How to get highest package in college?

Which student will get the highest package in college? Let me tell you that today, I'll explain it very well that what to do if you want to be the student who gets the highest package in college. I want to put a disclaimer that you shouldn't care about other's packages. When you say that you want the highest package, then you are naturally comparing yourself with others. But still, I'll tell you today about the characteristics of the highest package student. I had multiple offers when I was in college, be it job or internship.

Once I had the option between Hong Kong and USA for internship as I had two offers simultaneously. My friends used to ask, "While some are doing free internships, how are you able to do such highly paid ones? What's your approach? What are you doing exactly?" Many people still ask me whether they are doing the correct thing and if they'll succeed. See, to be very honest with you I can't predict if you'll get the highest from your story.

I'm in no position to answer that as it has many factors. I don't want to answer in a way that you'll ask me later on that you said so and so but the opposite has happened. I can tell you about the things that worked for me. The first thing I used to keep in mind was that CGPA matters. You have to increase your CGPA however possible. Never think that CGPA doesn't matter or that you're not the kind of person who can study a lot. You don't have to be that person. You have to increase your CGPA, it's a talent. How? I don't know. You should have a good CGPA as a lot of companies shortlist candidates on that basis. So, if your CGPA is low, let's say 7.5, 7, 6.5. I'm not saying 7.5 is low, I'm just giving an example. If a company sets it at 8. They'll take the people with 8+ CGPA. Sometimes companies set cutoff in such a way that if they only have a capacity for 1000 candidates, they'll take the top 1000 and set cutoff accordingly.

Now I come to the main point, people with lower scores, around 6 or 7, they may have been disappointed after listening to me. They might question if something can be done. Obviously, it's possible. If you have low scores, you might have to do better in other things. With low scores, you'll have to pick up in other skills. I'm just telling you to remember from the first year that CGPA matters. Next, never say that you're working on your start-up. Many make an app on JavaScript, React, Next.js etc. and say that they're working on their start-up. Whenever you mention such things in an interview, they'll think that you want to build your own company or that you won't stay with the company for long. If you give off such vibes to companies, they might offer you a lower package because they'll think you won't stay around and they'll have to get their work done in a time frame. So, if have a goal such as a high package or to get selected somewhere, then keep that goal in mind. Don't bring up the start-up.

You're there to get the job with the maximum package. The next point, understand why they give so much money. Think about why they're offering so much money. If Google is offering 5 lakhs/month for an internship, why? Understand why and react accordingly in the interview. You'll have a higher chance of selection after understanding their perspective. You'll have higher odds of selection because everyone thinks about themself, everyone wants their package, they think of what they want to do with the money.

To be honest, whatever they may say, they don't care. They just want a good candidate who can help their company's progress. Always remember this. I want to add to this a little. All the companies that offer a high package test your data algorithms and structures skills the most. I'm not saying that you won't get the maximum package if you do React or Node etc. But in most cases, they are product-based companies. So, your data structure and algorithms should be strong if you're aiming for a high package. Now I'll tell you a very true fact. First, give me a chance, to tell the truth. I'm telling the truth with a hand on my chest. The thing is that the IITs and CS major students have a better position for high packages. So, always remember that if you're from a different branch or not a great college, it'll be comparatively more difficult for you. I know that many people in the comments section will say that it's not true, there are many exceptions. So and so college had a package in crores. I know all that but I may show you 10 examples of people from IITs or NITs with a package in crores but there are not as many in from the Tier 3 level.

I'm not saying non-IIT students are useless, I'm just stating the facts. College definitely matters no matter what anyone says. If it didn't, no one would be talking about it. People explain so much only because it matters. I'm not saying this because I'm an IIT pass out. So, what to do if you're a non-IITian or non-CS student? You'll have to prove yourself in the other departments. You'll have to stand out from the CS IIT student somehow. Standing out from them will give you a higher package. And even after that, is there a guarantee? No, there's no guarantee of the highest package. Always remember that and move forward with that mindset. Any person who takes the IIT test and tops it, do they know that they're going to top? There's no guarantee, even if one question goes wrong the score will go down by 4 marks and they become rank 2, 4 or 6 and someone else tops. So, somewhere luck is also a factor. Many people say luck is nothing but luck is important. I'll also say something controversial that worked for me which is you should learn domain as much as possible.

Many people will tell you to focus on one thing. Yes, you should focus on one thing but it shouldn't happen that you don't know anything else. Let me give you an example, if you're an amazing android developer and you've mastered DSA in Java as well. So, you make very efficient android apps but when someone asks you if you know data science, you'll say that you don't know data science. You have no experience in it, so even a simple question like what is k-means clustering or if someone asks you about train/test split, so you might miss out on an opportunity. So, if someone wants an android developer who also knows data science and machine learning, then you might not get the job because you only know android development, Java DSA and you have zero knowledge about other domains.

So, don't have 0 knowledge, have 1 at least. Have 10 in android and Java but at least have 1 in others. Have some basic knowledge of all domains. One more tip I'd like to give is that improve your English from the first year itself because it matters if you go to a product-based company. They might make you talk to US clients, so they'll also judge your English speaking skills even if they say they don't care about your English. Even after that, they'll judge your English speaking skills. Luck matters, guidance matters, where you focus matters. Guidance is important which is why I make these videos. Networking helps a lot.

Someone who's not from IIT or a great college, who's not from CS and doesn't know a lot, but knows a Google employee in a top position who asks them for a reference, will at least get an interview. Even if you've achieved a lot, getting an interview is very difficult in such companies but the other person gets it for free. If they are lucky, the company requirements at the time, might have been the right time for interviewing.

The company might urgently need android developers and your android development skill is just right, not amazing but not bad either. If it's on point, the company will hire you, even Google, Microsoft, or any other big company. That's why keep the confidence up. If you feel there's a downfall and you take 10 steps back and then 11 steps forward, you're still effectively 1 step in front overall. Also, remember that not all can get the highest package. If a college has 10 students, all 10 won't get it. Your focus should be that you have a good future. Don't think about being than everyone. You shouldn't think in that way. Don't think about defeating others alone. Even if I'm bad at a personal level but I want to be better than the others around. You'll have to leave this kind of thinking behind. One more thing that I want to add is that don't start preparing 1 or 2 or 3 months before. Placement preparation cannot be done then, you might be able to revise it then but at the time of the interview or the job test, you'll use the things learned in the last 5, 6 or 10 years.

I'm telling you this from my experience. A lot of people were asking about how to get the highest package, so this was my take on this topic. If you have some advice for fellow students, then do share it in the comments section below. We're all waiting to read your comment. That's all for this video. Thank you so much guys for watching this video and I will see you next time. [MUSIC].