Theory test 2022: official DVSA guide

The theory test has two parts multiple-choice questions and hazard perception You need to pass both parts to pass the test. In the multiple-choice part, you’ll be asked 50 questions You need to get 43 right to pass All the questions are based on The Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs and Driving or Riding – the essential skills You’ll be shown a question and a choice of answers click on the one you think is right You’ll also watch one video clip and then answer 3 questions about it You can practise online before you go for your theory test to get used to how it works When you’re done, you’ll move on to hazard perception This tests how well you can spot developing hazards These are things that would cause you to take action – like changing speed or direction There are 14 clips in the test 13 of these have one developing hazard but one will have two You can get up to 5 points for each developing hazard, so click as soon as you see one A red flag will appear so you know your click has been counted You won’t lose points for clicking on things that don’t develop Just don’t click on everything or click in a pattern If you do, you won’t score anything for that clip You need to get 44 or more out of 75 to pass this part When you pass, you’ve got 2 years to pass your driving test otherwise you’ll need to pass the theory test again Found this useful, then give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.