How To Give Way At Open & Closed Junctions | Learn to drive: Basic skills

[ Music] approaching the giveway line is a junction safely is an essential skill that all moves must master but no two intersections are precisely the same there are close junctions where we need to stop and open dunk shion’s that we can enter without stopping in this video we will show how to identify what type of junction we are approaching and how we can adjust our approaching proficiency to handle any seams safely before we start make sure you subscribe to our canal and click the bell so you are alerted when we upload a brand-new video also we’d love to read your observes so please scroll down and cause us know what you think we ever use the mirror signal position speed look or Ms PSL routine to approach a conjunction this is because it is much easier to do one thing at a time as we approach the junction then try and do three things at once just before the give way line we have already covered this number in detail in another video so today we will focus on the last two parts of the routine hurrying and ogle we will need to assess the junction and decide whether it is open or closed the difference between an open conjunction and a closed intersection is the amount of visibility we have as we approach if we can see enough of the major road that we are sure other traffic can’t keep us in danger then that Junction is open when deciding how much visibility we need we should consider the race limit of the major road as we will need more time to get up to the rushed of faster moving traffic if our opinions of the main road is blocked and we can’t see far enough to commit to entering the seam then the conjunction is closed if there is any doubt about the type of Junction we are approaching then s is safer to treat it as closed and be ready to stop at the giveway line when intersecting a giveway line we must give priority to any traffic on the major street or circuitous if we can clearly see that it is safe to continue then there is no need to stop and this is often possible at open conjunctions nonetheless at a closed intersection we just won’t know if there is any traffic on the major road until we are right at the end of it it was imperative to approach the giveway line added slowly the less we can see the slower we should drive this should mean that we never situated ourselves in a position where we are forced to stop unexpectedly as this could framed us in danger the actual amount of space we will need to enter the major street safely will depend on the velocity of the traffic flow so we must be patient sometimes and wait for a safe crack let’s look at each type of Junction in more details[ Music] when we coming an open conjugation we reduce our rapidity hand-picked second gear and engage the seizure second gear will give us enough time to look both ways for traffic we must always be ready to stop but if we can see that it’s clear we can enter the major road and continue our journey so for an open intersection we approach in 2nd paraphernalium at about 10 miles an hour with the control involved[ Music] where reference is coming a closed conjunction we abbreviate our move to under 10 miles per hour select first gear but keep the clutch disconnected we are expecting to stop the car but if we see that the road is actually clear we can release the damper and enter the major superhighway so for a closed interchange we approach in first gear at about 5 miles per hour with the control detached this lets us stop the car smoothly or preserve rolling if it’s safe even if we know we are definitely stopping the benefit of selecting first gear before we stop the car is that we are ready to go as soon as we can see that it’s safe the design of roundabouts means that they usually have good visibility and can be treated as an open Intersection we are therefore ordinarily use second gear on coming we look right for traffic as early as possible as this will give us more time to adjust our speeding smoothly where necessary however if we are at a large roundabout and can see that there is no traffic then third gear can be used safely if we do spot traffic on approach to the roundabout then we can always cease to second gear or stop absolutely if needed[ Music] so remember to look ahead and assess the junction use second gear at about 10 miles an hour for open conjunctions use 1st paraphernalium at about 5 miles per hour for closed seams and be ready to stop at the giveway line if you saw this video interesting then please visit our channel as there are over 100 more tutorial videos to help you improve your driving if you would like to help us make brand-new videos then satisfy consider becoming a member or patron of our path thanks for watching

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