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hi I'm Cathy bolt I'm a driving stretch in the city of Gloucester where I teach a wide range of people how to drive a car and gain a greater sense of freedom the three major concerns many people have when trying to find a suitable driving instructor are for example well I feel comfortable with my instructor will I be able to control the car and feel safe and will I find someone who understands how I feel and how I learn best my first focus is to help you feel comfortable inside the car so building our rapport is vital a patient relaxed friendly learning environment is key to your success next is to help you overcome any misgivings you might have about being able to control the car and deal with busy traffic conditions ensuring you feel safe we'll help you learn more effectively I put each my pupils at the center of their learning plan so working together we make sure each lesson helps you to learn most effectively successfully addressing these concerns is what my business is built on I know how important it is for my pupils to learn to drive for some as soon as they reach 17 it's their goal to get behind the wheel for others they might reach this goal later in life maybe to help improve their job prospects or to help improve family life by making more independence this is why I've enjoyed helping my pupils gain their licenses since becoming a fully qualified driving structure in 2007 so call me today and receive free access to my online study aid and start on your road to success you