New show me tell me question for the new driving test in 2017

hi everyone so I thought did you say one of the new questions it's gonna come up on your new driver test now I've been making videos about its new test for the last two years now it says not only that new anymore often doing it since 2015 I think he was February 2015 on did my first new test but it's officially been released for everyone at the end of this year it's starting on the 4th December 2017 one of the new Shermy questions is going to be can you show me how to open side window and close it again so if buddy is opening and then close it they just want people's opinions on that is that going to help it's all be done – cutting them to the deaths on the road after being passed the driving test some of things are that going to help or is I just a complete waste of time I'm not going to give you my opinion I just want to know what you think so let me know in the comments below IVA votes on the poll on the screen now and I'll see you again soon for more videos