How To Read Traffic Signs | Learn to drive: Highway Code

[Music] in order to pass the UK driving test we must understand and obey any traffic science we come across but this can be a challenge for new drivers as there are hundreds of different signs to learn traffic signs have many different shapes some are round some triangular and a lot are rectangular also signs have many different colors many are white some red a few are blue and each color gives different information in this video we will explain the purpose of traffic signs how the signing system helps us to understand the meaning of each sign more easily and then have a short quiz so we can check our knowledge as always if you would like to be notified of our next video please subscribe to our Channel and if you have any questions about this video then please leave a comment below [Music] traffic signs play a vital role in directing informing and controlling road users to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone this makes a thorough knowledge of our traffic signs essential for everyone not just for new drivers that are learning to drive since new road signs are introduced from time to time drivers who pass their driving test a few years ago must keep up-to-date if they are to understand any new signs there are too many signs for us to cover them all in this video so we recommend reading know your traffic signs for more information the signing system helps us to understand signs quickly by using standard shapes and colors for different meanings there are three basic types of traffic sign and each type has a different shape circular signs give orders triangular signs give warnings and rectangular signs give information in addition the color of the sign gives further information such as whether we must do or must not do something let's have a look at each type of sign separately circular signs give us orders which we must obey signs with red rings tell us what we must not do such as not exceed 30 miles per hour or we must not enter a road signs with blue circles generally tell us what we must do such as stay above a minimum speed of 30 miles per hour or to turn left if there is a plate below the sign it is to qualify the main signs message at this Junction we can see several signs stating that we must not turn right so we have to turn left or go ahead triangular signs give warnings and are there to help us prepare for a hazard on the road ahead that we might not be able to see in time they might warn us of a sharp bend roundabout or even a slippery or bumpy road the sign will make it clear what the hazard is and we must decide what to do about it we would normally slow down and be ready to react if needed in this case the small sign on the Left warns us that there are traffic lights ahead so we can get ready to choose a lane and stop if needed rectangular signs are there to give us directions and other information the colors of these signs vary with the type of road for example motorway signs are blue and signs for primary routes are green signs for tourists are brown and traffic diversions are yellow there are hundreds of other signs giving all kinds of different information and at this Junction the red signs remind us that even though our traffic light is green we must give way to oncoming traffic there are a few exceptions to the shape and color rules to give certain signs greater prominence the benefit of this is that we can recognize the sign from further away and react sooner even if we can only see the silhouette of these signs we know that we are approaching the end of our road and should start slowing down sometimes there might be so many signs in view that we can't read them all so we might need to prioritize and only read the most important signs we look out for circular signs first as they give orders that we must obey such as a speed limit next we look out for triangular signs as they are there to warn us of something ahead such as a junction rectangular signs might give us useful information but since this will rarely affect our safety they are less important than the other signs and ok to ignore if needed let's have a short quiz next to check our knowledge will show each sign in turn and then the answers afterwards if you need to have a longer think about a sign then please pause the video sign one sign number two sign three sign number four sign five sign number six [Music] sign seven sign number eight sign nine sign number ten that's all of the signs here are the answers no stopping pedal cycles only keep left you give priority to oncoming vehicles no entry no overtaking geo carriageway ends side wins traffic queues no Motor Vehicles so how did you do even if you got them all correct there are over 600 more signs in the official no your traffic signs booklet so it is worth a read so remember to keep your knowledge up-to-date remember the meaning of shapes and colors look well ahead for signs and be ready to react when needed [Music] if you found this video interesting and would 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