BOOK the DRIVING TEST Online – (A Quick Guide) @Driving Test Wizard

hi guys I thought I'd just give you a quick guide 
on how to book your driving test it's it's an easy   process really and first of all we've come to this 
website and we're going to click start now if you   look at the top of the page there you'll see what 
the website well the URL is and if you look in   your description box that you'll find that URL 
and just click on it and it will come into this   page and on when you get to that page just click 
the start now and it brings us to this page here   you can see there are 959 to go and we're going 
to just click it says choose type of test and   it's car manual so that's what we're going to 
click there and that will take us to the next   page and this page is asking for our license 
details to put them in while the cameras off   okay the like the actual license details in that 
box but in this one it's asking us if we've been   ordered to take an extended test by the course 
believe that is no and it's asking do you have any   special requirements I'm just going to click no in 
there as well now once I've put license number in   then this grey box will go green and we can move 
on so just do that I'll see you on the next page   okay so here we are on the next page and this is 
page 3 of 9 so already we're you know a third of   the way there and it's asking to say now a test 
date car test okay so if we go into this box here   where it says enter your the date you would like 
so we're just going to click in there and actually   I'm going to go a long a month just for purposes 
of this just so that we can get a date let's just   see let's just pick one we'll say the 25th of July 
2019 now at the bottom there it just confirms out   there but at the bottom again which in chat we can 
continue but it's asking me also for my instructor   reference number that's optional you don't need 
that just click continue and away you go you'll   be on then page four of nine now page four of nine 
is same test center for the car test and all you   need to do is just put your hometown in here so 
my hometown is less though so I'm just going to   click on that and then find test centers now I 
know that in Leicester there are two test centers   and it will come up with with an option for both 
of those I just one is within rixton the other   ones in connect Street I will just click on the 
one in which then I think and then that takes me   then to number five and number five of nine is 
test time so we're looking for a time when the   test can take place now we said the 25th before 
and the ones that are not shaded are available so   you can see the 25th is fully booked so let's go 
for the 18th so clicked on the 18th and all it's   done now is it's out it's told me that these these 
times seven thirteen in the morning two three 29   in the afternoon are all available this is also 
telling me how much that test will cost is 62   pounds so I'm just going to pick the middle one 
check that box and then it's saying I then can   continue this is telling me now that to complete 
the booking within 15 minutes so if ready just   crack off okay so now it's just asking me to 
fill my details in which is you know your name   your address your telephone number which I'm not 
going to put on YouTube so there you go but also   it asks you for your email address just there now 
that's quite important really because what they'll   do is they're going to send your confirmation 
email which will have all the details of your   test on it when to turn off and you know when out 
loud to get there and everything else like that   so it's important you put your email address in 
there now once you've filled all your details in   then it will say next but payment data story next 
it will say payment details and you'll click that   and then it will be asking for your card details 
so credit or debit card and then confirm and pay   and it way says confirm and pay that's another 
place where you can just check all the details   make sure they're all correct if they're not 
just go back about correct the ones that are   wrong and then come back to this point and then 
you are done so hopefully that's how to put the   driving test hopefully that's been quite useful 
for you if it has enter in the comments below   just let me know if it hasn't then again just 
enter in the comments below because it's always   useful and well good luck with everything 
I'll see you in the next video cheers guys