Sam & Cat: The Special Pink Shoe! | NickRewind

[beeping] [laughing] [music playing] [laughing] [cawing] [laughing] Is the coast clear? Yes, why do you think
I said cacaw, cacaw? Well I don't know what cacaw cacaw means! – I just wanna find the shoe!
– Then let's find the shoe! [laughing] [music playing] [gasping] Dang it! Nothing on her feet. Except that sore. [laughing] Hey, you check under the bed,
I'll check this thing over here. [gasping] Hello, nurse. Doctor. – How are her vitals?
– Stable. – Temperature.
– Normal. – Respiratory rate?
– Steady. – How's the fever?
– About the same. – Does she have a vivensky?
– Comes and goes. That's what I figured. [laughing] [applause] – How did you know what to say?
– I've put a lot of people in hospitals.

[laughing] – Now hurry, let's find the shoe.
– Yes! Go! [clattering] [laughing] [laughing] Oh, I found it! [screaming] Wait, ssh, ssh, ssh! Oh, my gosh! [stammering] What's the situation? [laughing] Er… I'm your nurse. Here to check your… stuff. [laughing] My stuff? Yeah… how you feeling? My skull feels a little sore. Ah, yes. That's because your head was impacted
by the verdiginal oompa loompa… [laughing] – Oh, my, that sounds serious.
– Thank you. [laughing] Say… who's she? Her? She's er…

She's your… friend! Who came to visit you! I have a friend? Oh! My head injury must be super severe,
I don't even recognize you! Well… I'm… um… – Can I tell her my real name?
– No, don't tell her your real name! OK, OK. Well I'm… I'm Sam Puckett! [laughing] The one time
she gets the last name right. [laughing] Sam… Sam… [laughing] I'm not sure I remember you. Well, why don't you remind Stacey
how you two know each other! OK, well…
you're in my class in high school. Science or social studies? [laughing] Science. [laughing] Wait… I'm not in high school anymore. Well… I graduated from Pacific Coast Academy
several years ago! [mumbling] Now I'm in college. I'm a Sophomore at San Francisco State! [laughing] No you're not. [laughing] Wait… Why are you holding my special pink shoe? [laughing] You gave it to me for… for prom. [laughing] That's false! I'm calling the head nurse! Oh, Sam, do you think
we're gonna be in trouble? Assistance! Someone! – Assistance!
– Alright, what's happening? Make her give me my shoe! No! [stammering] [glass smashing] Get well soon! [laughing] Nurse, what is your name? Sally Meatballs.

[glass smashing] [laughing] Have a good Throbbing Moon. Nona, Nona! Where's my Nona? Er… excuse me,
we're looking for a lady elderly. Red hair, tells long stories
that nobody wants to hear. [laughing] Cat, over here! Nona, did you get my text? Yes, but tell me, what does SMS mean? Suck My Sandwich, where's the pilot? [laughing] Well, I'll call him. Stank! Stank? Mm-hmm.

Sam and Cat, this is my friend
and fellow elderly, Stank Maxwell. This is my grand-daughter. Yeah, yeah, great to meet you,
are you sure he's famous? [laughing] Oh, my goodness, yes! Back in the 80s,
he was all over the news! He even had his own breakfast cereal,
Shredded Stank. [laughing] So, er, Captain… Stank. We were hoping you'd let us
shoot a video of you saying this word, lumpatious. – It'll just take one second.
– And we promise we're gonna make it– – Girls, girls, girls!
– What? Stank can't talk! Huh? Why can't he talk? Because when he landed that plane,
the impact was so hard that he bit right through his tongue! [laughing] Where's his tongue? [laughing] Oh, man! His tongue's in a jar! [laughing] I'm gonna have to drink sweat! [screaming] You're a tongue less hero.

[laughing] Thank you! Woohoo! Woah! [laughing] Not the weirdest thing
I've walked in on here. Sam, hi! What's up with the er… that? I'm babysitting! I don't see a kid? [laughing] I guess he must have left. [laughing] So you wanna tell me why you're up there? Well, I was at the supermarket
and I met a man there named Chico. [laughing] Go on… He told me he had a toolbox in his van. Loving this story. [laughing] So I invited Chico here! Smart! And then I asked him
if he could hang my bike from the ceiling and he did it! [laughing] That was five hours ago! [laughing] Please help me down.

[laughing] Yup. [crashing] [groaning] – Thanks.
– Sure. [laughing] So… what are you doing? Oh… you know, just…
getting us these! – Tickets?
– Uh-huh! Well are they to something? [laughing] Yep, they're free tickets
to ride all the roller coasters at Mystic Mountain on Saturday night! – What? Seriously?
– Seriously! [laughing] Oh, but… I thought Mystic Mountain got shut down 'cause the roller coasters
have mechanical difficulties and lots of people got hurt? Yeah, but they think
they got most of 'em fixed! So before Mystic Mountain reopens, they wanna test
the roller coasters on humans! Oh, we're humans! [laughing] But… why would we wanna ride
roller coasters that could be dangerous? 'Cause we don't have to wait in line! I accept that risk! Woo! Hey, hey!
Heavy object coming in! Wow! Nice box! [laughing] – Why'd you bring it in here?
– Oh, and get it outta here! [laughing] – This isn't just a box!
– Not just a box! – It's a magic box!
– Magic…

Box… [laughing] There's only like a dozen magic boxes
like this in the whole world! Cool, how does it work? Well, whatever and whoever
I put in the box… Disappears! Oh, I love how he does this…
when he says disappears! [laughing] – Come on, lemme show you how it works.
– OK. OK! Sam, you wanna be my volunteer? No! I'll be it! Pick me! I wanna be in the trick! Over here, I volunteer! I'm eager to participate! OK, OK! Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you this box of mystery! Now, sir, if you'll please
step inside the box. I will! [laughing] And now I will shut the door thusly. Oh, I used to have a dog named Thusly. – Oh, you did?
– No, I made that up. [laughing] – Come on, Goomer, just get in the box!
– Oh, it hurts! – You're pushing too hard!
– No, you're too big! I don't think it's gonna work! [screaming] Oh, alright, get out, get out! [groaning] [laughing] May I have another volunteer? – I'll do it!
– Goomer! [laughing] Well I'll do it.

Thank you, Ms. Valentine. Now if you'll please step inside the box. OK, here, I'm in. Show off. Now I shut the magic door of closure! [locks clanking] And next! Sam, will you help me say
the magic words? No. [laughing] Shazam! And now… [locks clanking] I open the box! [laughing] I say… I open the box! It seems er… Something's wrong with the padlock,
why won't this thing open? [growling] [laughing] It won't open! Ha, I love it,
can we get my mom in there? [laughing] Here, let me try. [groaning] This broke. [laughing] Cat? Yeah? You er… Might be in there for a while.

[banging] I hope there's a magic toilet in there. [laughing].