Show me/tell me questions for the driving test. Inside the Honda Jazz

draw me questions inside the care of the honda jazz one of the questions is how do you do mr front and back windows effectively well in the center console there you've got the demisters so on the left hand side is the rear one you just press that and that'll diminish the rear window on the right hand side here it says front on it you press that and the fans will come on you turn the temperature up to a high high temperature so it actually dries up the mist on the windows and the vents at the side there one there and then one on this side you point to the window to help diminish the windows that's how you do the front and back windows effectively and then you've got down here how do you put your head lights on turn the turning clockwise it'll put headlights on and you'll see on the dashboard it'll come up on there and then to go from headlights to main beam you push it forward so you're pushing forward on the car and you've got your blue light come on the dashboard there pull it back towards you it knocks it off your rear fog lights it's just there in the middle it's a little rocker switch you turn it it clicks on the dashboard just just the top there your rear fog light comes on click it again and it's gone off there now and you use your rear fog lights when visibility is less than 100 meters and then you've got clean the front windows using the window wipers and washers on the right hand side that's the windscreen wiper washers pull it towards you and you see it's cleaning the windows effectively