Reverse Parallel Parking Manoeuvre | 2020 UK Driving Test

[ Music] pas similarity parking is a really useful science for any motorist as it will often be needed in urban areas in addition the UK driving test includes the option of the reverse parallel parking ploy so it’s worth taking the time to perfect our technique in this video we’ll show an overview of the maneuver from outside the car a more detailed view from inside the car and a few extra gratuities to help while you’re learning if you have any questions about the video then please leave a comment and we will do our best to reply if the examiner wants you to do this maneuver they will ask you to pull over a few car periods behind a parked automobile they will then say this is the reverse parking exercise would you drive forward and stop alongside the car onward then turn in and pa reasonably close to and similarity with the kerb try to complete the exert within about two automobile spans when we are attempting to parallel park we may become a hazard to other drivers or pedestrians so we must observe all around the car before starting and throughout the maneuver if we recognize any possibility we should wait until we are sure it’s safe to continue there are several different techniques for this maneuver but the one we like the best we call the onetoone method firstly we drive slowly forward and stop somewhat ahead of the other car with a doors extent spread we adopt reverse gear look around and gradually alter formerly the car is level with the other car we stand one full turn to the left and check for danger again when our vehicle is about 45 magnitudes to the curb we steer to full turns to the right we then use the left door mirror to check our position and once the car is parallel to the curb we steer one full turn left to straighten the direct so as “youre seeing” we announce this the onetoone method as it refers to the amount of steering required one turn left two turns right and then one turn left to finish the manoeuvre knowing exactly when to steer to the right is key to a good similarity common as the timing of this turn will prescribe how close we finish to the curb an experienced operator will be able to guess when to steer but whilst learning a reliable reference point is good to use the reference point we use is to look in the left door mirror for when the inhibit disappears and then rapidly steer to the realization of the rights different autoes and seating positions may need slightly different turn tops so if needed venture until you find your favorite time to steer it is rare for a similarity park to finish absolutely perfectly as there was still various variables that can affect the finishing berth we often find that we will need to adjust the steering inclination somewhat to ensure the car finishes reasonably close to the curb we hint stopping the car just after steering privilege to give more time to check how the car is positioned then we can adjust the direct and continue to finish the maneuver if we can’t get the car straight after the initial alter we can tidy up our position by moving forward and backwards within our two car segments gap behind the other car if we realize that we have got the car into a position that we won’t be able to correct we are able to time restart the maneuver just drive forward to the start position and try the latitude ballpark again if we vacate the maneuver we won’t surpass the driving test but if we park accurately on the second try we will still have a chance of extending when parking between two vehicles in real life the first thing to do is choose a suitable space we look for a space that is at least one and a half times the length of our vehicle as the work requires a safe boundary to ploy into we must ensure that we don’t damage the other cars we are therefore drive really slowly and if needed we can ask a passenger to guide us in in actually tight spots steering the car while stationary can help this is much easier in modern cars that have influence steering fitted so remember stop beside the other car and check for danger steer one turn left when level with the other car control two turns right when our gondola is 45 measures from the curve and control one turn left once our car is straight if you obtained this video interesting then please click our logo to subscribe to our path as it actually facilitates other parties find our videos if you would like to help support this path then please click the patreon link to find out about our crowdfunding campaign thanks for watching[ Music]

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