45° Reverse Bay Parking | 2022 UK Driving Test Manoeuvres

[Music] [Music] the UK driving test includes the option of the reverse Bay parking maneuver but it's also a really useful skill for use in real life most new drivers are taught to do the 90 degree method for their test but there is another way the 45 degree method in this video will show how to do the 45 degree reverse Bay park safely with an overview of the manoeuvre from outside the park and learn a more detailed view from inside the car we also have a few tips for when you need to park between two other vehicles or what to do if it goes wrong if you have any questions about the video then please leave a comment and we will do our best to reply we're practicing in a nice empty car park where it would be easy to drive forward or reverse into a bay but when parking in a smaller or busier car park the extra maneuverability of reverse parking would make it easier to get into a tight gap when using the 45 degree method the positioning of the car makes our intended parking position much clearer to other drivers than a 90 degree method in addition when it is time to leave the car park it is a lot easier to drive forwards out of the bay as we have much better visibility this method a reverse bait parking is acceptable for use on the driving test so you can use whichever method you prefer if you are asked to do this maneuver if possible we prefer to park on the left as our normal Road position is already suitable for parking on this side once we have chosen our target Bay we check our mirrors for danger and signal left to let others know what we are doing we position the car close to the target Bay to give us room to turn and slow down to about 1 mile per hour once we are beside the bay we quickly steer away from the bay to full right lock we check our mirrors and when we see that the rear of the car is pointing at the target bay we straighten our steering and stop just before the car enters the bay we steer towards the bay to full left lock and look around for danger again as the car becomes straight we straighten the steering and finally stop once the car is in the bay knowing exactly when to steer is key to a good bay park the reference points we suggest work for us but different sized cars or seating positions may need slightly different turn points if you need to find a quiet car park and experiment until you find your own reference points for reliably steering into the bay with experience it will become much easier and eventually you will just know when to turn without having to rely on reference points at all in this video we have shown how to park on the left but the technique for parking on the right is exactly the same except we must carefully position our car on the right before starting the manoeuvre once beside the base stay away and then straighten out once the cars rear is pointing at the bay once reversing steer towards the bay straighten the steering and stop once the car is inside the bay as always we must keep looking around for danger until the car has stopped if possible we would normally choose to park in a bay that has empty base next to it as this allows more room to maneuver the car however if the car park is very busy we might have to park in a bay between other vehicles we will need to be extra careful so we drive very slowly to ensure we don't cause any damage if we turn into the bay or straighten our steering at the wrong time then the car might stop at an angle to the bay if we see this the easiest way to correct our cars position is by carefully driving forwards out of the bay and then reversing back in again to straighten the car up car parks are often very busy so we must keep looking around for danger if we spot a hazard near our car we should stop until we are sure it is safe to continue so remember to steer away from the bay to angle the car straighten the steering and stop the car [Music] steer towards the bay just before entering it and straighten the steering once the car is straight if you found this video interesting then please click our logo to subscribe to our channel as it really helps other people find our videos if you would like to help support this channel then please click the patreon link to find out about our crowdfunding campaign thanks for watching