Driving Test Fail: 20 Driving Faults and 12 Serious Faults

Hello I'm Chris. Zyta has a driving test
coming up soon and wants to do a mock test to see how
ready she is. I've never met Zyta before so let's go and find out more
about her driving experience. "How's your driving been going? How many lessons have you had?" "About, I think 47 hours." "When did you first start learning to
drive?" "It was October last year." "And it's all been going well?" "Yeah." "And you've got your driving test
coming up soon? In about 3 weeks." "And is there any
aspect of driving that you're not very confident with?" "Well not really no. I
should be I should be able to. I do drive well.

My instructor tells me. I think it's the looking
ahead and scanning the road. I look close mostly and not too
far to know what's happening. I don't know why I just don't look far ahead." "And what are you like
with spotting signs then? Is that something you occasionally miss?"
"Yeah." "Well it's going to be a good experience for you today then and I'd
definitely recommend scanning the road and looking out for for signs, looking out for
any markings. Because all that information is there to help you isn't
it?" "Well three weeks doesn't seem that long but I think I can learn a lot." "Would you like a little warm-up drive before the test
starts just to get used to the car because you've never driven this car
before have you and we've never met before so we'll have a little warm-up drive
then and we'll start the mock test." In the meantime while Zyta gets used to
the car this is how to test is marked.

You're allowed up to fifteen driving
faults during the test often called minor faults. These aren't potentially
dangerous but if you keep making the same faults throughout your test then it
could become a serious fault. Get a serious or dangerous fault and it's a
driving test fail. A serious fault is something that could potentially be
dangerous and a dangerous fault involves actual danger to either yourself,
the examiner, another person or property. For more information on the driving test,
have a look at our other video there's a link in the description below.
Let's catch up with Zyta as she's about to start her mock driving test. "Tell
me how you would check your indicators are working". "Start the car up. Turn on the hazard warning lights and walk around the car to check." "Okay thanks." The examiner will then say…
Throughout the drive continue ahead unless traffic signs direct you
otherwise. When I want you to turn left or right, I'll tell you in plenty of time.
Drive on when you're ready please.

Zyta got the tell me question correct,
there will be a show me question a bit later on. Really good all-round observations
including the blind spot and it's great to see that she's waiting for a safe
opportunity to go. It was interesting that Zyta mentioned that
she doesn't look far ahead when driving or scan the road. This route will really
test her. To be a good safe driver you have to plan ahead, read signs and road
markings. "Take the next road on the left please."
Always check your mirrors before you signal to make sure it's safe. That was a sharp turn and Zyta does well
not to swing out wide. "Take the next road on the right please."
it's important to check your mirrors before you signal. "Take the second road on the left please.
This is the first one, the second one is straight after. Okay it's just coming up now on the left." The signal was a little late here but it didn't
affect anyone and it was really hard to see that road.

"Take the next road on the
right please." Zyta checked her mirrors, but after the
signal. Always do it before. If Zyta hasn't already begun looking
out for signs then she really needs to start doing so as there is a turn left
ahead sign on the left and a no entry sign in front. "Stop, stop, stop! That's a no entry here. So the sign said that we had to turn left. I just had to help with the brake and the
clutch but back in your control okay." Unfortunately Zyta missed the no-entry sign,
I had to help with the foot brake and clutch so so that she didn't do anything illegal which
resulted in a serious fault. She also turned left without checking any mirrors
to see if it was safe. "At the end of the road turn right please." Keep making the same driving faults and
you can expect a serious fault eventually. Zyta hasn't checked her mirrors before signalling for a fourth time resulting this time in a serious
fault. Good observations at this busy junction
I like the way she's leaning forward to try and get a better view and great
clutch control.

"Traffic lights turn left please." Don't forget that apart from a ten
minute warm-up drive before the mock test Zyta has never driven this car
before. Good checks of the mirrors before going
around the parked vehicles. Always check your mirrors before slowing
down just in case another vehicle is close behind. If another vehicle is close
behind then braking earlier and softer will give them more time to react.

Zyta's noticed that the two lanes are
going into one, a good check of the right-hand mirror for anyone overtaking
at the last moment but don't neglect the interior mirror that shows directly how
close vehicles are behind. It's also worth a quick check over your
right shoulder as the mirrors don't show everything and there could be someone
there. "Take the next road on the right please." Good road position as it is quite tight. "Pull up on the left in a safe place
please. You can ignore the driveways this time." "Thank you.
I'd like you to follow a series of directions given by the sat-nav now
please. I'll let you know when the independent
driving has finished. Okay drive on when you're ready please." Good all-round checks, including the blind

Sat nav – "After 100 yards go left on the
roundabout and take the first exit, then turn left." Zyta is observing the
roundabout early but did she really see that car approaching? A lack of
observations at junctions is a common reason for accidents and is also in the
top 10 reasons for failing a driving test. Make sure that you observe and look
properly. Sat nav – "Turn left." Better observations at this Junction. Always make sure that you slow down for
speed humps. Sat nav – "After 200 yards turn right." "Turn right." We're currently on a one-way
road. At the end of it Zyta needs to turn right.

As it's one-way, she needs to
position to the right-hand side of the road. She's positioned a little to the
right but not enough if another vehicle wants to turn left next to us. If the car driver behind wanted to turn left and
Zyta was blocking their way then this would have been a serious fault on
the driving test. A very busy junction but Zyta is patient and takes the
first safe opportunity to go. Zyta does well slowing down for this
car but forgets to check the interior mirror before changing speed. Sat nav – "After 200 yards cross the roundabout
and take the second exit." "Cross the roundabout and take the
second exit." Unfortunately Zyta doesn't check the interior mirror before slowing
down and if there is a persistent repetition of a driving fault then it
may be regarded as serious.

Sat nav – "After 100 yards cross the roundabout and
take the second exit then turn right. Cross the roundabout and take the
second exit then turn right." I'm really pleased that Zyta spotted the pedestrian wanting to cross but now she needs to make sure that she doesn't stop
on the crossing. Unfortunately she has stopped with the
rear wheel on the zebra crossing resulting in a serious fault.

Zyta is
following the road ahead, second exit at this roundabout and should be in the
left hand lane. She isn't keeping in lane which could be dangerous if another road
user was next to us. Unfortunately this would be a serious
fault. Nice smooth braking. Keeping a safe
distance from the car in front. Sat nav – "After 80 yards turn right then take the
second left. Turn right then take the second left." This zebra crossing is straight after a
turn and I'm really pleased that Zyta noticed the pedestrian. Zyta thinks the turn is coming up now
and signals a little early. Sat nav – "After 200 yards turn left." A little confusion with the gears has really slowed the car down which has affected traffic behind resulting in a
serious fault. Sat nav – "Turn left. After 100 yards bear left then bear left." "Bear left then bear left." "Bear left."
A little confusing directions given by the sat nav
but Zyta works it out and it just shows how important it is to
occasionally glance at the screen of the sat nav as well as listen to it.

Good road position and speed but before
moving to the left check your mirrors in case there's any cyclists. Driving a little fast for first gear
resulting in a little bump. Sat nav – "After 80 yards turn right. Turn right." Good observations at the junction. I
like the final check to really make sure it's safe. Nice slow approach to this situation
without having to stop. Great mirror checks before moving out too. Instead of squeezing through this tight
gap Zyta would have been best to hold back. Got a little close to the park car
resulting in a driving fault. "Pull up on the left in a safe place please." Zyta lines up with the kerb really
well and gets the car straight but the front is just over the driveway.

"Drive on when
you're ready." Zyta is really good at her all-round
checks before moving off something that some people do forget. A busy Junction. Zyta observes well and takes a safe opportunity. Zyta checks
the interior mirror before driving around these parked vehicles but you should also
check your right hand mirror for anyone overtaking you especially motorcyclists. Sat nav – "After 200 yards cross the roundabout
and take the second exit." Zyta has to follow the road ahead at the
roundabout, second exit.

She will need the left-hand lane for this. Cross the
roundabout and take the second exit. She slowly drifts into lane briefly blocking
the driver behind who wants to turn right. When Zyta moves onto the roundabout
she keeps in lane really well. As she exits the roundabout she drives through
some hatch markings. It wasn't necessary to drive through those so this would be
a driving fault. A nice clear road ahead, good visibility,
great conditions, I'm really hoping that she's going to increase her speed and reach the 30 mile per hour speed limit, just so we don't frustrate drivers behind. Zyta doesn't reach the speed limit
although it was safe to do so. This might annoy drivers behind and they
might take more risks to overtake. "When it's safe can you show me how you
turn on your dipped headlights please." "Thanks." As Zyta was looking for the
headlight switch she reduced her speed too much.

You can't get more than one
serious fault in the same category or otherwise this would have been a serious
fault for appropriate speed. Sat nav – "After 300 yards turn left." Don't forget
that apart from a little warm-up drive before the mock test Zyta has never driven
this car before. Good mirror checks before signalling. Sat nav – "Turn left." Great road position. Keeping in
lane and as Zyta approaches this red light she's preparing to go which is
really good. Sat nav – "After 200 yards turn right. Turn right." Zyta reacted well to the driver letting
her turn without panicking. Sat nav – "After 80 yards keep left. Keep left." Sat nav – "At the end of the road turn left then
turn right." Zyta stops unnecessarily at this junction as it is clear but as
there's no one behind it's not worth a fault.

Sat nav – "Turn left then
turn right." It would have been better to continue creeping really slowly,
observing to make sure it's safe and stopping as soon as someone approaches. Sat nav – "Turn right."
Zyta spots this turn a little late and signals late. It's better to miss the
turn rather than do everything at the last second and not give other road
users time to react to your signal.

If you miss a turn on the driving test then
the sat nav or examiner will just redirect you and you won't get any
faults as long as you're driving safely and legally. Sat nav – "At the end of the road turn left. Turn left." Good observations. Zyta checked the interior mirror but
didn't check the right-hand mirror before driving around this park vehicle.
It's really important to check the right-hand mirror
just in case someone's driving around you, especially a motorcyclist. This is a
repeated fault which is now a serious fault. Sat nav – "After 300 yards turn right." Good check of the right-hand mirror
before driving around the parked vehicle but don't forget the interior mirror first
and then the exterior mirror.

By checking the interior mirror you'll be able to
see how close the vehicle is behind, how fast they're driving, how close they are
to you and is it safe to drive around the parked vehicle. Unfortunately Zyta notices this turn a bit late, signals late and doesn't position in the middle
of the road correctly. The car behind has to drive into the other road to get
around us resulting in a serious fault. Zyta does the right thing here moving
over to allow the van to get through. Good checks to the right before moving out
but don't forget the interior mirror first.

"Pull up on the left in a safe
place please." Great mirror checks before signalling. Zyta was about to hit the kerb and so that she doesn't damage the tyre or wheel, I had to help. "Drive on when you're ready please." Good all-round checks as usual and I'm
really pleased that she waited for it to be clear. Sat nav – "After 200 yards turn left. Turn left." "Don't worry I'll direct you from here.
Okay that's the end of the independent driving." it's not ideal to miss a turn but I'm really
pleased that Zyta didn't do anything potentially dangerous and turn at the
last moment.. "I'd like you to pull up on the left just behind that silver car
please. Try and get reasonably close to it but leave enough for you to get back out. You
can ignore the driveway on this occasion." "You can stop there, thanks." "Drive on when you're ready please." Good parking here, parallel with the kerb and
reasonably close to it.

Good mirror checks. I'm really pleased
that Zyta held back and waited. A slight delay moving off again but I really like
the mirror checks. "Take the next road on the left please." Zyta has started to check her mirrors
before signaling which is really good to see and I hope she carries on doing it. "Pull up on the left in a safe place
please." "Okay the reverse parking exercise. I'd like
you to drive alongside that white car and reverse back in within the space of two
car lengths, so that you're easonably close to the kerb and parallel with it.
Okay when you're ready." "Stop there." "The reverse parking exercise.

Have you
practiced this with your instructor? Parallel parking?" "So we drive alongside the white car and
then reverse back in within the space of two car lengths." "Oh." "You can ignore the driveway for now." This is where Zyta got a serious fault
for observations. She did check behind but then observed everywhere else, now
things might have changed behind the car. Before reversing you must look over your
left shoulder through the rear window for the most up-to-date information just
like you would look through the front windscreen before driving forward.
Unfortunately this is a serious fault. Zyta is reversing uphill slightly and
there was a little roll forward in reverse gear.

This would normally be a
driving fault on the test. Unfortunately Zyta has driven up on the
driveway resulting in a serious fault. "Okay thank you. Drive on when you're ready." "At the end of the road turn right please." A good chance to go straight away here
but Zyta hesitates slightly. "Pull up on the left in a safe place
please." After a successful hill start Zyta is
at her final junction before the end of the test. A bit hard on the brakes and
Zyta misses a good chance to go. "Pull up on the left in a safe place
please." Good mirror checks before signaling and parks really well. "Okay you can switch off now, that's the
end of the test.

How was that?" Unfortunately Zyta wasn't successful
today. She got more than 15 driving faults and some serious faults. Let's reflect
back on the test with Zyta. "At some point you stopped marking. Oh my god!" "Did that surprise you how it went?" "Complete shock." "In a way I knew that I wasn't ready yet." "Not looking far ahead enough."Yeah you mentioned that." "Not noticing the signs." "Okay yeah because we had that no-entry sign." "I'm too much focused on the road, just literally just this part in front of me and I don't see much else. well you've got three weeks to improve on that
though haven't you?" "This car feels so different." "What did you feel was different?" "It's so sensitive.

And the gears." "So we did the reverse parking
manoeuvre didn't we." "Well we didn't complete it." "We kind of
ended up on the pavement a little bit." "Was that going well in practice when
you was doing it with your instructor?" "It was twice that we did it." "And it went well but I was always
being told what to do." "Oh I see. The test is very different isn't it? It's just you on your
own, no one helping you or guiding you, just like once you passed isn't it, you're
going to be on your own." "To be honest I thought you was going to tell me to stop here." "Oh and stop the test?" "Let's not carry on." But it's a good experience to see it right to the end isn't it. Give you that whole
time of a test." "And it felt much longer." "And you said that you done one mock test with your instructor before didn't you? And you said that you passed on that." "I think that she was just being nice." "What should you do
before you signal? Before you indicate?" "Check them."
"Has that been mentioned to you before?" "Oh yeah." "You just want to get into
that habit of checking mirrors before you signal." "I used to do it I think.

I think I just need to
have a look back at what I do and how I drive." "Just think about it afterwards. Beforehand as well." "Yeah so
just think about mirrors first, is it safe? And then tell people what you're going
to do. There was a couple of times where you signalled a little bit late when you were
following the sat nav." "Yeah I didn't know where the turns were." "Have you been on these roads before? Do you know this area?" "I was looking, I don't even, I don't know yards as well but I tried to kind of
look from the sat nav and where it might be." "Yeah." "And there was once where we signaled a little
bit early.

I think was a driveway or something wasn't it?" I think it was! I don't live there." "It's definitely occasionally glancing, no not your house,
it's definitely worth glancing at the sat nav screen isn't it as it does count
down in yards, which you'll have to get used to. Have you ever used a sat nav before? You ever followed that?" "No that was the first time." "You did
well if it was your first time following the sat nav." "I mean like anything new, it's
difficult at first." "You remind me of my instructor now." It's difficult at first but with a bit of
practice you'll get used to it. How are your roundabouts? Big roundabouts?" "I'm scared of them." "What is it about them that's scary?" "When to
indicate on approach or not and when you're exiting.

I just can't memorise it." "What to do?" "When to indicate, which lane"." As soon as I see one I just shut off. Definitely room for improvement." "A bit more practice on those. So there was a couple of big roundabouts
that we done today where you had to follow the road ahead. Which lane should you have kept in for those?" "Left." "That's it." "There was one roundabout where you went
over to the right-hand lane a little bit. The second roundabout you was a bit late
to get into the left-hand lane but then you did keep in the left-hand lane on
the roundabout so that was good. But definitely do some more work on
those then to get more confident. There was once where you stopped on a pedestrian crossing on
the approach to one of the roundabouts. So be careful of that. As you don't want to block the path of pedestrians do you." "There was once when you was following the
sat nav and we were turning right and you had a central area in the middle
for you to get into.

Remember that? We had a car behind." "It was a bit faded. I didn't see it." "We were on a one-way road near the start of the test. Do you remember being on a one-way road? And we
was turning right at the end of it. Where should you have positioned on that?" "More to the right." "Yeah you
went a tiny bit to the right. Because that would help people turn left next to
you then wouldn't it? Well you've got three weeks though to improve haven't you? So
it's quite a lot of time isn't it are you going to get a lot of practice in from now
until the test?" "As much as I can." "Are you pleased that you done the mock test?" "Yes, very pleased.

Thank you." "Thanks a lot for coming along because it will help a lot of other people watching because people can
learn." "40 hours is not enough." "But people will be able to learn from your mistakes and hopefully you will as well." "You done really well. You've never
driven this car before or in this area so done very well on that, very brave.
After the mock text Zyta drove for another 15 minutes and we reflected more
on how she drove. Discussing not only ways for her to improve her driving but also
what went well on her test.

Big thanks to Zyta for being brave
enough to be filmed and all the best with your driving test and thanks to you for
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