Towing a trailer with a car: safety checks

every time you tow you need to do some basic safety checks make sure your trailer is correctly coupled to the tow bar or pin when you blow it it down and it's clicked into place raise it back up to make sure it's locked then lower it back down attach the breakaway cable and make sure it's secure check the electrical cable isn't damaged plug it in making sure it's secure raise the jockey wheel and lock it in place so it doesn't drop down you can then release the trailers handbrake check that the bright lights and indicators come on and then check that the tires on both the car and the trailer are safe and legal finally you must not overload the trailer spread the load out evenly and make sure it's secure take a few minutes to do these basic checks every time you tow remember you could be fined up to two thousand five hundred pounds or be banned from driving if you use a trailer in a dangerous condition