Why getting Java Jobs are Difficult For Freshers – What can we do ????

I believe that some student are good at coding and programming But due to this, Quantitative aptitude
Which test taken first Kind of this quiz, in which they get out from it
And don't get the opportunity for further round As for java profile you have an option and can't understand at anti-level time or didn't get a job
If only want to go in java Okay, So hii everyone
Who are you all, Hope.you are good So guys, wednesday is here
And today we are taking about a topic all your doubt in your mind Yes today we are talking about How difficult for fresher to apply for java profile If you didn't get placement in your college or Don't done yet.

On that case, is there is no job outside or company only search for experience java developer
Today we are talking about this only I have made a video on saturday on java profile On that experience band is there for 4-9 years At there you ask me alot of question in comment section And you make a video on this,
And clear our doubt That for fresher there are no entry level job in java profile. Today we are talk about it So i say that, we pick question of it on the wednesday episode Apart from this, if you have any other doubt or anything else come in your mind or want to talk on that topic Then you can write it on the comment section I will try best of knowledge to answer you all I also tell you my incidence of my college, when I am doing it And what are those things and think that experience could help you Before staring the video I want to tell you guys I recently know this think, I get every month stats from Youtube On that i see many of you subscribe the channel but not press the bell icons because of it you dont get the notification I only want to say
Press the bell icon, so that you get the notification first Because i only made a content for you guys only
Please press the bell icons And if you like the video The like it, share it or if you are new here then subscribe our channel along with bell icon As for fresher level, didn't get a placement at college level, or company didn't come in college
Or you direct apply from outside Then you get a job of PHP, codingIghter, Laravel React.js also You get a work for frontend also
But direct for java profile, if i compare with PHP or frontend development Then you get low job for java profile, there are alot of job but didn't get the opportunity, you don't know how can I apply for this.

Okay There is a way for this
If you want to do this, you can do In big companies, you get to see alot of work for java
Small company didn't work in java Remember it
You can read it from anywhere like google, or ask from experts Small companies work in PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter But in MNC, there is no work on PHP They generally work in any PHP framework or laravel, codeIgniter
One one work in core php In small company, you get to see work on this Small company don't work in java okay Whether you can try, This is my own experience, I also learning and talk to people, and this is my sort of understanding on that base
Okay You might be that you get a small company where they work on that, And then you ask that you were telling is no work
I have seen that this company is working on it As if a talk about percentage
Mostly percentage, there is no work in java Then where will work now
Which are intermediate, MNC or product base company, but to go there you don't get the opportunity in college By chance you can't crack the interviews and you are looking from outside You go to naukari.

Com , you update a profile
You update profile to 100% Update your CV also
But opportunity is no there Okay
One more thing i tell you that, all service base company or MNV or product base company They always ask for experience developer around 4-5 year
Nobody mention freshers Because all company, work on big projects And at there you bring php, all depend that can you solve the problem statement from php Who performance is reliable
These factor matter more That why, the company that work they need a person who have experience and easily suit to project So why should we learn java, because we don't have any options, If fresher were not taken Its not like that, They take fresher but in starting they don't get designation of java developer They make you a junior developer in starting, They interect you with application
Ask you to see small module Give you to make SCS
Give you documents In service base and product base, both have different work In small company, they give you development from starting But when you go in service base, there are alot of different thing At there you have KT session, Knowledge transfer
That you senior will give you knowledge about application Then you start development slowly Then Understand things and update your knowledge side by side They tell you to read this thing, that used in project Then you read it Then start giving input and start working That what happen all this is experience You become experience developer from fresher
Then you become a java developer
Okay It is also important to know
I have made alot of videos in php But we have to understand one things that What is a purpose of php
Like consumer website ecommerce
It is a very good solution You don't need to bring Java
You will see most website in google of that If we talk about ecommerce.
Php There is php is king it is king But for big company you want to go
Want to work with big gaint In that case, project over there You can't forcefully take PHP over there
This thing we should understand It's not like php is best
I am not saying that PHP is not best But there requirement, For that PHP is best then php is best for that one But this requirement or for this big project
PHP is not best If java is best over there we can take php there
Or any other language This is very important to understand this thing
And difference Which we don't understand this
Okay That why they mention 3-4 years for experience person or if you get place from college, it has same process KT
For sometime they transfer knowledge with you At beginning you are junior developer
But 90% when you go Some project will be allocate to you in java
Okay They ask you some questions of java when you give interview Further i will tell you about core java How much it is important
What thing you should know Thing all the thing you should know
That why they always mention 3-4 years experience
Okay i hope you understand the things I tell you that if you want to target big company
Or intermediate company who work in java Opportunity is not getting now
And getting it low or not at good at all There are 2 website
It is not an sponsor video
I am repeating it its not a sponsor video MCat and eLitmus these are the two website At my college time, they have register us over there And then they take a test, On that you got a score, On that score, all big companies who have tie ho with mcat and elitmus Then they provide you the opportunity and then you go to give interview
Okay On that score base As I take myself, I didn't get a good score
But i got in NIIT off-campus NIT come in one college and I go there and got selected And one more company come in our college, but it is a small company, Like startup of 1.5 years, I also got over there My score of elitmis and mcat
If its done so what I got a call from company from that
My score was not so good but i got a call also In that Quantitative aptitude, english come
It is a quiz If you don't do quant or don't solve question then you can't attempt that You have to prepare properly If you want to target big company
All the big company has tie up with them The elitmus and mcat are what
They are recruitment company All the big companies or intermediate companies have tie up with them Whatever score you get from this
If you score good, they is written When you go in thier website
Whatever score you have on that base Mcat or elitmus will tell you that you recive a mail to give interview and you go for the interviews And further is your duty, you give interview and crack it and then you got a selection
This is the only one thing and best way
It not a fraud work I already seen this and they actually say will be same They are very authentic and if you read about them
I am not saying that just listen me Go to thier website, read feedback And talk to customer care on that base you can take action For java profile you have this option What not understand at entry-level time or not getting job if you only want to go in java
As a fresher you upload your CV on naukri.com Then you got a calls
I also got a call It depend upon me that if I want to go in that company or not Is that company is better than current one
All this thing matter That my call For experience I have seen alot in naukri.com
As I discuss with you about java profile in last saturday For experience For got want to go in any platform like elitmus to take score But at fresher level
They take you Quantitative aptitude test then take next round believe that some student are good at coding and programming, But due to this, Quantitative aptitude
Which test taken first, Kind of this quiz, in which they get out from it
And don't get the opportunity for further round Step by step you are getting experience
Its not like they take Quantitative aptitude test This all thing happen in fresher level Like mcat which I am taking name of websites
They take a test and all that thing come And there are output question, you do that
And you get a score On that base you got a call and go for interview There all are good company, no doubt in that, All register comes are good This doubt is clear in your mind All fresher students who want to go in java
I don't say that you learn spring mvc, hibernate and all stuff Only go with one thing core java Collection in core java Interview will ask you that
If you are fresher or experience They will ask you about map, List,
Comparator, Comparable, Arraylist, linkedlist, queue They will ask you about this questions ask to write Mysql query
Join inner, join outer, join what is the difference between them, If I don't do the inner join only use simple join
What is the difference All these thing will ask from you Core java, mysql or any fundamental which you were studied
All thing is fresh You can answer it easily
All this things are there As for fresher point of view your core java should be better As much as you practice, then it will be plus point for you
Then you can confidently answer it I think from this video your doubt is clear
If you are fresher, somehow you don't get placement at college or company didn't come or you are in tier 3 college At there some company only approach there or you are trying from outside and only seeing experience in naukri.com Wanting experience developer only
On that case, You can go this these platform and register over there They take nominal fee not like too much around 500-800 rs And then conduct a test and you got a score
On that base, Company will ask to come you and give interview Basically what they are doing
They are creating a opportunity for you, And take the advantage of the opportunity and go can go in big or intermediate company I hope guys, That my experience, I remember it because of my college time And I also read in google
On that base i have tell you all this Or you have any doubt or anything
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Or anything You can write it on the comment section
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