Roundabout Driving Lesson Queens Roundabout Farnborough @ Think Driving School

okay we're coming up to a large multi-lane roundabout we're gonna go right fedex I can see a brown sign ahead for a random as I know it's closed I said in Samara right mirror it's single lane at the moment but it's starting to get wide you can start drifting to the right side so I ended up in the right lane I can see the proper signs now checking where mayor started to ease off the gas trying to work out where the roundabout is yeah just around the corner as I said it's a very rough grind signal looking as early as I can progressively breaking with if I'm stopping until I can see if it's clear which is not just need to wait for this white band they take a rolling first year a check for Bob and Tom's and going after this van just double-checking is still safe behind him onto the roundabout now in the right lane is that's that I never approached him we can see the road markings here we gotta push us out with so since Mary left Mira leaving the right signal on though we just followed the lane markings out to the middle lane there's exit number two so now since Mira left mirror the left signal for exit number three loop in across the corner see it's safe in the new rate it's also a fall today now it's a new road new mirrors checking it's safe to get up to speed okay we go let's it this large multi-lane roundabout so I can see the roundabout so since we're riding around or I Signum it's going to turn into three ladies it looks like I need to divide one they progressively breakings if I'm stopping but nothing is early as I can to see if it's clear I mean looking like it is I'm gonna select second gear check in the Bob and Tom onto the roundabout into the right lane and now as we come around this corner the road markings are going to push us out into the middle a to send to our left mirror just to check that there's no one in the wrong lake trying to go round us in the rising up back on because he quite often drops off and then since mirror left mirror the left see when I come off the roundabouts they're gonna cross the roundabout at my exit I'm looking bed there is a red traffic light around the corner though so checking my mirrors here aid numerous other lights is just going green and checking it's safe to get up to speed okay now there's a large multi-lane roundabout I'm gonna follow the road ahead second exit I can see there's three lanes and I can see the road well is Tom ending the middle lane to sense mirror right mirror just drifting into it as his Island divides looking as early as possible both ways but breaking is it from stopping gonna select the first gear just in case it's clear tricking the Bob and Tom as it is on to the run right to the middle name is actually and I approached it there's actually number one so send to mirror mirror signal looking across you can see my new roads going to be out there tomorrow now saying we got to be a built up residential area checking my new road new mirrors making sure it's safe to get up to speed you you

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