Question like "How many problems do someone need to do to crack good product companies?", is asked to me very frequently And from where and which platform do I need to practice the questions. So today, I am going to show you my own profile from the 1st year till 4th year "How many questions I have done and from which platform? I will also show you the topics from which I have done most of the questions" Apart from that, I will also help those who are left with very less time for their preparation Before moving ahead, the one who is new to the channel, please subscribe to the channel and if you would like this video, then do like it So ok, let's first have a look at my coding profiles and then accordingly, I will guide you about how many problems you need to do So, this is our Leetcode where I have spent a lot of time for practicing the questions.

I have solved around, 1009 problems in total till now In Leetcode, the most of the problems that I have done is from array topics – 518 From string, I have done 234 problems, 184 problems on DP, 117 on Trees For other topics too, I have done quite a lot of problems in this platform In total, I have solved 542 medium, 327 easy and 140 hard problems which is quite less So, this is LeetCode where you can practice yourself for your interview If you want to know in which company, the particular question have been asked then for that, you need to have access for Leetcode premium which is paid You will be able to get the same thing free of cost in CodeStudio Codestudio is a free platform by CodingNinjas which is also a sponsor for this video and the link for this is available in the description You can go through that link and register yourself for Codestudio You will get the same problems on this platform and with that, you will be able to see the company that asked the same question in their interview It gives you good feeling/vibe when you solvse any question from some big tech companies – like Google, Microsoft ? Apart from that, you will be able to see the average time that you must spend to solve this particular question so that it gives you hint about your speed From here, you will also get Interview experience for some companies, which will definitely help you a lot in an interview On the way, if you get stuck on any problem, then solution for that problem is also available on their platform – from brute force to the most optimized one Very well explained solution with their code in C++, Java and Python is available on their platform I have provided you the link in the description box.

You can register yourself on Codestudio Now, let's move on to the next platform which is InterviewBit On Interviewbit, I have solved around 264 problems in total which is good enough, i.e. I have done the most frequently asked interview problems from there. Now, the next one is GeeksforGeeks, from where I have done 159 problems in total Now, do not get confuse by these various platforms – thinking "from where should I practice now, do I need to practice on all or some platforms and so on.." I wouldn't recommend you doing questions from all these platforms. There was no one for me who can guide me properly, so that's why I tried out all the platforms and in the last, the one which I liked the most is Leetcode The alternative of it is CodeStudio which is also almost same In Codestudio, you will get all the features for free, which is not in the case of Leetcode Now let's move on to some Competitive programming platforms – Like Codeforces I have solved 144 problems on codeforces These all questions are not from the contest because I was not participating much in the contest These questions are from Codeforces's ladders of each level – A, B, C, D and some more which are very famous, so I have practiced some questions from there Next one is Codechef, where I solved around 58 problems in total, again I haven't solved many problems on this platform too Then there is Hackerrank, where too I have solved very few questions Next one is Hackerearth, where I solved 28 questions only So, you can see that how may platform I have explored because there was no one for me to guide me You can ignore all these platform, but I would recommend you can either pick up Codestudio or Leetcode and Codeforces, where you can participate in contest, if you are really interested in Competitive programming.

If you are not interested in CP, then you can definitely skip Codeforces and shift yourself towards Codestudio or Leetcode So now, how many questions you should practice now? As you can see, I have done around 1660 problems. I might skip out some other platforms too, so you can say, that I have done around 1700 problems "So, do I really need to do these many problems?" Since, I had a lot of time and I was serious from the very first year, that's why I am able to do these many questions And also I always maintain Consistency There was a time, throughout the year, I used to do daily atleast 1 problem on Leetcode Now, there is a lot of gap here So, this is the thing that you need to attempt atleast 250-300 good level questions Avoid doing so many easy and medium problems and try to do a mixture of both of these For that, there is a solution, you can try out my DSA sheet which has around 250 problems You can watch the complete video.

From there, you will get to know the questions that you need to do for a particular topic There are around 250-300 problems that you definitely need to do. Without this, you will not be able to crack the interview This is also useful for those too who have very less time If they are able to do these questions very well from A to Z, then you are in a really good position to crack your technical interviews. So, that's it for the today's video. If you like this video, then hit the like button and subscribe to the channel and write in comments about the topic which you want me to cover in the next video I hope this video was useful.

Thank you and let's meet in another one:).