This Is How You Should PRACTICE Coding in 2022 ?The Ultimate Guide To Practice On GeeksForGeeks

Hey, what's up guys, Anuj here. And in today's video, we're going to talk about how you should practice coding the best, ultimate way – the ultimate guide to practice coding we're going to discuss it in today's video. When we're practicing coding, we know that practicing is a very important part of any programming journey But while you're practicing, then I do get doubts even when I was in the phase of my practicing journey of programming then it used to happen which I'll share with you all that we visit different websites and spend hours and even after spending hours, we don't get the desired output at the end of the day.

We were practicing questions but still, we don't get a sense of satisfaction we still have a sense of doubt that if this question arises again, then we might not be able to do it We're going to practice questions but we're not able to solve it We're not able to understand the logic. And it happens, if you'll know what's the root cause then it comes out to be that you all are not practicing properly I have faced this myself alright! I used to face this earlier but now the scenario has changed But now the situation is that, if I've an interview tomorrow still, I've enough confidence that's okay, it's a coding interview.

I'll be able to pass it. Practice is enough and I've got the knowledge about how to practice So, today I'm going to guide you properly and tell you about an amazing resource that is how you should practice if you need to do it topic wise if you need to practice company-wise, how you need to move forward and the best way I'm going to share the best resource with you in today's video. The resource that I'm talking about – you already know about it it's very famous wherever you're in engineering or related anywhere in the computer programming then you must know about this website you might have guessed it till now yes, it is Geeks for geeks. And you all know it because this is one of the best websites. That is why you know it. Whenever you search for anything, you find Geeks for Geeks. But, you might say that we were talking about practice.

It's that whenever we need to find any article we search google and find Geeks for Geeks. Can we even practice on Geeks for Geeks? Yes, we can. Geeks for Geeks has improved the practice platform a lot. and today we'll be talking about the practice on Geeks for Geeks. So, whenever you practice it's important to keep 3 things in mind. Let's talk about those 3 things first then we'll talk about the practice of Geeks for geeks alright! And how you all should practice in the best way! We'll talk about that.

First of all, we need to keep 3 things in mind. Firstly, whenever you're going to practice the concept that you're practicing your question upon you should have enough knowledge of it. You should know the basics – its theory you should have seen some easily solved questions as well earlier itself. Then only you've to move inside. You know that – you need to study binary search You've to study the binary search tree until I practice for the Binary search tree, then I won't be able to do its concept If I went only after studying theory in the interview then I'll make mistake somewhere I'll make mistake somewhere in the base cases.

If you don't trust then you can try it for yourself the code of Delete, node and binary search tree if you'll try to do it then, the majority of people will be making a mistake somewhere or the other alright! So, practice is very important in that case. But, before practice, you should know what a binary search tree is. you won't directly jump into the question that is why you should know the theory. This was the 1st point.

The second point is that you don't need to directly do medium or hard questions you should do easy questions first, then medium then after that do the hard questions Alright! With this, you might have done enough easy questions then you might not even know when you'll be able to do medium questions and when you would have done enough medium questions then you would be able to do hard questions as well alright! there isn't any fine line, which needs to be crossed by a step It's not that! it's a very vague line you'll not even know when you'll move out of the easy territory to the medium and I'm telling you this by a lot of experience.

And the third point is to stay consistent. don't ever let the consistency break. If you need to stay confident that I've got an interview tomorrow and I'll crack the interview. You need this type of confidence then never let the consistency break. My consistency hasn't been broken until now. Now, its been 2-3 years since I left college and I've left companies for a long time but still I don't let the consistency break. I've one or the other questions in mind Sometimes while I'm practicing with my brother or sometimes I come across a good question and I'm thinking about it.

So, you shouldn't let this consistency break and need to practice as well. You need to type on the keyboard as well. It doesn't happen only by thinking. if you've thought about it in mind and when actual implementation comes then you might not be able to do it. So, these 3 things need to be kept in mind. And all of these 3 things are fulfilled from the Geeks for Geeks website. Now, talking about how to practice Geeks for Geeks, so if you'll open Geeks for Geeks – then you'll say that there are so many things inside it. that we're not able to understand from where we're going to start and where to end So, what you're thinking is correct because you can see here, that there are a lot of things Data structures, algorithms, interview preparation they've divided into a segment because it has a breadth of knowledge inside it The breadth of knowledge is stored in it. So, it's important for you to choose your path but, today I'm going to show you all the second variant of Geeks for geeks on the second page of Geeks for geeks where everything is very streamlined and you should practice in this way only So this is we don't need to go in it.

Instead, we've to visit and for that, if you click on courses then you'll come to this is and this is their homepage Bookmark this. I've already done it. By that, you can reach it quickly. So, this is the page and you can see that there aren't many options on it. It's very finite and we're going to talk about majorly 2 things with you. firstly, the problems part and secondly, the POTD part First let's talk about, problems.

POTD means the problem of the day. they've made it amazing and the 3 things that I've told you that you'll have to start learning. You know that theory on GeeksforGeeks then after that you've to practice questions on it – easy, medium, hard. If you've to practice company-wise, then also you can do it very easily and then, finally being consistent GeeksforGeeks also helps in it so that is why we're talking about it today Alright! So, let's start with if we visit the problems section then here we'll see that there are a lot of problems Each problem is very nice—- Now UI has changed a lot when I was in college, I remember there wasn't this nice UI and there was a lot of confusion. It used to vary. So, now in the matter of UI it's been a lot better. and now you all have multiple features provided in it.

First of all, problem type. If you want to solve the full problem, means you want to write the entire code yourself entirely, from class until function. You want to write entirely yourself. Then you can go on to full problems. Otherwise, you need to solve only one function that I'm observing these days coding contests of multiple companies they directly give functional questions/problems in coding tests so you can directly practice that alright! And then, you can bookmark the problems, then you can set the difficulty level like School, medium, easy, hard and then you can sort these questions on the basis of submissions which has the large no. of submissions, which has most no. of queries which is the newest question, so these features were already in it then you can practice company-wise if a company is visiting then you can practice accordingly Now, let me show from inside how the UI has transformed and changed everything Alright! Okay! the question is, for example, check for BST inside it, if you've not opened GeeksforGeeks for many days then it has reformed very much the entire system Now, editorial, submission, and doubts support have different sections each UI has been reformed.

One more thing Earlier, I remember, the test cases that were there they were like, we could solve 2-3 test cases and it might be that our code won't work on multiple test cases Now, it has been fixed as well. Multiple test cases have been put in it for you Alright! And, now it's not that you solved a question and if its takes 5-6 seconds for the submission, it'll still be accepted earlier, it happened.

Now, it isn't that. And if you want to be able to solve it, then you'll get 2 points Alright! You collect these points, through which your ranking increases your monthly ranking increases, your overall ranking college-wise ranking increases, you tell that you're from this college then it also tells your ranking in the college then you can see that in your college, this person is above you this person is below you Alright! So, it's very good in that case. Alright! Apart from that if you're not able to solve the question then directly you can move on to the editorial of GeekforGeeks you know that if you want to search for any question in GeeksforGeeks, you get its solution very quickly apart from that, you can see your past submissions that how did I do earlier and now how am I going to do it so this was its overall interface.

It's a very defined interface. Again, if we talk about it then you've to first start with easy then medium, then hard. So first, we'll go to easy problems Alright! Let's remove the company tags. If you want to practice topic-wise, which you should so first of all, suppose we went to mathematics then we've to do only easy questions of mathematics Once you've done enough easy questions when will we know to move from easy to medium once you've done enough easy questions and now you feel that this question has been solved in a blink then you'll feel the inner sense you feel that slowly when you feel that this question can be solved in a blink then you'll yourself shift to medium questions then you'll start doing medium questions and when you'll start to feel medium questions can be solved in a blink, its logic is easy then you've to move onto hard Okay! So in this way you've to practice easy, medium and hard questions here there are multiple topics, as you can see here Right! These are all of the topics and it's important to know about every topic if you want to crack interviews so visit each of the topics one-by-one do easy questions, then medium, then hard if a company is visiting and wants to know what type of questions is generally asked in this company it's still a better website you just have to select the company tags suppose in amazon I'll get all of the mathematical questions over here Okay! al the easy ones if you want to see medium questions then you can search it like this so in this case I felt the UI was better and you can see all of it above that what all filters have you applied and you can even change these filters now let's talk about the second thing by which GeeksforGeeks is helping to improve your consistency in practice which is POTD the problem of the Day I felt that this concept was amazing.

Basically, you can solve daily one question over here, right! And right now everyone might be able to see it. Largest rectangle of 1s with swapping of columns allowed okay! So, its a very good question. Its a hard question. Medium and hard questions are given over here so this is a hard question. let's think about how the question will be solved. So basically, you're given an array in which there are 0s and 1s so, actually, I've done this question in which swapping wasn't allowed but there are rectangles of 0s and 1s and you've to tell the maximum rectangle so for that. You'll do maximum area in a histogram then you'll move downward row by row here, swapping of columns is allowed so you can do one thing that you go on sorting basically, this can be one way. That goes on to each row and sort and then since swapping is allowed then you can keep the higher rectangles on one side. and you can bring it from that, what can be the maximum area, right! because you can find the maximum are from it.

From there you can find time complexity if there are R rows and C columns O(r) times c times log c because log would be there in sorting Right! So, basically, why am I discussing questions? Alright! So, in this way its the problem of the day. The main thing of the practice of the day is when you're practicing in it, you get coins alright! And by using those coins you can….. And one more thing that the question is discussed daily on the Youtube channel so, if you're stuck, you're not able to understand it then you can visit their youtube channel how is it going to be solved Right! So, I found this thing very cool. Here it is. POTD Handbook So when you visit here, then you get a Geekbit. These are basically coins and by using them you can buy many merchandise and amazon voucher coupons so I've a younger brother, who has actually bought it right! So, I find this thing very interesting. So, definitely its worth checking out and you'll be practicing daily-daily it won't let your consistency break basically, it'll improve your consistency slowly if you solve a question daily apart from that you directly get its submission that how actually the person thinking about this question so, that is also very interesting.

Alright! So this was it. And apart from that basically, there are other things like they've given courses So, GeeksforGeeks have its own courses. You can access those courses. There is a section they have added called get hired. Where multiple companies are hiring through GeeksforGeeks apart from that, there are other events I think these are all the events where some people come so basically, these are the events but the most important thing was that I wanted to tell you was that yes, you can practice on GeeksforGeeks there is a lot of knowledge in GeeksforGeeks you might know that, whenever you search for something the link for GeekforGeeks opens geeksforGeeks contains a lot of knowledge but how to utilize it in the best way I've tried to tell you about that how you can practice in the best way because if you haven't practiced properly then even if you've got a lot of knowledge that won't come in handy at the correct time Alright! So, you've to practice properly.

You've to do a streamlined practice and things will get better on its own. Alright! So, this was the main motive of this video. Do tell me how the video was. If you're still struck somewhere, then do tell me, in the comment section. I'll try to help you. and with that its time to depart. We'll meet in the next video. Do like the video, subscribe to the channel. I'll meet you all in the next video. Bye! Bye!.