabout and take the third 
exit. As Adrian is following the road   ahead at the roundabout, he will 
need to keep in the left-hand lane. Really good position. Take the exit. Adrian's doing really well with his mirror 
checks and I really hope he keeps this up,   not just for his driving test but after too. The speed limit is now 20 miles per hour. Good checks of the mirrors 
and he's doing a good speed. Now it's not very clear on the 
sat-nav but in a moment you're   going to be leaving this one-way system and 
you will need to signal to exit it. Okay. After 200 yards cross the 
roundabout and take the second exit. I cannot go around it. Adrian 
anticipates the bus well and holds back. Cross the roundabout and take the second 
exit. Adrian needs to take the second exit   at the roundabout. He signalled left on the 
approach and other road users will probably   think he wants the first exit.

This could have 
been worse if another road user thought he was   leaving the roundabout and pulled out in front 
of him. Luckily that didn't happen and it's a   driving fault this time rather than a serious. If 
that was the mad mile then this is the slow mile. When it's safe, can you show me how 
you'd wash the rear window please. Yep. Thanks. I've slowed down. At the end of the road turn right. Adrian done well on that road controlling 
his speed and not going over their limit.   I love how Adrian approaches this open 
junction. He's observing early and is   ready to stop but also ready 
to go, brilliant observations. The speed limit is now 30 miles per hour.

So far on the test, he's driven a lot   in residential areas. Coming up 
is a narrow windy country road. Good forward planning. Always try 
and stay at least one step ahead. The speed limit is now 40 miles per hour 
but the sign is missing. If this happens   on your driving test then the examiner will 
help you and tell you. Adrian knows that   this road has a 40 mile per hour speed 
limit as he's familiar with the area.

Even though it's a 40mph limit I can't do 40 
just yet. Yeah the speed limit sign is missing   isn't it? But it is a 40mph road. This road is 
tight and it's hard to see far ahead. There's   no way you drive safely at 40 miles per hour 
down here. Adrian's got the speed just right. Really good judgment through these spaces.

easy to get scared by the oncoming vehicles,   steer too much to the left and hit the kerb. 
Adrian's doing well with his position so far. This is tricky. Very narrow. Right, speed.   Adrian stops and waits in a good 
position before the road gets too   tight. He also reacts well to the 
van driver letting them through. You've got to be so careful approaching these 
blind, tight bends. You don't know what's around   it and oncoming vehicles sometimes cut the corner 
towards you. Before changing speed, always check   your mirrors first to see what following 
drivers are doing and how close they are. Good idea changing down a gear, it 
really helps the car go up the hill. There's a junction coming up on top of 
a steep hill. After 300 yards turn left.

The speed limit is now 30 miles per hour. Turn left. Adrian does well, if a 
little bit close to the kerb. Pull up on the left in a safe place please. Good mirror checks. And nice parking. 
Drive on when you're ready please. Adrian should have signalled 
when moving off as there are   other road users around that may benefit from it. The speed limit is now 40 miles per hour. Good checks of the mirrors before moving 
out and he's driving at a safe speed. Okay, I'd like you to ignore the sat nav for a 
moment. We're going to turn left into a pub car   park in a second. It's just coming up soon. See 
the sign on the left. It's just after the bus   stop. It's just here, okay? On the left. On the 
left just here into the pub car park please. We're   going to move over to the right there towards this 
kerb. Yeah, just go over to the right. Yeah just   go forward.

Yeah keep going forward. Just keep to 
the right. You can stop here for a moment please. Okay, thanks. The bay parking exercise. I'd like 
you to drive forward into any bay on the left,   so you end up within the white lines please. When you're ready. Alright, let's see. Pick one. Let's see which one is the best. Making sure everything's fine. Should 
be alright. Really good observations   before turning. This car park is slightly 
uphill. Let's see how he deals with it. I can do it a bit more. Should have left it there. I'll just check. Bit of a roll 
back, everything's fine. Okay,   when you're ready I'd like you to 
reverse out round to the right please. The cars a bit wonky in the bay 
but it's within the lines. It   was lacking a bit of control with the 
roll backs so this is a driving fault.

Good observations before reversing. It's 
so important and something that some new   drivers do forget to do. Then drive 
forward and turn left onto the road   please and then follow the 
sat nav when you're ready. The speed limit is now 30 miles per hour. Adrian's doing really well with his mirror checks Adrian has to take the first exit. He will need 
the left-hand lane for this. Cross the roundabout   and take the first exit. Good opportunity 
at the roundabout without any hesitation. I like the way Adrian gave space to the cyclist. 
The speed limit is now 40 miles per hour. Good road position and speed for this bend.

Cross the roundabout and take the first exit. After 300 yards you have reached your 
destination. Okay, I'll direct you from here. The speed limit is now down to 30 miles per 
hour. You have reached your destination.   And after driving at a faster speed, it's 
much easier to drive over the speed limit. Adrian's doing well controlling his speed. At the roundabout, follow the road ahead please. At the next roundabout turn right please. As Adrian signalled left to exit the mini 
roundabout, which you don't normally have   time to do, he swung out a bit too far from the 

The speed limit is now 40 miles per hour. At the traffic lights turn left please. A nice turn without swinging out to wide. You're allowed no more than 15 driving 
faults on your test and Adrian's doing   well with seven. Not long now 
until he's finished the test. They're changing. Applying the parking brake and   selecting neutral gives you a chance to 
come off the pedals and rest your feet. Good check of the mirror before slowing down. The speed limit is now 30 miles per hour. Take the next road on the right please. 
It's coming up soon. Adrian checked the   interior mirror but forgot to check the 
right-hand mirror for anyone who might   be overtaking. He also approached this a bit 
too fast and stopped a bit on the right-hand   side of the road. to Approaching slower 
would have given him more time to position   better and he probably would have taken 
that opportunity to go too. His position   isn't the best but he hasn't caused anyone to 
slow down, stop or swerve. If he stopped any   further though he'd definitely be in way of 
oncoming and this would be a serious fault.

Pull up on the left just before this car please. 
Try and get reasonably close to it but leave   yourself enough room to get back out. You 
can ignore the driveway for now. Just try   and get a bit closer to the car. I can ignore 
the driveway? Yes, you can. You stop there,   thanks. Drive on when you're ready please. 
Good all-round checks and clutch control.   At the end of the road turn left please. Adrian's driving too slow in second 
gear and the car is struggling,   first would have been better. 
This is a driving fault. At the roundabout, follow the 
road ahead, second exit please. Adrian checked the interior mirror 
but you must also check the left-hand   mirror before moving over to the left for 
any cyclists that might be approaching. As Adrian is following the road ahead at the 
roundabout, he will need to keep in the left-hand   lane.

A bit delayed moving off, but he gets out in 
time. Good position, mirrors and signal to exit. At the roundabout turn right third exit please. Good opportunity, but for the speed he was 
driving, second gear would have been best. Take the next road on the 
left please. The last turn   of the test. Good mirror checks and signal timing. Pull up on the left in a safe place please. 
You can ignore the driveway this time. Okay,   that's the end of the test. How was that? A bit 
rough around the edges I might say.

Yeah , I did   rollback there on the uphill with the parking 
as well. Right. Mirrors, I think they were   alright. Yeah, yeah, your mirrors were really, 
really good on the whole. Okay then. The gears,   sometimes I can, for example, on the roundabouts, 
i do them in first. I know it's not optimal but   it's alright, I mean for that speed I should be 
in second sure. If the roundabouts big enough   isn't it and you've got time to do it. Yeah. 
Yeah. On some I did and some I didn't. I need   to improve on that. We continued to reflect 
on his test going over everything that was   mentioned in the video. Adrian drove well today. 
He got 11 driving faults resulting in a pass,   congratulations Adrian! Thanks for a 
nice drive. With a bit more practise,   Adrian also went on to pass his real driving 

So congratulations again and a big thank   you to Adrian for taking part in this filmed 
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