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[ Music] in the UK any brand-new driver will be tested for their fortune taste as part of their driving theory test hazard perception or the ability to identify safeties is an essential skill when driving as we will have to react to perils almost every time we drive in this video we will help you spot mishaps in real life and understand the difference between a possible hazard and a developing hazard as this will help you pass your presumption research and be a safer driver on the road before we start make sure you subscribe to our Channel and sounds the bell icon so you are alerted when we upload a brand-new video also we love to read your explains so please scroll down and give us know what you think[ Music] safeties make many forms and can happen at any time so we must stay alert the best way to spot safeties is to use our forward planning abilities to look ahead and take notice of what is happening we look all around us to both sides and in front of us not are focusing on any single spot but stopping our eyes moving we are looking for anything that could change or develop so that it forces us to take some kind of action to stay safe in the UK we must pass a compulsory Theory test before we can book our practical driving test the belief exam consists of 50 numerou alternative questions and the test of our peril taste the hazard feeling part of the test comprises of 14 short-lived videos and tests us on our ability to identify a developing hazard that they are able to conduct us to take some kind of action such as changing quicken or tack we will need to score at least 44 out of 75 points to pass[ Music] a possible fortune circled in yellow is anything that could generate you to take action but hasn’t yet we don’t need to click on these fortunes when doing our safety perception evaluation but in real life we should be aware of them in case they develop a developing hazard curved in red is when our hasn’t modifies so that it cases us to make some figure of action such as braking or deepening guidance on our hazard taste measure we should click as soon as you spot a developing hazard and in real life we should react immediately and do whatever we need to do to avoid the hazard putting us in danger the earlier we can react the safer we will be so on the mishap sensing evaluation we will score 5 points if we respond quickly increasing down to no sites if we react too slowly if we click too early we won’t tally any points at all so we must wait until the luck starts to develop before sounding we will show you five short video clips that contain several potential hazards and one developing fortune pause the video when you think you would need to take action because of the developing hazard note the time on the stopwatch and then continue we will then replay the video and demonstrate when you should have taken action for the developing hazard and how many points you would have scored on the luck knowledge test rehearse clip one[ Music][ Music] excerpt number two practise excerpt three clip quantity four practice time 5 so how did you do did you click too early or too late our ability to identify hazards and knowing when to take action will develop over go so the more driving event we can gain the better if you are going to be taking the UK theory and has a perception test soon then you can also practice with the official D VSA app on your phone or tablet so remember to stay alert and vigilant normal forward scheduling talents to identify jeopardies taken any steps when required and learn from experience[ Music] if you perceived this video interesting and would like to be notified when we release the next one then please click our logo to subscribe to our canal if you would like to help us oblige new videos and please click the patreon logo to find out about our crowdfunding expedition thanks for watching

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