Very Challenging Mock Test | 2020 UK Driving Test

taking a mock driving test
is a useful way to assess whether a person's driving is up to the standard
needed to pass the driving test driving independently for 40 minutes is
more of a challenge than a normal driving lesson
and will often show which driving skills need to be improved
let's see in this video how emma does on her mock test route today before we get started please consider
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you have any questions about this video then comment below we tried to conduct mock tests in a
similar way to a real driving test to make it realistic
on a real test the examiner would check the candidate's driving license
and test their eyesight before getting into the car
we'll join the test just before the tell me question
so first of all we'll start with the tell me question so if you could tell me
please how you check that your tires have sufficient tread depth and their
condition is safe for the road the central top central
tire rim of the tyre should be 1.6 millimeters all the way around in all
four tyres and no top and no basically rips tears or anything like
that right no problem and later on i'll get you to show me something when you're
driving good um yeah so we're going to start
with independent drive right from the start
i'll guide you at the car park because the sat nav's not very good at that
and then i'll hand you over to the center if you get stuck at any point if
you're confused or anything just ask that's completely fine okay
all right yeah so uh if you're ready uh the car's already on and i'll go out
that way and then left at the giveaway line
okay so follow that white car basically yeah see we apologize for the noise from the cars
air conditioning but it was a hot day when we filmed this
so the fans are blowing quite hard matt hasn't realized yet but he has
forgotten to turn the sound on for the sat-nav
thankfully emma uses the screen and follows the route perfectly
on a real test you can ask the examiner to change the volume of the sat nav
or turn the voice off all together if you prefer emma can hear the ambulance approaching
and knows she will need to let it pass somewhere so crossing a solid line to enter the cycle
lane could cause danger so we have given emma a serious fault
the ambulance driver doesn't want us to cause any danger when letting them pass
so we should consider the safest way to help them
crossing the broken line to stop here would be a better choice matt has just realized why there are no
voice directions from the sat nav and has turned the sound back on so turn right after 200 yards cross the roundabout
and take the second exit cross the roundabout and take the second exit so emma misjudged the speed of the blue car
however we didn't make them break to avoid us so gets away with a driving
fault after 200 yards go left on the
roundabout and take the first exit bye
after 90 yards go left on the roundabout and take the first exit go left on the
roundabout and take the first exit after 300 yards cross the roundabout
and take the second exit cross the roundabout and take the second exit could you show me how you test your horn
please thanks sorry cars and can you pull over on the left a safe
place please maybe just before the white girl yeah thanks great and when you're ready drive on again when pulling away on busy roads we may
need to be patient emma does well here just keep going straight here okay
keep going straight we don't want this to be 300 yards
turn left yeah we need the next turning where the
silver car is okay emma misread the sat nav and indicated
too early this confused the other driver and led
to danger we must be careful when we signal to
stop this happening at the end of the road turn right then
turn right turn right then turn right lights after 90 yards turn right then
at the end of the road turn left turn right then at the end of the road
turn left turn left not here oh
it's the end of it okay all right and you can see it on the screen if you
need to look okay after 300 yards turn left then
at the end of the road turn left with that blue car coming out yeah
that's right okay turn left then at the end of the road
turn left turn left okay after 80 yards turn left then
at the end of the road turn left turn left then at the end of the road
turn left turn left if we could pull up just before the
speed dump please don't worry about the white lines thanks very much okay so that's the end
of the independent driving section i'm going to turn off the sat nav now i'll get rid of it as well to make space okay um next we're gonna do a maneuver
so i'd like to do the parallel parking maneuver
uh with the motorhome in front so if you can pull up and stop next to it
then park back behind it again finishing reasonably close
and parallel to the curb and try to stay within about two comics idiots one won't be able to do it because i'm too
close to that car tell you what let's do that van instead
okay this is this time emma stops closer to the van
which gives more room to our right to use when turning to reverse
right there one to the left one two emma is looking at the car's reversing
camera quite a lot during this maneuver we should try to minimize this and use
the windows more to watch out for nearby hazards take your time slow rush can do that again or not we don't really
want to restart the whole thing and see if you can just get a bit nearer
the curb oh shit thanks bye all right so that's parked um
we've finished the independent driving i'm gonna direct you for the rest of the
test now okay okay so when you're ready
if we could drive on down this road it was a tight spot in fairness
i know i'm getting a minor for it okay at the end of the road if we could
turn right then immediately left okay back onto the main road yeah okay so
you say right and then left now left okay we must make an effort to stay within
our lane whenever possible so we don't obstruct or mislead other traffic so
so the next round about if we could turn right third exit
right exit right one said third exit yeah that's right
two go this way oh the next round about if we could turn
left first exit okay there's mainly one yeah okay foreign at the next junction the traffic signs
and road markings show which way we have to go so matt
does not give emma any directions so
okay the next round about we need to go right third exit that's back this way okay plastics so just so the next large runabout if we could
turn left first exit onto the dual carriageway okay do unless we need to overtake we should
stay in the left lane here and use the full length for the slip
road we're going to be on here about two miles okay once we are within a mile of our exit
there is little benefit to overtaking slower traffic
so we would stay in lane and keep a safe following distance so if you can take the next exit please
this one in about half a mile okay ah okay yeah so left first exit okay so so at the last junction we heard our
indicator flashing twice as fast this would normally mean there is a
problem with one of our bulbs however after the mock test we checked
everything and no fault was found and the next round about if you could
turn left first exit so so yeah i'll be sorting that if you could pull over on the left-hand
side of the road one last time please so okay thanks very much drive on only finished i feel it's going better than it did
last time it's good at the end of this road we have to turn
left okay right at the end of this road if we could turn left do it's great that emma is checking her
mirrors occasionally on this long straight road
just in case of any danger behind us and if you see where the orange brush is
coming out from yeah we could turn right into that road okay right shit hey the next roundabout if we could turn
right third exit oh hmm yes straight ahead of the mini roundabout
second exit and then we'll turn left back into the
car park if you could take the first right into
this small car park this one oh right and then drive
forwards into any of the bays that's great thank you match that's the end of the test how did i do
well it wasn't a pass but it was better than last time okay as we have just seen emma did not pass
her mock test today as she made four serious driving faults
however it is great that we completed the full test route
and gained experience of how a driving test works
in the discussion afterwards we agreed on which aspects of her driving we
should work on next to prevent the faults recorded today
then once emma feels she is ready she can try another mock test route to see
how her driving has progressed thanks very much to emma for allowing us
to film her driving today and if you have your own mock test soon
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