15) ISM Driving Guide – Sample Test

when arriving at the test center look out for any marked parking that may be available for test entrants if there’s none provided determine a good recognise to park in to ensure an easy start when drawing off I’d recommend you arrive at the test center about 10 to 15 instants before the test with you you should have your driver’s license your note of application and in some cases know your car’s registration number Walter please when the tester announces you you’ll be brought into an office firstly he’ll ask to see your driving license which must be in date and he’ll ask you to sign your refer after which the possibility part of the test makes sit this is where you’ll be asked some of the common questions followed by the road signalings that’s good now can I get you to sign after me please cover that’s great ok now I’d like to ask you a few questions now and what’s the methods used with a chest Junction go great rows for bottle carton Junction not let’s stop with unless you’re turning right catered you’re not constitute an obstacle yeah that’s fine and what’s the rules applying to a caution nature clear path and no discontinue or parking in the times revealed except for buses and taxis that’s right and why would you do it for it doesn’t buy headlights jazzing by headlights you should slow down stop if you have to and inspecting down the left to the verge of the road that’s fine I various kinds of not overtaking I can’t overtake on a continual grey route I bend a forehead of the hill of a assure anywhere sees clogged that’s good and when do “youre using” your dipped headlights and deeper headlights Wham or always if you’re in a welllit place just go down snow or haze you’re behind a vehicle or when there’s any oncoming autoes let’s find out noticed a couple of road signalings I’d like to ask you know merely sign here government can you explain what that indicate that’s a sign for a pedestrian street yeah and this one and a sign for a clearway very good now Gavin can you explain this sign here and that’s a floundered intersection of less importance in front very good on this one here and that’s a series of dangerous strips onward very good okay and really one other heroin this one now Gavin and it’s a level crossing and unguarded by barriers yeah and this one now and a hazardous slippery road very good okay Gavin that’s fine now we proceed out of the car and we’ll do the checks in the character okay with that part of the tests out of the way show the tester towards your car where he’ll check that your insurance saucer is in date your tariff disc is in date and four vehicles over four years old your NCT is displayed and in appointment with all this in order he’ll proceed with the vehicle checks that’s right now where does the brakefield Calcutta rifles now let’s go and the coolant Coolidge is here radiator wha yeah yeah window washer water home tip and the oil the oil goes in here their lipstick to check of the chair that’s good now how to check the levels of the damper battleground and really to the side there’s the minimum of maximum level that’s gotta look yeah and under coolant and same again precisely here in the side there’s a peak degree exactly here that’s good that’s fine got the closed resist down now I mean doing just check your brake lights for me but obstinately and next the tester will check that the car is Road deserving by checking the brake lights and indications are all working well the brake lights are for me off that’s fine give me the right indicator Govan give me the left indicator that’s great leave the left indicator on from it can we dis indicate it again I now give me this one that’s fine Gavin that’s great when the tester sits into the car he’s going to ask you about your vehicle limitations well gotta precisely do some car checks now for me I’d like you to how would you do miss the front space from this just turn this to now with the follower that’s good how do they miss the back opening and just this button here that’s right the safety warning lights how to pedasi okay I really push this button now that’s right how would you watch the breast windscreen if I time pluck this towards me that’s right yeah that’s good and how would you put on the plunge daylights from the purse and just down here if we turn that twice that’s right how would you put your main beam on if I turn on the dip dawns and then time pluck pull drag this forward that’s great that’s fun Kevin thank you very much okay okay Gavin now watch the moves you usually Drive turn right or left honest I steer you a little what’s keep going directly on as I tell you the Torn okay and in your own interest we have no talking but I think you don’t understand just ask me and I’ll repeat it for you okay okay when the tester asks you to move off take a deep breath there’s no move move off by indicating right check your claim mirror look over your title shoulder and move off once again checking your liberty reflect now at the tjunction I would like you to turn right mirror signal check my freedom reflect tactic time left of the center of the road and as I approached the tjunction I’m going to roll into first gear this will give me plenty of time to be sure there’s no cars coming from either feature when safe move off procreating sure you don’t slash the angle when the turn is complete have a glance in your reflect to see what’s going on behind you now on the tjunction I would like you to turn left as I approach this turn I instantly is conscious that my see is stymie by the amount of parked cars so once again rolling back into first gear this gives me more time to look both behaviors before registering the brand-new road with autoes on both sides of the road it’s important to whenever possible keypad or duration from the parked cars now at the tjunction I would like you to turn left again approaching this tjunction because I can see early on that it’s a main road I’m approaching and I know automobiles are probably traveling a bit faster I’m gonna roll into first gear here again so already in the first got a couple of instants I’ve demonstrated good progress on the straight whilst taking care on all turns the testers straightaway knows he has a competent driver on his hands after recruiting the main road I see that the race limit is now 60 kilometers and a bus corridor is forming in front of me I need to gradually get to the speed limit check my mirrors moving out from the bus corridor driving along this straight I’m going to keep an eye on my rearview and left side mirror mostly I want to show the tester that I’m aware of any buses or taxis that may be coming up on the left lane now Gavin at the next Junction I would like you to turn right with all the cars queued up in the left lane I must maintain my sentiment in the liberty road approaching the conjugation is again I find myself “re going to have to” somewhat go over the midriff wire in order to approach the junction in the chasten post when agreed upon at the red light I’m going to lift up the handbrake and made the car into neutral proceed into the junction and with no oncoming autoes I can realise my turn once again checking my reflect after registering the brand-new superhighway when driving along straight I’m just stay good progress and a good position to the left of the road whilst restrain a regular check on my mirrors when approaching ramps don’t be afraid to alter your superhighway statu slightly in order to move the drive more pleasant merely do this where possible I would like you to make the next morning to the left mirror signal check my left mirror keep in to the left and take the turn without swinging wide I wants to pull in anywhere you like where it’s safe and opportune pluck in check my mirror signal and pull in acquiring sure not to inhibit any admissions now in your own time I’d like you to do a expedition Nivelle from me and you can go back and forward as many times as necessary for the turnabout first of all follow the procedure for moving off when safe move off direct rapidly whilst driving gradually and just before finishing try straightening the wheel up stop the car look everywhere reverse seeming behind you and when you get close to the curb once again try straightening the rotation inspect everywhere is again and drive off I’d like to make the next left from as with any brand-new superhighway study the road as a whole always being aware of cars enrolling and exiting seams and any potential hazards that could be around you I’d like you to make the next left turn again after my left turn here I immediately observed parked gondolas in front so stay out to ensure I prevent a opening span from the parked vehicles where possible with a large amount of vehicles on this road I must be very conscious of any potential hazards that may arise while still maintaining good progress deter to a safe rush and keep watching as far in front as you can I would like to take the next right on at the tjunction straightaway I notice there’s a stop sign at this Junction simply come to a ended stop do the next left or halfway through this left turn by looking into the turn I experience a pedestrian path across the road approach with torrent caution presenting the tester that you’re ready to react to whatever the pedestrian may do after this jeopardy continue its work with good progress now other taejeong’s not likely to form left approaching this tjunction I check a lot of cars parked uttering it very tight check your mirrors as you’re approaching and just take it slow enter a hectic artery make extreme care and eschewed driving into bus roads with the light-headeds green I’m waiting in first gear to proceed when the conjugation is clear move in and establish the turn when safe whilst also gazing into the turn for any impediments which may lie ahead on all superhighways be aware of and avoid driving in the repetition moves I are ready to take the next turning to the right approaching the conjugation I’m gonna have a look left and right the next turning right for me please next turning to the right mirror signal check my side mirror and movement into outlook when clear look into the junction and turn without cutting the angle after turning right I can quickly see that the roads are very narrow there are a lot of hazards around and there are a lot of bends in the road I should show caution here but these are also situations where people lose differentiates on progress so be sure not to drive too slowly the next turning to the right again through all these roads maintain a good artery stance which means saving the car relatively straight and avoid meander in and out between impedimentums take the next threatening to the right a intersection turning right approaching this tjunction is again I can see a hectic superhighway so I’ll roll into first gear and I once know I’ll most likely have to stop now wants to make the second exit off to round the mill to straight through when taking the second exit I approach in the left lane when safe move on to the roundabout remaining my position to the left and outlet indicating left while checking in to my left and then in my freedom mirror to make sure there are no vehicles coming in from the liberty thoroughfare what I’d like you to pull in really guides the next Intersection on the left for your averse satisfy avoid marking too early or it may be perceived that you want to take a left turn and you can lose distinguishes for a misleading signal now I’d like you to turn back around economy and don’t stop till I tell you okay before overturning regard everywhere what’s important here is reverse around the corner keeping relatively close to the curb while keeping a good seeing on what’s around you I always caution stopping halfway in order to observe everything around you this also allows you to get your brings failing to stop for oncoming gondolas can be achieved through miscarrying the test that’ll do be finer thank you very much I would like to demonstrate your hand signals to me now please give me a hand syllable turning right to what a traffic turning left fiat transaction slows down are stopping what a traffic that’s good now left to the points adult problem and straight on to the points gentleman that’s fine now when you’re ready you can move off and turn left after the reverse because you are parked make sure you signal right to move off and check your blind spot move off and then signal left now I’d like to take the second exit off the next circuitou which is right approaching mini circuitous retain they follow the same rules as ordinary roundabouts which simply entails providing to traffic coming from the right but now like to make the next turning to the right slow down in good time for ramps evidencing the tester that you’re reacting in good time and that you don’t have to damper too hard-boiled on approach I’d like to clear the next left turn I take the next privilege Tony even in these estate streets I’m always pushing towards the 45 kilometer assessment whilst plainly slowing down for any mishaps that may be approaching with parked automobiles approaching move out gradually and with no oncoming gondolas maintain its own position at the circuitou I would like to make the forced eggs of alpha Donavan which is left with this roundabout once again not entirely happy with my view of the road I’m going to roll into first gear stop learn the road well in advance and where two autoes are blocking twoway traffic reacting good time it make the second exit which is straight-from-the-shoulder through again approaching the mini round notify look right and glance left before proceeding through the circuitou now at the tjunction I’d like it at Ron right approaching the tjunction moving into position and ensuring I came to see you a terminated stop at the stop sign for these ramps because I can see they’re not too high while slowing down slightly I’m still put the car in third gear keep observing the whole row expect hazards and reacting to them as they start the work requires ever be done as uneventful E as possible basically if you have anticipated in good time you are able to never have to brake too heavy at the traffic lights are like it at Ron right at the red light once again pull up the handbrake and go into neutral when ready to proceed be sure to glance in both directions even though the intersection is patrolled with traffic lights people often lose labels in this situation by presume the traffic lights means they don’t have to look approaching the brow of a slope or any statu where your view is hampered simply make sure the tester is aware that you’re approaching with admonish this is generally done by dropping a gear from 4th to 3rd acting this style truly shows to the tester that you’re reading the road well after moving into the right lane I investigate I have a full green and a filter light showing me I have full rightofway once again while approaching the intersection have a scan of the intersection before recruiting now the next Conjugation turning left on the case when turning left where there’s a cycle trail it’s extremely important to keep a good nose on your left mirror before you cut through the cycle move watching for any cyclists now at the next Intersection I watch the Tron right for me home next turning to the right as with all right turns before offsetting the turn make sure you look into the junction this is essential in order to better to show good finding and prospect of any obstructions on the brand-new street on this road I’m keeping left where possible whilst reacting in good time to all hazards onward the less steering the better so make all your flows gradually approaching the circuitou exiting directly is again look right and glance left no gauges are compelled get straight-from-the-shoulder on a mini random Oh now at the tjunction I want you to try and write for me now governor would like you to pull in on the left anywhere that’s safe easier for me delight okay Gavin if you like to follow me back into the test center please and I’ll give you the results of the test

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