Driving Instructor in Redditch

when you learn to drive you need to
choose a driving instructor in Redditch that will help you pass first-time yet more importantly
mould you into being as safe a driver as possible don't make the mistake of just picking the
cheapest driving instructor in Redditch, make sure you find out what their pass rate is because if you have to resit your
tests your license will end up being more expensive in the long run it's a great idea to look for a try us
and see deal for because you must feel safe and confident with your driving instructor the best time to book your lessons
depends on your circumstances we can arrange a lesson to be after school or
college at lunchtime or after work basically whenever you feel most comfortable
and not rushed it also makes great sense to take
advantage of our block booking offer saving you money – you will also benefit
from sticking to a routine if you are free to choose where you want
to start your lessons from college gates from your home or outside work we can
also accommodate all preferences and if your circumstances change then that's
okay too how do you want to pay for your lessons
card or over the phone or maybe cash on the day once you have to sign a bill how many
lessons you won't where you want to stockton enjoy lessons and how you want
to pay you'll receive a letter from us confirming all the details and also a code of conduct that you can
expect from us if you are a brand new to driving we
will take you to a quiet location where you can discover how all the controls
work without the pressure of other motorists your driving instructor in Redditch will be patient and push
you to make progress at a rate that may feel a little out of your comfort zone
but only as far as he knows you can cope so when you pass first-time where will you
celebrate, will it be a trip to the local mcdonalds or a day excursion to the
beach – you decide, all with a driving instructor in Redditch