Identify and record the new defects on the MOT testing service: guidance for testers

The MOT testing service will change on 20
May 2018, to reflect the changes to the test, including showing the new defect categories
of dangerous, major and minor. There are 2 ways to find the right defect. You can browse using the menus to select the
right component, and then choose the defect from there. For some items, there might be more than one
defect category available – such as , major or dangerous for inoperative power steering.

You’ll need to pick the right category using
the defect wording, and your knowledge, experience and judgement. Remember, you must record all dangerous, major
and minor defects. You can also search for defects. To make this easier, we’re making sure you’ll
still be able to find the right defect even if you mistype something. And also, if you’re not sure what the actual
defect wording is. So searching for something like ‘rusty’
will bring up relevant defects for ‘corrosion’.

To make it simpler to look up things in the
inspection manual, the references to it will take you straight to the right part of the
manual. This will be in a new webpage format that
should be easier for you to use..