Forward Bay Parking Made EASY With Reference Points – Driving Test Manoeuvre

[Music] Hello I'm Chris. In this video I'm 
going to show you how to do the forward bay   parking manoeuvre. It's easy to over complicate 
it, so I'll be keeping it as simple as possible.   You'll see how to do the exercise safely 
and if the examiner asks you to do it,   pass this part of the driving test. If you haven't 
already subscribed to our channel, then please do   as it really helps us make more videos. The 
objective is to drive forward into any bay on   the left or right, finish within the lines, 
while looking out for other car park users.   Now the examiner won't tell you which bay to use, 
that's up to you.

If you want to drive into a bay   on the right, position your car to the left, well 
away from the bay you want. That way you'll have   more space to swing in the bay and straighten 
up. But don't drive through the bays on the   left though. To make it easier, look for an empty 
bay that hasn't got parked vehicles next to it.   And just in case you were wondering, you can't 
drive through this bay and finish in this one.   Now this is when I need to start steering into 
the bay.

You can stop at this point if it helps.   I've got the first line of the bay looking like 
it goes into the car here. When to turn for you   might be slightly different as it depends on 
the car, your height, seating position and how   fast you drive and steer but it will look similar. 
When you look for your reference point, make sure   you sit in your normal driving position. If you 
lean forward, then your reference point will look   different and it won't work. This is the part that 
a lot of new drivers forget and that's to observe   for others going past. Before turning into the bay 
I'll check the interior mirror, right hand mirror   and as the mirrors don't show everything, also 
a quick shoulder check. Signal if there's anyone   nearby and as soon as I move forward slowly I'll 
steer full lock to the right, maximum steering.   Once you're in the bay and nearly straight, start 
straightening the steering back to the left.   You can tell when the car is straight in the bay 
as whatever's in front of you such as a wall,   line or kerb runs parallel with the dashboard. 
When this line touches the bottom of the mirror   I'll stop as I don't want to 
drive into the bay in front.   Although you might have to stop a bit sooner 
if there's something in front of you like   a vehicle sticking out into your bay or 
some overgrown bushes.

Parking brake on,   select neutral. You can open the door to 
check you're in the bay if you wanted.   This looks okay, but if you're not in a bay, then 
you're allowed to reverse to readjust it back in,   once you've observed and it's safe to do so of 
course. If you have to correct the manoeuvre on   the driving test, then it would normally 
be a driving fault or a minor as they're   commonly called, but at least you won't get 
a serious fault for parking out of the bay.   Just don't forget to keep checking around for 
others and stop if anyone gets near your car,   but then continue if it's safe. Now the 
examiner will ask you to reverse out of   the bay either to the left or right. It can be 
harder to see when reversing out of the bay,   especially if there's other 
vehicles next to you, so be careful.   You must observe all around for others before you 
reverse and don't forget to look through the rear   window, over your shoulder before you move.

there's vehicles next to you, then don't steer   straight away as you'll probably hit them but if 
there isn't any, then you can steer immediately.   Slowly start steering at this point 
if there's vehicles next to you. Don't forget to keep observing for others, stop if 
anyone gets near, you but continue if it's safe. Steering a little to the left before 
stopping makes it easier to move off again   as the wheels are now already pointing 
towards where I want to go next.   Now have a quick check around to 
make sure it's safe and drive on.

If you want to drive into a bay 
on the left, then check mirrors,   quick shoulder check. Make sure there's no 
oncoming and move well over to the right if it's   safe without driving through the other bays. This 
makes it easier to turn into the bay as you'll   have more space to swing round and straighten 
the car. The reference point when to turn   will look the same as when we did it to 
the right. The first line of the bay you   want disappearing into the car here. Again 
it might look slightly different for you.   Before turning, it's essential that you 
check the interior and left hand mirror,   plus a quick shoulder check for anyone going past 
you. Signal if it would benefit anyone and turn   full lock maximum steering to the left with 
the car moving very slowly to make it easier.   Once you're in the bay and nearly straight start 
straightening the steering back to the right.   From my seating position I'll stop when the bottom 
of this wall or line touches the bottom of this   mirror.

Don't forget, you might have to stop a bit 
earlier if there's an obstruction in front of you.   The same as before, you're allowed to open your 
car door if it's safe to check you're in the bay   and if you're not, observe all around, including 
through the rear window, reverse, readjust,   then observe all around again drive forward and 
stop. This would normally be a driving fault   but at least it's not a serious. Now the 
examiner tells you which way to reverse out.   It's really important to observe all around 
before reversing to make sure it's safe,   including over your shoulder 
through the rear window. And that's how you do the forward 
bay parking manoeuvre. As usual,   thanks a lot for watching. If you found 
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