Learner Driver Offers Bribe to Driving Examiner | Pass me for £50 | DMV Driving Test

Hello and welcome to another video. Today
I'm gonna talk about a unique experience which I recently had. I present this
pupil to a London test center for their driving test. When the examiner gave
her the result she pulled out a 50-pound note,
similar to this and said would this help change your mind. The exam now obviously
said no. What else can he say? The lady then pulled out another 50 pound note
and offered it to the examiner. The examiner still said no. The lady then
pulled on a third note that's 150 quid and offered it to the examiner. Again
the examiner said no. She then got a £50 that's 200 pounds like this
and she rolled it up and slipped it into the examiners pocket.

As the examiner try
to take the money out the money, she said No! it's yours. I don't want it. At this stage the
examiner said to her, look if you stay here, just wait for a few minutes, I'll be
back. He went to the office. The pupil thought that the exam had gone to issue
her pass certificate but now I know better. The examiners carry the pass certificate on
them. So I was under the impression that the examiners going to call the police.
A few minutes later, the examiner came back with a receipt, a DVSA headed paper
receipt which said, "thank you for the donation." The examiner said that he'd
accepted the money on behalf of the DVSA and if he had not accepted it he
referred to report her for bribery, for attempted bribery.

This pupil was
exceptionally lucky that the exam that did not report her for
attempted bribery. Bribery in the UK is a very serious offence. Now when I spoke to
my pupil afterwards, she said that from where she came from,
that is Ghana, that they have to offer bribery to the examiners. It doesn't
matter how well they drive. They do not get their license until they offer
bribery. In this country it does not work like that. There is only one way to get a
UK driving licence and that is drive to the required standard in front of an
official driving examiner. There is no other ways. You may you may see on the
internet if you type on Google, "Buy British license," there are loads of
websites who claim that you can get a genuine license but you can't.

Yeah as I
said earlier there is only one way to get a driving licence and that is to
drive according to the required standard and pass your driving test. I hope you
found this video beneficial as well as fun. If so please like give a thumbs up
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