How to Book a Theory Test Online Without a Surname

1976 um so i don't look like i was born in 1976 
do i i also don't look like uh sarah meredith   i'm just gonna have a swig of tea excuse me that's it what i'm going to do 
i'll make myself a bit smaller   which is always good for the viewers 
when they can't see as much of   um of me as they would don't bring it don't ring 
it don't ring it because i'll probably be driving   hi guys today we're going to look at how to 
book a theory test online without a surname   which might seem sound strange i have had quite a 
few people asking me this question how do i book   a theory test online with without a surname and 
well the process is quite easy um in the meantime   i'm sean um we from driving test wizard and 
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and uh if you want us lessons or a mock test way   we go okay so let's get back to this we're going 
to book a theory test online without a surname   so the first thing to do is come to this 
page here um and uh this page there and   i'm going to leave a link in the description 
so you can get straight to it if you wish to   and all you have to do is click here where it 
says start now this page by the way when you   first click into it will look like this so 
that's the government you know website page and just scroll down and you'll see where it says 
book a test online and where it says start now   so we'll start now and it brings you to this 
next page uh what i'm going to do i'll make   myself a bit smaller which is always good for 
the viewers when they can't see as much of   of me as they would before and on this first page 
it asks for four questions before you can log in   so the four questions are what's your first name 
and middle name your surname and that's that's   the critical one for us today isn't it your 
driving license number and your date of birth   okay so we'll start at the very top in box number 
one it says include your first and middle names if   applicable do not include your title so that's 
important we're not going to put the title in   and it gives us an example dvsa are very very kind 
to us and they give us an example and this is the   example they give and it's um it's a provisional 
license for someone called sarah meredith morgan   which is a little bit of a mouthful but there is 
and it's on actually line two on your provisional   license so if you look on your provisional license 
now if there's nothing in that box this is where   the confusion happens because it does look a 
little bit like that that's your surname and   that's your first name so she could be called 
morgan sarah meredith couldn't she but actually   her name is sarah meredith morgan and so that's 
what they're asking to you to put in um your in   that box to input in that box uh whatever's on 
line two now if you have nothing on line two and   all you need to do is click on there and put in a 
minus sign simple as that just put a minus sign in and then we're going to look 
at the second question here   which is your surname so again if we 
see example we can see this is the   example the dvsa have given i'm just 
going to have a swig of t excuse me that's it we can see um the this is the 
example that the dvsa have given and that's um   uh morgan this time so that's her last name morgan 
so in that box i'm going to close that one down   in that box i'm just going to type in morgan 
so we've got a minus sign there's no mr misses   or mers or anything like that or lord or sir or 
anything like that just a minus sign in this box   we've just put the surname so whatever's on 
line one on your provisional license there   the next box is for your driver's license 
number and again it says see example   so there we go and you'll see that's on line five   so just put your drop whatever it says on 
your driving license your provisional license   and it will start with the first five letters of 
your surname your date of birth jumbled up and   then some other letters and numbers which are to 
do with your first names and just just different   letters okay so that's on line five so on this 
box here where it says driver license number   we're going to put whatever it says on line five 
so this time it said morgan or it says morga   and then a date of birth jumbled up and then 
some more so once we've done those three then   we're just going to put you just put in your date 
of birth and your date of birth is actually well   you know what your date of birth is don't you 
most people do but if you don't you'll see it on your license there on line three 11 03 1976 
um so i don't look like i was born in 1976 do i   i also don't look like sarah 
meredith morgan but that's so   and you just input that information there 
whatever your date of birth is and then you   can log in and once you've logged in then you can 
go through the process of booking a theory test   so that's how to get past this page and that's 
where the frustration of people have been   when they go to book a theory test online 
without a without a surname on their license   so we're gonna put just a minus sign 
in box one your surname which is uh   in box two which on your license is on the top on 
the very top one on line one your driver license   number and your date of birth and then you can 
go through now in the meantime also you can see   how to book the rest of the thing uh the theory 
test um by watching the video that we've left on   about how to book a theory test online okay 
and uh well that's it i hope that helps you   uh if it does fantastic and if it doesn't just 
leave some comments in the box below and i'll see   if i can sort it out for you all right cheers guys 
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