What’s the Two-Second Rule? | Driving Lessons

[ Music] so today we’re here to talk about the two second guideline and what the two second ruler is is a way of you to know whether or not you’ve got proper distance between yourself and the vehicle that’s traveling ahead of you and what you do with the two second pattern is you pick a standing object on the roadway so let’s say you’re going to pick a tree which might be right here or an overhead mansion and what you do is you watch the car ahead of you and when the car ahead of you becomes even with that object whether it be that tree or that overhead signed at that point you start to count to yourself two two seconds it makes the average driver threequarters of a second to make a maneuver to stop which means that by the time you see something the real a sense from your eyes to your brain to your hoof to actually step on that brake takes about threequarters of a second for the average driver if you detect this twosecond rule and you’re two seconds behind the vehicle ahead of you it’ll mean that you have enough stopping distance to stop safely so once that other car becomes even with that sterilized objective you start counting to two if your automobile has reached a fastened object before two seconds you’re following too closely to the car ahead of you and you’re not going to have enough time to stop should you need to stop in a panic statu so that’s the twosecond rule and if you follow it and implement it properly you’re going to have enough length between your car and the car ahead of you[ Music]

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