SOUTH WIGSTON Driving Test Routes – Real Test Route – Full Commentary 1 of 15 @Driving Test Wizard

hi, guys, this is Lester driving test centre 
and it's test route number one and it's one of   15 for the Lester driving test centre this 
is the centre at Tigers Road so it's one in   weeks ten and we're turning left out of the test 
centre car park left again and it's bringing us   on to Safran road now if you look at the port 
PI island videos I've made I've called this   road Saffron Way it's actually suffer from 
road so I've got that wrong so there you go   perfect I don't know where I used to live here 
I don't know why I called this suffering gonna   turn right at the route of the first mini 
roundabout which is going to take us into   Gloucester Crescent it looks like it's going 
to be clear for us to go around here we're just   turning right there and now went blastic resum 
and then we're not going to stand Gloucester   Crescent for very long you returning left 
straightaway first left into Cumberland right already we can see there's a van parked in the 
way so I'm just gonna check the dorm there and   I'll move out and make sure and I'm well clear 
of that shift at the mirror and move back in that's a road is a Cumberland Road as it 
bends around to the right we're going to   make sure we stay in the left as much as we 
can I know there's a couple of parked cars   there forces into the center so we just 
take it a little steady and when we come   to the end of here I'm going to turn right 
but now take us into dorsa Avenue so we've   come from Cumberland Road into the end 
of it and turn right into Dorsett Avenue does having you it's quite a wide road and lots 
of cars that are parked along here there's plenty   of opportunity to do kind of parallel parks 
along here and also you might be asked to   pull in on there kind of other side of the road 
– right-hand side of the road and just reverse   back a couple of islands and rejoin the traffic 
so this would be an ideal opportunity for you   examine it again to do that you also might just 
ask you to put it in park and then just drive   on again and and that will happen maybe three 
or four times through the test now there's a   more of a narrow gap here between these this 
Rosenbach cars I'm going to put our car right   in the center of that gap then I'm going to 
move through and our back ones for left again they're indoors haven't you I'm gonna come to 
the end of doors out of you in a few seconds   it's not it's not very far now and then 
we're gonna turn left when we get to the   end of the road and that will put us back onto 
the Gloucester Crescent seems to be it was the   car just turned up steaming around the areas 
there he goes it's probably you know finishes   with wick work for the week and wants to get home 
now it is Friday afternoon so where it's probably   that's what he's doing this I 'v good luck to 
him hopefully he gets back gets a cup of tea we come to the end the plastic resin turn right 
now be careful with your indicator because there's   a junction on your right there so want to get at 
least level at least level with that before we   then signal and move into the right hand right 
position next to the light in the center we're   coming down to the end of the road here so 
we've come to the end of Gloucester Crescent   returning right and that's going to take us 
into stones B Avenue and when we turn into   stones for Avenue over going towards wick Stern 
and kind of away from where the port PI island   is this is very often a busy road and you might 
have to wait here for a few seconds just to get   the opportunity to pull away again keep looking 
both ways though that's the idea and when you   do get your opportunity it's going to be about 
your composure because you will have been sat   here for a little while and it looks like I'm 
gonna get the chance in a few seconds and so   when you do pull away from here just make 
sure you're having in your mind to control   the car and not just merge but now way you'll 
get away without stalling so here we are we're   coming over the bridge on Stokes plq and here's 
where we officially enter into Winston see the   sign we're gonna take the next road on the left 
just rather black banners waiting to pull out max laughs then takes us into shock a Dale Road 
but that's this one here and again we're not going   to stay on track and L Road very long because 
we're going to try and take the first left and   that's going to take it into Brixham Drive so 
here we are we're turning into Brixham Drive   now we're following this road a lot now what the 
instruction you'll get here is to take this third   right we'll take this third Road on the right 
there's the first thing we've got to do is get   around this Bend and we're going to make sure 
we stay well into the left as we go around here so the third right we're coming up to 
the first right now which is not the   one we want a trifle and drive don't 
want that one thank you very much and we also don't want the second right 
here which is Lin methicillin miss Lin   must drive we want to say everyone which 
is going to be called heading turn away return into headington way what you'll 
see is it's a fairly quiet kind of side   road cyberface and it'd be a good place 
here for your examiner to get you to do   your controlled stop so don't be surprised 
if there's some round if not on this road   somewhere around this area that's where you end 
up doing the controlled stop maneuver they used   to call that emergency stop right but now 
they have to call it controlled stop it's   health and safety gone mad it's political 
correctness right there anyway controlled   stop I don't know why they do these things 
anyway at the end of the road we're gonna turn and that will take his answer 
left at the end of headings in   a way it's only left back home to shag Dale Road we're gonna follow this road around and we'll 
have the a Bedell club on the right-hand side   of the car and the row shops on the left-hand 
side and we'll take our way down here now just   in front of us there's a 90 degree Bend I'm going 
to make sure that I have the car just flowing   off into second gear to go round here keeping 
welling to the left as I make that turn but I   don't want to do is cross the lines and going to 
the wrong side of the road there a moment come to   the traffic lights down here and we're gonna turn 
right there on shaka Dale Road sound right onto   Asquith way now what we have to do here is make 
sure we've got good position to start with and   next to the center then as we come around we're 
going to stay near to the central reservation and   we're going to drive over the arrow and it says 
turn right drive directly over it and then move   into the left-hand Lane on to askwith way which 
is where we are now when you get into ask Ruth   Way will say to take the next road or the traffic 
lights turn right so this is about changing lanes   so we're gonna check the mirrors door mirror 
indicate when I check the door mirror I can see   that it's clear we actually need to move into the 
extreme right hand lane here to make this right and one comments at the end of the traffic's 
you said his client just darted in front and   just darted over the hatch lines there cuz he 
he kind of got it wrong you didn't realize that   this was a writer laying probably and darted 
over so I mean it's okay isn't it it's not   not doing anything it's not safe really 
anyway where I've turned the indicator off   now because as we move through here there's 
a the way that this disjunction is designed   from this Lane you can only go round to the 
right so I don't need to indicate also when   our lights go to green you'll see there's a 
green arrow which means anything that kind of   would get in our way from second right 
anything will prohibit us from turning   right will always be it will also be on red so 
that means that leaves that clear for us to go I'm going to turn into the left lane here and 
this is now Winston lane so it's fun right   and Asquith way traffic lights one two Welford 
Road I could which domain tonight Welford Road any guy well for roads 30 mile-an-hour 
Road and then we drive in the   direction it's taking us away from 
Leicester and back up towards Winston I'm gonna keep it at 30 the sign here that said 
the speed cameras along this road somewhere so   you know double make double efforts to 
keep to the speed limit going to make   sure we miss the hash lines there don't really 
need to drive over those and that also there's   parked cars there anyway so that means we 
need to be a little bit wider in the road at this point it looks like we're in two lanes 
and somebody trying to overtake us I'm just   gonna move over and let him go that's when I've 
got that little gap in the parked cars but there   he goes and I'm just gonna then move back into 
position where I'm missing all of the Far class   completely along here the examiner may ask 
you to pull in a park on the left and then   pull away just because it's a busier road and 
he's asking is trying to get you to pull into   where there's traffic really there's a bit more 
of a challenge as we come into the traffic lights   we're going to move directly back into that kind 
of left-hand Lane because we're going straight as we come along here this Welford Road is 
now changed at some point into Leicester   Road and that we're going to turn right 
and the roundabout here as we get to the   top and so we're going to stay in this Lane 
at the moment but then again because it's   a right turn it round about it's gonna be 
about changing lanes here so I'm going to   check my interior mirror door mirror and I'm 
gonna indicate and I'm gonna check my worries   again it is clear so I can move over and that's 
fine okay so it's a mirror signal mirror again so as we come up to the traffic island here we 
know that we turning right so that's why we're   in the right-hand lane and these lights have got 
to read so we will have to wait for a few seconds   as you go around this roundabout in particular 
the one that's near to McDonald's in wigs – is   that you know it's important system to know where 
your lanes are and to make sure that you stay in   the correct lane so as we go around what will 
happen is we'll be on the lane that's closest   to the island they'll be hatched lines which 
will keep us away from home is the actual end   itself but and we'll keep in the lane that's 
closest to the island and then as we go around   the top of the roundabout so to speak will then 
move out into the left-hand lane to come off of   it same you pay attention to the road surface 
here you'll see exactly what I mean as we go   through here so if we keep it in this Lane here 
which is the one closest to the island and as   we go around the top there they'll make sure 
we're going to the left-hand Lane before we   come off of the roundabout here now indicate 
left is a cycle lane here so just make sure   you keep well out of that no need to go in it 
and then we'll come on to this next cross it so a little bit of a dodgy one that one very easy 
to get it wrong so just be careful perhaps go   around there a few times with your instructor 
or whoever it is it's helping you're going to   turn left at the crossroad slope which is going 
to take us into a kind of like there rickston   town center we're actually in a twenty mile an 
hour zone at this moment so if we leave the car   in second gear that will help us to keep it at 
20 or below else you have seen this that's good   just look into me right there to see if my 
brother was standing outside that court but he   wasn't so that's okay I mean it's okay if it's 
in the prop of course it is but yeah sometimes   yes sometimes he isn't anyway here we are 
we just we just stopped on this road now and moving forward so like 
I said it's a twenties own   this is Long Street in wicks turn it's where 
all the shops are obviously as you can see I could go through that crossing which is fine 
there's a mini roundabout here now I'm gonna go   straight ahead and the mini roundabouts making 
sure that we can clear the box Egyptian first   of all and we're looking for a space or a 
blocker and there's I'm a blocker there's   a red Ford and we can move on obviously this 
lady just press the button on the cross said   the crossing has changed colors so now he's 
just gonna wait and let these people cross this was quite busy little area and 
that's why it's 20 just as we cross   over the the mini roundabout Bethesda 
it changed from 20 back to a certain   mile an hour zone so at this point now 
we're back up into the thirties well   you don't have to do that it's just 
that that speed limit is now changed the road seems to be clear in front of us at 
the moment so that's very unusual I don't think   that's going to stay like that for very long 
there's nobody on the zebra crossings who are   waiting there to cross so rough signify to 
go through that and it looks like someone's   trying to park ahead of us so again I'm going 
to slow down I'm going to give them more room   than they need or time or space that then 
gives me lots of time and space as well   as we come down to the roundabout remember in 
the brown long street we're gonna turn left   so it's left really at the end of this road 
the mini roundabout that's gonna take us into   the moat Street so let's just see again we're 
looking for a space or a blocker there's a space that takes it to ministry here very good and the next instruction you'll get again 
will be to take this third road on the right   it sound right so this is the first 
one just near this battery in place   just there that's the first one and so the 
second one is along here where st.

Resist the third one is just beyond that it does look 
like we're coming up to a traffic you and actually   it's temporary lights here now so what I'm gonna 
have to do is just wait here Tempe lights tend to   take a little bit longer than your normal lights 
do so here we are we're coming up to the junction   now and it's the next right and that's horse well 
Lane make sure we turn into the left-hand side of   Oslo Lane follow this road along and this is a 
very long road this one and there's lots of kind   of little pitfalls along it so because it's so 
long it's easy then just to relax back a little   bit and just kind of let your concentration drop a 
bit as well but please don't do that because look   here for instance there's a little situation 
where I've just got to wait for the white van   to come through it's just thanked me very welcome 
and there's all these types of things still going   on and it's quite a bendy Road and because it's 
a bendy Road when you bend around to the right   really importantly he's staying on the left-hand 
side of the road this is a hill for instance and   you maybe has to pull in and park on this hill 
and then drive on again and that'll be your kind   of hill start exercising boneset there'll be 
a few times when he asked you to put in a park   and then just try one again it won't always be 
obvious why it is but there'll always be a reason as we travel down this road we're 
just going to keep a good position   and a reasonable speed it's a 30 mile an 
hour road I'm going to do 30 it's far too   bendy so we're coming into this right-hand 
bend just making sure that our staying on   the left and follow the roots of the 
road around roots of the bend around   really and not get not get any closer to the 
center of the road than it was originally so the next thing we need to be aware of as 
we come along here well first of all again   we've got another filter time and that's gonna 
take us past as a co-op now let's come up on   the right hand side you know you may be asked 
to pull in there and do some bay parking so   the ideal opportunity that is to get people to 
do that there's also a car parked out as well   where you might do that well so outside some 
shops so you know that might be something that   happens on your side you can see it's got 
all the kind of elements the next thing to   be aware of is to cover up some speed bumps 
there's a sign here which says safety zone   sign for school Patrol face you know there's 
a black box with a white background that says   maximum 20 when realize flash so what it's 
saying there is at school times when it says   school run time should I say you know do only 
20 do make sure you don't 20 or below just so   just to be safe we're all there's children 
and milling around it's only because it's a   black box and it's not in a red ring it's just an 
advisory thing but it's good advice so do take it now as we come along here we can see 
the road a little bit blind as a bit   of a blind bent we're just gonna follow 
that around bends around to the left following this all the way along 
to the end now at some point this   road has now become law instant 
road so the road changed name but that's where we are now okay I'm just gonna   slow down time I approach here 
said I can go through that yeah as you can see will come to the end 
of the road and there'll be a mini   roundabout there and that mini 
roundabout we're gonna turn left we've taken his front lawn Stern road and into 
Station Road and at once it's clear to do that   we're looking for a space or a block on that 
one it would be a blockage took a little bit   of time there though and here's the space 
anyway so we're now moved into Station Road   in Winston and I read in kind of towards now 
from wicks turn itself into Southwick Stern and there's another one of those signs with the 
school Patrol and the advisory 20 mile an hour   speed limit and that's because there's another 
school here's a big school this time it's not   back to schools on the left-hand side and again 
that's around you know school run time an order   to all the kids are going in and out that we must 
be really careful if we drive along this bear as   you come around this band at that time this 
crossing is very off and on red so very very   well used across him today is half term so we're 
okay the lights are ungraded we can go through throw some more traffic lights now 
we're just gonna go straight ahead and these lights once a plan to green mr.

Station Road in Wixon and we just following   this road down now into South wicks-lim we'll go 
over the railway bridge in a few seconds first   of all we'll pass the swimming baths I think 
it still is must have not been there for a   long time so let's see years decades since 
I went oh here we go like to God to green that's pretty check yet mister that's that's good   okay so I'm just gonna drive through here right 
up there hail them a bridge over railway bridge nice and easy nice and steady grit down 
past littles and on to Tesco on serve as   we go past also Tesco's we're now entering 
into Southwick step according to the site I'm just down here there's a mini roundabout 
and we'll just be going straight ahead of them   any roundabout so there's no left turn there's 
only a right turn which takes you then into Tesco   so we're not going to Tesco's that we're going 
straight ahead here I want to be in the left lane nice and easy always busy this little round about 
here because chess goes is a such a big one and   then we're going to just go straight to heaven 
around into still on this station right here it's quite a lot on its No so we can see the traffic now you know as 
increase is multiplied quite quite significantly   there's another mini-roundabout here as well and   again we're just gonna follow 
the road straight ahead here so we're looking for a space or a blocker 
nice big space to the right there so we   can just drift through I'm coming 
off the roundabout here like this back into their queue of traffic don't know 
I don't think it's been caused by this boss   I think there's perhaps a crossing down there 
that people who use in but this would be a real   bonus wouldn't if this is your driving test now 
it'd be a real bonus because look how it slowed   everything down and it's making it really really 
easy just to carry on that's just a cross in   that's on right there now it's gone back to 
green and we can then start to move forward there we go again there's a junction on 
the right with a box junction in front   of it so you wouldn't normally keep those 
open but this time just because it's a box   junction there and there's someone waiting 
to turn out I'm just leaving that Junction   on the right open and I'm gonna allow 
this person so know if I can do I can't   actually because there's all traffic coming 
so I wasn't able to help run that location there's another yellowbox junction here 
so do be careful as you come down this   road so you don't end up stopping on any of those and across it so you can see you know why 
there's traffic moves quite slowly along this   bit here really with all the crossings 
and box junctions and junctions on the   left and on the right and just you know 
every now and again holding the traffic   or my flashy number is fine for us to go 
through customs clear so we can move on and it's just breaking his down now as 
we come to the next set of Lies I'm not   going to go into the left-hand lane like 
I normally would I'm gonna stay in the   right-hand lane because I want to turn right 
at the second set of Lies from this point I'm stayin in the right hand lane 
the first set of lights I'm going   straight ahead the second set of lights I'm 
turning right that's why I stayed in a rifle when this this car moves on them we'll be able to 
move into the junction now there's a crossing here   as well so be careful when you move forward if you 
have to wait in the center that you don't stop by   the crossing but we've not had seen at this time 
I'll just go round into suffering Road the game not suffering by year understand like 
I said in the other videos Safran Road   and that's going to take us back up towards tigers 
road now which is where the test centre is at this   point do be careful there's a few years back I had 
someone on driving test an aide I was sitting in   the back of the test and they passed right on to 
this point but at this point it was a cyclist on   the left and he had no marks on his sheet up to 
now when he overtook the cyclist about here and   then he turned left into into Tigers right 
in front of the cyclist couldn't believe it   and he was absolutely gutted as well as you can 
imagine as you come around here but then we're   coming back to where the test centre is and 
we'll turn right into the test centre car park