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Hello there, it doesn't matter whether
you're on Social Security benefits or you are earning thousands, I can tell you
one thing for sure. You don't want to be throwing money down the drain. In this
video, I'm going to give you some great tips on how you can save money on your
fuel bills. Now, none of these things are in any particular order. So the first one
I've got for you is smoothly does it. Avoid sudden acceleration, avoid sudden
braking, try to drive at a constant speed. Did you know that driving at 55 miles
per hour will save you almost 20% less in fuel compared to driving at 70 miles
per hour. If your car is fitted with cruise control, use it. Well that's the
first section, smoothly does it. I'm now going to move on to the next section
which is car maintenance. It's important that you look after your vehicle. Get it
serviced on the due date.

If you cannot afford a full service, get the oil
changed. Maintenance does not always have to involve a garage. There are certain
things that you can do for yourself. For example, like regularly checking the
tires. Did you know that under inflated tire can increase fuel consumption by 2
to 3 percent. It may not see much but it all adds up. Well that's the second tip.
The third tip I'm going to give you is having the a/c off. A lot of drivers have
gone into the habit of just putting the a/c on for no reason apart from
just a habit. Having the a/c on increases fuel consumption. You pay about 10%
extra just for the privilege of having the AC on. I have seen drivers with the
a/c on and the windows open.

I appreciate the AC is there to be used.
Use it, don't abuse it. The final tip I'm going to give you today is keep an eye
on fuel prices. It's very simple these days with the power of Internet. Just
google it. There are also apps available on iOS and Android that will tell you
all the local petrol prices near to wherever you are. Some petrol pumps will
charge you an arm and a leg for fuel. Well that's all I've got time for today
however if you have any tips that'll make life easier, more comfortable, more
enjoyable for other drivers, please comment in the section below and I will
share them with everybody.

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