Driving Instructor Drives Full Driving Test Route (With Commentary!) | Extended Drives

When driving a car we need to continually 
make decisions – how fast to drive,   which lane to take, even 
when to enter a roundabout.   Make the correct decision and we will stay safe, 
but make a mistake and we could cause danger. In this video I will drive a full driving 
test route here in Bury St Edmunds whilst   giving you a commentary of what I am 
thinking about whilst driving the car.

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below and we will do our best to answer. Hi there, we're going be doing a full test route 
today, and while we're driving along I'm going be   pointing out all the things that I'm looking 
for so just to give you an idea hopefully   as you're driving along what you should be looking 
out for. You should be mindful of road markings,   pedestrians any hazards that might occur so this 
is not a complete commentary on everything that   I'm going to see. Sorry – just adjusting my seat. 
It's going to be just commentating on things that   are the most important.

There will be things that 
you might see on the cameras that I don't notice   or I don't talk about – I will notice them 
but it's just about at that moment in time   exactly what i'm seeing and what i'm having to 
deal with. So we're going to follow a full test   route – we're currently at the test center in 
Bury St Edmunds and I'm going to be following   the sat-nav. Normally after about three quarters 
or 20 minutes the sat nav would be stopped and   the examiner would then give you directions, but 
in this case I'm just going to keep following   the sat-nav the whole time, trying to talk in 
between her wonderful instructions i'm sure.   I know the route but every day is different – 
driving conditions, people, volume of traffic etc.   Hopefully there'll be some things to talk about, 
it might just be boring.

So first things first I'm   sitting here mindful of the weather conditions 
– believe it or not it snowed yesterday, I was   making snowmen – but today quite bright, it's dry, 
it's not raining. The roads are a bit damp but not   icy – it's well above zero so I haven't got to 
consider ice or anything like that. Just being   mindful probably the wheels are a bit damp, road's 
a bit damp – might be a bit greasy but we'll just   just have to compensate for that, and just 
be mindful of it really so let's get going. Okay making sure everywhere is clear although 
as you can see the car park is pretty quiet.

So if your test center is in a car park you need 
to be mindful that you will potentially be mindful   of pedestrians, and other cars – so even though 
there is a very clear one-way system in this   car park some people well a lot of people don't 
take much notice of it. So don't expect people   to do what the road markings say because they 
don't always – so keep your speed nice and low   and take your time be mindful of pedestrians, 
be mindful of other road users in car parks.   Lovely lady crossing the road in front of me 
but plenty of time – I'm going slow enough.   She's having a good look. So coming out here 
this is a one-way road, but traffic does come   from the right. So i'm turning left – two very 
clear lanes here – obviously make sure we are   in the correct lane for the direction of travel 
we want to take.

Not much going on yet is there.   The sat nav's asked me to cross the roundabout 
2nd exit – which is normally a straight ahead,   but actually it's a right turn for 
us here and there's two clear lanes.   Now obviously I was looking for the traffic 
coming from the right – but be mindful that   the roundabout is actually faded there so 
not everybody gives way when they should. So if you're wondering why i'm in the right 
hand lane to go straight on, there is a sign   saying that it is straight on in the right hand 
lane in that roundabout.

The road markings have   faded. Normally we would go straight on 
left lane, but there is a small white sign.   She keeps interrupting me! Okay, making 
sure it is clear so even though it went   green people still might just step out. 
Nobody is coming… really making sure my   lane positioning on this roundabout, really 
keeping to the left. Okay so I can hear   the start of a siren – I saw a flash of blue 
lights. Believe it's an ambulance, so I'm   just going to carry on making progress but be 
mindful of where that ambulance might be coming.

It is coming my way – okay   i have an ambulance coming. I wouldn't 
necessarily stop. Just checking that blind spot. There we go. Bit of excitement! So we're turning right at 
this roundabout – a lot of exits nobody coming. Lots of mirror checks here, making sure that 
there's nobody on our left trying to come up   inside of us, especially here. Nice early signal, 
over to the left making sure everybody knows I'm   coming across. That is not an exit – that's an 
exit to a sugar beet factory rather than a road.   We are coming off this exit, so slip road. 
Making good progress, building up speed. The slip   road is there for you to match your speed and 
then merge. Blind spot check, and we're on.   My following distance – so it's not raining but I 
do obviously need to make sure that I'm at least   two seconds behind. I can check on this P sign 
in front. Okay so I was three seconds behind   and I need to take this exit. 
I'm looking for my markers, then   signalled in between three and two.

taking this exit and then turning right   on the roundabout, so I'm just going to 
exit straight into the right hand lane.   I know I'm slowing down speed – it is a green 
traffic light but it had been green for a little   while so I didn't want to presume it was going 
to stay green. Again it's been green for a little   bit. So back there there was three lanes – 
left lane was straight on back onto the A14,   middle lane was straight on, and the right right 
lane was right turn only. I chose the middle lane   because it filters us through into this left hand 
side nicely, being mindful of that box junction.   It's not busy so there wasn't a lot of traffic but 
in rush hour we wouldn't want to stop on it. This   roundabout isn't a right turn, so on test 
examiners actually correct the sat-nav here   and tell us that it's a straight on second 
exit. We've got a merge in turn – just   checking on the right, making sure nobody's 

Our traffic lights are going amber. So even though it might go amber you have to 
wait until they're clear – but because this is a   toucan crossing it actually goes red amber green 
sequence rather than a flashing amber. There we go. She's gone quiet.. It's our local wolf – "good afternoon". I like to 
say good afternoon to him. If you're not familiar   with Bury St Edmunds, look up the legend of 
the wolf. There you go a bit of local knowledge. That's what I do when i'm teaching 
– give my pupils a little tour.   You know like a tourist 
information guided tour of Bury. It's pretty quiet today – traffic conditions. 
I mean it's a Sunday, we're in lockdown Making sure that Mini stays 
behind the cyclists which they did.  Lovely so the road ahead of me is No Entry 
so I must follow the road going to the left.   Still like to check my left mirror – you never 
know there's anybody sneaking up on the left-hand   side, motorbike cyclist.

So this is a one-way road 
indicated by our signs so I will use all the road. after 200 yards go straight on so 
signs indicating we must turn left   mindful zebra crossing and we are 
also entering a 20 mile an hour zone nobody coming from there go straight on so 
she says it's a straight on but actually   this is a road off of this this sorry this 
is a minor road off of this major road that   would continue around that way so it's 
good to indicate we're still in a 20 zone   um doesn't look like it but hidden behind these 
houses is uh is a school and hidden up one of   these roads is another school so therefore uh 
i know why it's the twenty it's not obviously okay so again straight on second exit mindful of 
cars coming out there they always seem a bit keen cross the roundabout and take the second 
exit very polite sat navs aren't they   so this is a busy roundabout again really making 
sure of our lane discipline here because a lot   of people might be turning right to go into 
town oh there's a puppy it's a dalmatian puppy there we go it's a bit wiggly the road markings along 
here it's hard to see especially when it's   damp and they are a bit faded and i think 
they've done a bit of resurfacing work but um   the central line kind of comes across and over 
because of the allocated parking permit for the   houses here not everybody realizes that though so 
just being oh they've got the bmx's out why not okay so i'm continuing to follow the road ahead 
so i'm choosing the lane that has the straight   on arrow again mindful i'm approaching traffic 
lights that have been green for a little while so   still making progress but ready to 
slow down without having to brake hard i'm resisting the urge to 
sing normally when i drive   i sing but i won't subject you to my singing today after 800 yards turn right that's a nice amount 
of worn in there so also i'm not just listening   to the sat nav so be mindful that they do 
give directions and distance until the next   junction or what they're asking you to do so 
at the top of my sat nav it's currently says   we are turning right in 500 yards so even though 
she might they might not tell you in good time   just check the top of that sat nav see that 
you're aware of what your next turning's going   to be and then listen for your voice 
commands and nearer you get 300 yards   turn right being followed by a very strange 
blue car driver looks familiar it's my husband so this is a lovely junction this one 
bit of a funny one this is one of our   our special local junctions   so i call it the egg junction because there's an 
egg shape painted on the road so i'm looking there   i'm going around the egg i'm checking there 
and then i'm continuing across there we go   how fun was that go on skip skip skip 
doing some exercise in the garage why not humps for 400 yards not too bad these ones 
but some of them can be horrible can't they   really um quite tough on the car so if you 
do see those signs you know it's not about   slowing right down but just be 
mindful that sometimes they don't look   too bad and then they are this one's a 
pretty good one on a zebra crossing so by school again wiggly lane positioning lines to making 
sure that we are keeping to our row position   mindful that the cycle lane has switched to our 
side and the cycle line's got eight after 200   yards turn left oh okay i'll turn low the cycle 
lane was a solid white line so we must not cross   it rather than normally a dotted line where we 
can cross it if we need to left but cycle lane   on this road is a solid white line so we must not 
cross it and if we did on our test we would fail   nice wiggly little road so at some point during your test they would 
ask you to do a maneuver or pull up on the left   sometimes it would just be pull up on the left 
and then drive on sometimes it would pull up on   the left close to a parked car and then they ask 
you to pull away again so at some point along here   i'm going to ask myself to pull up on the left 
in a safe convenient and legal place please so   i'm going to mirror signal and i'm going 
to choose i'm not going to do this one   i'm going to do this one making sure i'm 
not blocking those driveways which i'm not   park so make your car safe cancel 
your indicator and then you wait   for the examiner to tell you to move on when 
you're ready which i will give my blind spots i will indicate for my husband's benefit 
as there's no one else around i wouldn't   normally have indicated at the end of the road 
turn right then turn left so let me know what   you think about that one because i stopped not 
quite in front of a junction but a little bit so   be good to get your comments on whether you think 
what you think about my position in there i'm not   going to say anything turn right then turn left 
so we're turning right at the end of the road   nice clear road markings around here actually 
now free sunday afternoon stroll bless him so no center marking but obviously uh 
turn left then turn left solid left line   solid lip sorry solid line on the left so 
making sure i keep the other side of that nice and windy this one making 
sure giving good clearance to cars   examiners will be looking for that after 
200 yards turn left then turn right so when it's safe to do so or avoid pothole when 
it's safe to do so i'm using as much of the road   as i can to make sure i give good clearance 
checking my mirrors make sure turn left then   turn right making sure there's no one no mainly 
cyclists it's not wide enough turn left here we go then turn left got a funny story about here 
genuinely on a lesson saw a man walking a pig   not a little pig full-grown sized pig it's 
crazy couldn't believe it it was on a lead   actually was on a harness fully 
grown man walking a fully grown pig   it's amazing what you see when you teach 
people to drive i actually had to stop the car   i wasn't quite sure i'd actually seen it properly 
never seen him since there we go turn left then   at the end of the road turn right these lovely 
people are far away enough but would be mindful   if they were coming along oh nice and blind 
here so kept my left lane position right but um   kept nice and slow as well making sure 
that i wasn't in the middle of the road   but i was approaching slow enough to see can't 
quite see because these lovely people walking   their dog now i can and we're off so nice little 
hill start there i'm in an automatic so it's not   too bad obviously if you're in a manual you would 
make sure that you were using your biting point   and accelerator or gas just waiting for these 
nice pedestrians you are more than welcome sir   oh i like her pink peak on her hat oh it's a 
baseball cap i do like it when people are polite again make sure i've got good clearance on these 
cars turn left then turn right now someone's   come in and they gave me a flash i didn't react 
straight away and carry on i just wanted to make   sure that they had definitely stopped and were 
waiting for me but we'll say thank you very much   very nice of them turn left then turn right   oh i'm turning left here look at that 
mindful i wasn't taking much notice also thankfully i wasn't zooming along was i 
so now where we going to turn him right   and there we go turn right that lady's hat said fred i don't know if that's her name massive pothole 
look at that it's a nice one in it i think we'll   avoid that at the end of the road turn left 
okay we've got this gentleman on his bike okay   he's still on the road turn left just making 
sure i'm not too close to him wouldn't want to   clip his ankles now would i oh it's nice and 
clear again parked cars on the left so keep   in my position until i can see around and make 
sure it's nice and clear i'm over the chevrons   because i need to but they are dotted white lines 
so i can cross them after 300 yards turn right   and again just like an examiner would this time 
i'm gonna ask myself to pull up on the left in a   safe convenient and legal place please so i will 
and i'm going to pull up just before the bus stop and i'll drive on when i'm ready now again what 
are your thoughts on i've stopped before the bus   stop but what would you say if i had stopped in it 
good to know what you think pop it in the comments   and i am turning right turn right itchy eye so i've got zebra crossing i've got two 
uh crossroads so i'm making sure that we're nice   and clear no pedestrians and keeping good lane 
position as well we want to make sure people   can see exactly what we're doing now this is 
one of those situations we're both heading   towards each other mexican standoff now i can't 
really go anywhere but if i stop before this   big gap here they can use it should use it i 
will say thank you didn't look too happy to   really go anywhere so this is a good 
example of who has the priority who has   the right of way and actually neither 
of us do um oh you stand back love   thank you thank you everybody behind 
themselves um yeah nobody has priority   um it's just about being polite who got there 
first if you um and also there is an element of   who um who's got the nearest available gap so 
if i had a gap to pull into i think it would be   the right thing to do it but if they had a gap i 
would expect them probably to use it but you know   don't assume that people aren't going to do that 
some people are very i'm just going to go for it   so nobody had priority but 
it's just about being polite   and being safe and not assuming everybody's gonna 
do what you would do okay cheers mate so can't   really see very well but making sure i kept a 
good left lane position until i knew it was safe she has a storage box and bubble wrap after 200 yards go left on the 
roundabout and take the first exit   okay again mindful of the cyclists 
but she's got a nice clear road go left on the roundabout and take the first exit 
this is a groovy roundabout i like this one so   can't afford to go over the 
end of your road on this one   and it's literally take the gap if 
you can see it take it and get going pedestrian crossing so now i'm looking at the 
sat nav and i know she wants me to go straight   on at the next roundabout and i know after 200 
yards cross the roundabout and take the second   exit then turn right and i know that this is a 
straight on right hand lane against the roundabout   and take the second exit then turn right so in 
this situation get across into the right hand   lane as soon as you can now this is interesting 
i can go but i can see a queue of traffic on the   other side of the roundabout because the traffic 
lights were red so i can now see it's moving so   i will make progress and go across straight 
across but if i'd have gone when the traffic   lights were still red and there was a queue i 
potentially would have blocked the roundabout   so i wouldn't have wanted to then you have reached 
your destination okay so we're coming back to   the end of the test route now and i've done a 
couple of pull overs uh didn't do an emergency   stop today um you might be asked to do that 
um but what i haven't done is my one maneuver so what i'm going to do is if i was the examiner 
i would be saying i'd like you to follow the road   ahead you have reached your destination thank 
you very much checking for traffic i'd like you   to follow the road ahead and then at the end of 
the road turn right choose any one of the bays on   the left-hand side marked for the test center and 
i'd like you to reverse into it finishing with all   four wheels within the white lines there we go so 
that's what i'm gonna do so there's no one coming   but i am gonna signal left just so people know 
what i'm doing i'm gonna pick my bae back there   and then i'm gonna stop i'm gonna put it into 
reverse and we're checking all around making   sure our blind spots and i'm coming back and i'm 
gonna do my turn in still checking my blind spots   making sure all around that i'm safe there is 
someone waiting for me that is my husband isn't he   lovely being very patient my little girl's in 
the car as well there we go using my mirrors but   not relying on them making sure that i'm between 
the white lines but get this right first timer no   people there we go so i'm nicely in between 
the white lines now i'm just straightening   myself up because what you don't want to do is 
have wonky wheels and end up with one of your   wheels touching the white lines there you go i'm 
still checking around that's my parking sensors and i'm happy with that make the car safe 
okay so that was me driving a test route so   that's actually only taken us about 25 minutes um 
normally you would be driving for over 30 between   35 and 40 minutes but um because it's very quiet 
today no traffic on the roads a14 wasn't very busy   um so got round a bit quicker than we would do um 
but hopefully you'll see you know driving along   there's a lot going on a lot to take notice 
of a lot to be thinking of with road position   how to deal with different junctions obviously 
other road users pedestrians do present hazards   we had a blue light ambulance today so that was 
hopefully good to demonstrate just to notice it   be mindful where it's going and get out of its way 
um if it was my loved one i'd want to make sure   they were getting there as quickly as possible but 
apart from that nothing really exciting but um hey   it was a nice easy drive nice dry day and uh not 
snowing so yeah hope you got something out of that   and let us know in the comments about the couple 
of places i stopped what you think about those   um i'm not going to say whether i was right 
or wrong i'll leave that for you to comment   and decide so but yeah thanks for watching i hope 
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