Pass UK DRIVING TEST| I Passed After FIVE Attempts ? | Ugandan Expat| 10 TOP Tips

i was driving for more than five years in 
my home country before i came to the uk   but it took me five attempts of the driving 
test to finally pass in this video i'm gonna   be sharing things i wish that i knew and 
some tips that i learned along the way   hi guys my name is Cissy and i'm a Ugandan 
medical doctor in the uk and i took the driving   test five times before passing that's 
the uk practical driving test and guys   it felt like it was even harder than 
like club or all these other exams   i just i don't know why but anyways so i'm going 
to have 10 tips that i found really really helpful   that finally helped me to pass the first step is 
to keep calm you want to keep as calm as you can   because i feel like something that really helped 
me backwards suddenly i started getting anxiety   when it was time for the exam like i've been doing 
my practice and it was fine but then i would go   for the driving test and i'd be so nervous i had 
so much pressure on myself must pass can't fail   but in the end i would end up failing because i 
would be so nervous i end up making silly mistakes   some level of that is good because it keeps you a 
lot unaware and looking for danger which is fine   but when it's too much then it's going to be like 
a desired rating so find ways to keep as calm as   you can personally i tried out everything that 
i could i tried i basically did cbt on myself to   be as calm as possible controlling my thoughts 
i used grounding techniques i use a steering   wheel or something to ground me and keep me 
in the present moment and stop overthinking   my next tip is to focus on one road at a time so 
when you're doing a driving test try not to think   and figure out where you're going when you know 
that area like i did you start thinking that oh   now we're on this round about where we're going 
are we going here going there going this way and   then you stop focusing on what you're doing which 
is there and then so try and make sure that as   you're doing a driving test try to make sure that 
you can find a way to get yourself from the end of   the road to the next just look at one road at 
a time look at the next junction when you get   there the next one hour when you get there try 
not to be thinking too far in advance because at   the end of the day i feel like this kind of helped 
me back my next tip should have been my first one   actually and that is get a good driving instructor 
so i had a driving instructor who i felt like we   didn't really get along so i didn't like his 
tail so i felt like there was a bit of tension   i was constantly on edge i wasn't comfortable 
you know that kind of instructor that takes a   driving wheel away from you that kind of person 
that just raised my anxiety levels so i felt like   that instructor was not a right fit for me so if 
you go with an instructor and you feel like you're   not getting along my advice is to just change 
because when i change and i got a new driving   structure honestly guys i sat a big difference 
i was suddenly calm i was more confident like i   knew what i was doing because i had been driving 
remember but then this other instructor would   bring out like a lot of anxiety in me and the 
new instructor really really did a good job so   my advice is to get a good instructor and also 
follow what they tell you guys if the instructor   thinks you're not ready you're probably not so 
a few times with one of my instructors they were   like i don't think you're ready and i insisted and 
went and got a driving test and still i failed so   probably follow what your instructor is saying if 
you do trust them and you have a good relationship   with them then follow the instructor's 
advice my next tip is to do one hour lessons   so i don't know about you but for me i had two 
different structures and so for one time i tried   doing two hour lessons and with another one of 
these listeners and in a one hour lesson i felt   like it was more helpful like in the one hour 
we're able to drive around i'll do everything   and in the two hours by the end of that one and a 
half hours i'm exhausted and that you have to keep   driving and then i'll start making silly mistakes 
so really i found that the one hour lesson was the   perfect time for me my next tip is to use youtube 
videos there are loads of youtube channels i'll   link a few below that i really liked one that 
i really really enjoyed was conquer driving   another one is called dgn driving and also crawley 
driving so try and find driving instructors   that have videos especially if they have a new 
area because some areas do have so in the area   where i live we do have youtube channels that 
show exactly the big round about the tricky ones   and so that way by the time you go in the lesson 
to practice you don't have so much time wasted on   the side of the road because you know there's 
a lot of theory that you need to know you need   to know about the exits the lanes and all that 
so if you can try and learn as much as you can   before going for your driving test it's going 
to save you a lot of money because first of all   you're not going to have a one hour lessons and 
in like 30 minutes of the lesson you practice   i said i wrote without explaining things so try 
and get a lot of information prior to your exam   i also followed a lot of their advice because they 
explained exactly things that maybe sometimes the   instructor has only one person but in the world of 
youtube you can find so many different instructors   find the one who you like and then get lots of 
information because it's hard for one person to   know everything but you can get so much more 
information from very many instructors online   my next tip is to try and unlock some old 
hobbies so if you've been driving for a   long time in another country like i was you're 
going to have so many things that i need in you   and you don't even realize that until you go 
and the instructor is like what are you doing   for instance i was constantly ever taken from 
the left doing all kinds of things that were   really normal back home but here you can really 
get into an accident it's really unsafe so you're   going to do a lot of practice because you're 
going to start and online all those old habits   and then learn new ones as well my next tip is 
to use driving test cancellation app if you want   or just keep refreshing frequently so personally 
i used driving tests for all i used testy   and i also used another one called driving test 
cancellations and for each time i used each of   them they did get me an earlier test the only 
problem is make sure you do not have them all   activated at the same time because then if you 
do they might be antagonizing each other so use   one at a time and just be patient and one other 
time i just was so impatient and i just started to   refresh on my own because there's a time where 
you're waiting and you're not getting any tests   and yet if you start you're able to get one on 
your own using a driving test cancellation app is   good but also refreshing on your own is also good 
so i used to refresh all day every time i have a   minute i would be refreshing i lived on the garb 
the 2k website guys trying to look for a test date   because it can be really hard to get it especially 
if you have responsibilities you want to start   driving as soon as you can so do try considering 
either using the cancellation apps or refreshing   on your own my next tip is to don't assume that 
you have failed there's times where you see   oh my god i think we're going back to the 
test printer because you remember with the   driving test now because of kovid once you make 
a major error that is it you just you test ends   you start going back to the test center so in 
my final test which is the one that i passed   i actually had failed because i saw the guy taking 
me the roundabout that was taking me back and my   heart was pumping but i was like let me just keep 
calm and just continue and we passed the center   and went to the other direction so you never know 
so it's best not to assume that you have failed   even if you think you fail just keep going because 
you might not have you never know what's going on   so if you think you're failed and then you act 
like you have then you probably end up failing   so just keep on driving stay calm and hope for 
the best and my last tip guys also is don't assume   that you have passed because in two of my tests 
i failed at the last minute because i felt like   yes i have passed this test i've done it you have 
driven for the entire period and now we're going   back to the test center at the end of the test 
and i was just starting to celebrate in my head   and i started paying attention and then i made 
a mistake i think i i missed like a red light   like some major era and that was it for me and 
that was really painful because that particular   driving test was like my best i had like no other 
minors and just one major so guys do not assume   that you have passed equally so just keep driving 
and only know the test is over on your back to the   test center and you've switched off the engine i 
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