How to Adjust the Car Door Mirror | DTC Driving Test UK

Hello there, Just a very quick video
today on how to adjust the side mirror correctly . A lot of drivers actually
struggle on this. However, having the side mirror adjusted correctly is very
important for your safety as well as the safety of others. Now
before you even attempt to adjust the side mirror it's important that you are
correctly seated. So once you get into the vehicle the most important thing is
that you are be seated correctly. Making sure that you can reach all the
controls. Once you've done that you are now ready to adjust the side mirrors.
However, it's very important that you keep still as you adjust in the mirror.

Because what a lot of drivers do, they do this they move their body forward to adjust
the mirror. Everything seems correct. But now I'm in my normal driving position
and it's no longer correct. It's's not that the mirror is not correct, Its that I am
NOT seated in the correct place. So it's very important that you keep your head
still and just move your eyes slightly. With the left mirror, you do have to move
your head slightly but no more than that so you move your head and not your
shoulders. You don't move forward with your shoulders. Just move your head and
do not move your shoulders at all. I'm now going to show you the mirror and
show you what you should be looking for when adjusting the mirror. Many drivers
have the mirror adjusted far too low. They feel that this will help them with
their reversing but you must be able to see a section of the sky as well.

the mirror is too high as you cannot see enough of the road. This is the ideal position of the mirror.
Well now that you know how to adjust the side mirrors correctly, all you need to
do is make a habit of using them. I hope you found the video useful. If so, please
give us a thumbs up as it helps us to make more videos. Thank you for watching!!!.