How I prepared for Amazon in just 1 Day ? My Amazon Interview Experience | Amazon Interview Question

Okay!! Let's start. I was getting comments from you all for past couple of days that Bhaiya, how was your amazon interview experience, please share that. So today I'm going to tell you about the type of questions that I was asked in the interview how was my preparation Actually I got only 1 day for preparation, so what topics I studied in that 1 day. which topics I skipped, how was the whole day, I'm going to share all of it to you. Along with that I'll also tell you about the type of questions that were asked in the interview, which topics had been more stressed on How I did their preparation. and how I cracked this amazon interview. So let's start. So first of all, there is a coding ground in amazon. Basically it's a training ground, in which they take test you with 2 coding questions like hacker rank and hacker earth, just like that they have a platform where you can choose any of the programming languages and you can give coding interviews in it.

So, they asked me 2 coding questions that day and those coding questions, I had already taught them So I got an edge here. I didn't do much preparation that day, actually from morning till evening, earlier I used to work at urban clap Urban clap which is now Urban company. I had that task, then I was free at 7:30, I sat for interview till 8:30. This coding round was of 1 hour. therefore, I didn't have much preparation there So, I sat there and those 2 coding questions were already taught by me, so I implemented it very quickly and both the questions were easily solved within 45 minutes. After that, mail comes that–congratulations! Your coding round was successful, we're setting the interview so they scheduled my interview date after 7- or 8 days and at that time I had another problem, just 1 day before the actual interview date, I had my ordinary task and just a day before it was the deadline for that task, means that day the release for the task was to be done the feature on which I was working was a very important feature business was very much dependent on it, so I had been doing that task for past 2 weeks, and it's deadline was the day before So, I actually got very less time for preparation Slowly I did was doing the task, I couldn't do much preparation because of that I knew that I won't get much time for preparation, because as soon as this will end, the next day is the interview.

I did my task a little quickly and did squeezing on it and I saved a day. Just a day before the interview, I saved it for my preparation, that is why I got only I day for my preparation. Now, 1 day is left to prepare, and there are a lot of things to prepare I had missed a lot of things, lot of things weren't revised So, I made a plan for the entire day, how I'll be dividing that First of all, I went to Geeks for Geeks and I took all the previous amazon interview experiences and I filtered it by date, so, First of all I went through the latest interview experiences So, previous interview experiences are very important to watch, if you're to the interview of any company you should surely watch the previous interview experiences Often, there are some times which you haven't studied and some topics are the favorites of that company so, you come to know about those topics that, I should study this topic and it ahs been asked many times.

So, you all come to know about that, and if you're lucky then, there might be some questions in your interview from interview experiences because those are the interviewers, so it's a rare chance. Since amazon is a very big company, so there are many interviewers Here, these chances were very low, but it can happen. So it's always a good practice to watch the previous interview experiences, before going to the interview.

And all of it are available on geeks for geeks. I went there , I saw 4-5 previous interview experiences and after reaching there I saw that at the amazon they always asked behavioral questions in each round So, I watched a lot, and I saw there that behavioral questions are being asked a lot my task after that was to study about behavioral questions, what are they? Basically, these type of questions, for example tell a situation when you fulfilled a customer's need by going above and beyond or tell such a situation of your past, in which you showed your ownership skill or tell such a situation of past, where you had a conflict and how did you resolved it. or if have worked due to the deadline pressure, they ask this type of questions so, basically you've to tell the situation there and I saw many situation type questions. I went to the website, I found at least 35 situation type questions For 2 hours I went to my previous experiences, so that I don't need to think during the interview that I the situations that were there in the situation, I thought about that and noted on my mind that if they'll ask something like this then I'll tell this thing If they'll ask this one, then I tell this thing so I noted those things in my mind Okay!! Amazon has given a trick or technique to answer the behavioral questions, so that you don't get astray too much whatever is asked to you, you'll tell directly that thing That is called STAR Technique.

S T A R S means Situation. Give the overall context of the situation that what was the situation, what decision di you take to tackle the situation Tell all these things properly, give the context Then comes T which means tasks. What all task did you select for that situation that I should do these tasks If I'll do this task, then this situation can easily be handled, then A stands for Action What all actions did you perform on that tasks, then R stand for Result. What was the result for those actions, finally what was the result in your situation what was the output, basically you've to tell these things So, we need to always follow this star method, whenever you're answering the behavioral questions, So, I studied these things at that time So, I took 2 hours, I went through a lot of situations in my mind in these 2 hours that these will be the answers for these questions So, in this way I prepared for the behavioral questions, then I had to also prepare for the coding Then I chose Interview BIT site to prepare for coding I had already practiced a lot of questions in Interview BIT site, during my college times I had full trust on it, that I can revise all my concepts quickly here I went to Interview Bit, I had already bookmarked a lot of questions there which I felt was important, I had bookmarked those questions and I had also made my own notes there All the important topics, concepts which I felt was important, I had written them in the form of note So I quickly went through them So, I quickly solved about 30-40 questions, concepts in 3-4 hours How did I solved it within 4 hours? And how can it be done? So, basically, first of all I had already solved these questions So, I knew how to do them.

Secondly, I didn't code them since there is only 1 day, So I won't be coding them in just 1 day I only saw the question and thought how this question will be solved and it also hit my mind quickly as well, because I had already solved those questions. now, I finally felt that I have the confidence now, that i think i can solve the questions in the coding round when I was watching the whole interview experience, previously, then I saw that they also stress on operating systems as well They had already been asking questions on operating systems so, I had already seen those questions which they had been asking, but it was left to study the operating system One more thing, I was also doing the work for Urban clap, means that day was also the same like any normal day So I was also participating in my normal meetings then I also had to take an interview as well. I also used to take interviews in Urban clap so, I also had to take an interview that day, so I took that and 1 hour was dedicated to that then I had a meeting in the evening, I attended that meeting so, a lot of things were done, then finally I was free around 7-7:30 after having dinner, I sat comfortably to prepare and around 9:30, I sat to revise for the operating system How did I revise? So, I went to geeks for geeks, there is a page over there, where you can quickly they are divided in sheets sort of inside the article, all the important concepts of operating system they have mentioned there.

But, you should learn this only when you've already dived deep into operating system, so I had dived deep into the operating system during my college days, so I revised it quickly It was a very amazing article to revise, so went through it then there were concepts of networking, like, DNS, OSI Model I went through them, there were some concepts of RDBMS, SQL I had been doing them actually, RDBMS and SQL, in urban clap as well so, I didn't stress that much on it then HLD -High level design, LLD- low level design, all of these were also being done in urban clap in many statements, problems. So I didn't need to revise that much So, in this way I did my preparation. I focused more on operating system as a lot of questions were actually asked there and I had the benefit as well. In the 2nd round, all the questions that were asked in operating system I could also answer those questions very easily, because I had revised it just a day before So prepared in this way and finally around 11:30 , I went to bed to sleep.

Okay!! So next day, I had my interview today and I had released the work and I was also monitoring side by side. So, release was also going well and today was the interview So, I had an interview at 10 'o clock and the other was at 11:30 and I think the third one was around 2 or 3 'o clock. So 3 interviews were to be done. 1st interview took place, where they asked 2 questions. 1st questions was based on Priority queue and 2nd question was based on Game theory. So, I had already taught the game theory question. So, a lot of questions that were asked from me, I had taught most of them. So, I could easily answer the game theory based question. They also asked 2-3 behavioral questions as well. I don't exactly remember the behavioral question but there some questions like tell a situation in which you went above and beyond and properly fulfilled a customer's need so, I had already prepared for them, that if this will come, then I'll answer these things, my own past experience that was there so, I shared those thing with them.

So, in this way 1st round got over. then, In 2nd round, they asked questions about my previous projects that tell about a project in your previous company So, I told them about my the recent project that was going on. that what all things I'm doing in it, which technology has been used in it. So they asked why am I using this technology Like, I used Elastic search in it, then they asked me to tell why I used Elastic search, why not other data bases. So, these type of questions were there. Then, for half an hour, we talked about my previous projects.

Then we moved on to operating system. Okay!! we didn't move directly They asked about what a deadlock was, then they told me to code on deadlock So, I coded deadlock with the help of multi-threading, and then we moved towards operating system. What is a deadlock inside operating system? What are the conditions? So, I had already revised them, just a day before, so revised things were only asked. so, I could answer them very quickly. They asked me about Deadlock, Scheduling Algorithms, then they asked me about virtual memory, segmentation. So, I had already studied them. So, I could answer it very quickly. In this way this round was finished. They also asked me a lot of behavioral questions in them. So, they also asked 2-3 behavioral questions and I had already thought about their answers So, this round revolved around that. After that again, 3rd round. This was mostly coding round, they didn't aske behavioral questions in it They didn't ask any behavioral questions in it. There were 2 coding questions and 1st question as based on string first, you had to find the pattern in the string and then you had to code that pattern.

So, this was a medium level question based on string. then they asked a very good question on Game theory actually, which I didn't see that before. so, I got that question and it was a very good question. We talked for quite sometime over that. So, according to me the solution that I gave was working fine. But, interviewer couldn't see how will the answer come through it So, I explained a lor there that, this would be the answer in this way then we did dry run on lot of cases.

It was working, but I needed to explain them a lot that it is working this way. The solution was finally working well. It was solved. So these 2 questions were also done. These 2 questions were new for me. So, I solved these questions. In this way, all these 2 rounds were done. After that, I was very confident that all three of them went well. And after some days, I also received a mail, I think around 8 days later that all of your 3 rounds went well. And now, you'll have a bar-raiser round. It means if you're able to raise the average bar in the team or not. So, when you're added to the team, if you're able to raise the bar of that team or not Basically for this type, there are special interviewers in it. who are testing you on multiple things. So I had to do this round.

I didn't do much preparation for this round. first of all we talked about previous projects a lot, tell about some of the previous situations, a loot of behavioral questions were asked. Then again STAR technique helped a lot here. So, similar, tell about the situation first, then which task was done, then action, then what were the result. These type of questions were there, I think around 3 behavioral questions were asked to me. then finally, there was the coding question, that was a very good level question. There Binary search would be applied, so I solved it using binary search. so, when I needed to do that question then the time was exceeding a little. So, it's of an hour, 1 hour was passing very quickly, so I coded it very quickly, I saw that if I didn't code within 7 minutes and I didn't explain after coding then problem would be there.

So, I coded it within 7 minutes. I coded it very quickly and then I explained them that it is working this way. So, they were very happy. Then they asked me if I had to ask any question, then I got to know about scale-ability of the company. and I also tried to know bout the future – goals as well. So, in this way, I cleared this round as well and after some days. I think around after a week, I receive a mail that, congratulations!! All of your rounds were cleared You're selected.

Then the same negotiation and we did talk about these things as well. So, in this way all the interview rounds were cleared. I hope you must have understood some things, you might have caught some things that some of them were helpful was well. One thing that I won't recommend you all that is, don't depend on the last day. Do a lot of preparation. You've to manage all the time well. My situation was a little different. I told you my situation that, how I managed the time in a day, which topics I studied and how was my interview experience. one more thing, I could revise in a day, but it was possible as I had years of practice before. during the college duration, the questions that I had practiced, then The question while teaching you, I could do that in one day, if it hadn't been there then even I couldn't do in a day so you all decide whether it was of a day or 4-5 years of practice. I hope you learned at least something from my interview experience and if you liked something then do tell me about it in the comment section that we liked this one.

And along with that if you've a next interview, in amazon or any other company and you're watching this video for that BEST of LUCK! and I hope you're able to implement some things from here in your interviews. If you're doing anything, then do tell me in the comment section. With that let's end this video and do like this video if you liked it and if you liked it very much then do share it in your telegram groups as well as Whatsapp groups along with that do subscribe to the channel.

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