New Driver Full Mock Test | 2020 UK Driving Test

Music, the UK driving experiment make sure a operator has a minimum standard of safety before they are able to drive on their own. Once the test has been elapsed, a driver will continue learning with its own experience and their driving will change, but would they still be able to pass the driving measure again if they had to in this video, we will find out, as emma has kindly agreed to drive A full measure itinerary for us she surpassed her assessment about six months ago, so is used to the brand-new assessment format, but has not had any extra training to help her prepare. For today we will identify any faultings. We investigate and also monitor the total number of defects, so you can see how emma is doing before we start make sure you subscribe to our Channel and sounds the buzzer icon, so you are alerted when we upload a brand-new video. Likewise, we love to read your remarks, so please scroll down and tell us know what you think, Music. Somebody asking your tell me question. Could you telling me, how would you know if there was a problem of your abs, your anti fastening restraint arrangement, so the warning light would come on whilst I’m driving or when I turn the car on, and it would tell me there was a Problem excellent, thank you so drive on when you’re ready Emma and we’re gon na, follow this depart out in the carpark ahead of us there and then the Sat Nav will continue to direct you all right drive on menu ready, Music. At the end of the road turn right, then go straight on turn right then go straight on Music wasn’t taken too much name go straight on some tandra Street North, then at the end of the road turn right turn right. Music. At the end of the road turn right, RESPA gain street turn right: Music after 200 gardens go right on the roundabout and take the third exit a sadena to our style right on the circuitou and make the third exit after 200 grounds across the roundabout and take The first outlet a 13 a to TAFE and Road okay after 70 yards across the roundabout, and make the first outlet cross, the circuitou and make the first departure a 13 and 2 Road cross. The roundabouts and take the third exit key 1302 TAFE Andrew. I’ll override the baby-sit nav and straight on second outlet at this circuitou straight on second outlet Music after 90 grounds across the circuitous and take the second exit a 1302 Compiegne way. Music after 300 grounds go left on the circuitou and make the second exit. A 14 towards Newmarket go left on the roundabout and make the second exit Music Music Music. At this extent, emma has four move fractures. Four reflects signaling, since this is an inherent fault that is regularly performed. We will be suspended weighing this as a move, defect anymore, and instead, marketers are serious fault, even though we are allowed up to 15 motorist or minor faults before disappointing. If we are given three or more in the same category, the examiner may proselytize them into a serious fault which will result in a test failure. The quantity of mistakes required before this happens will depend on the level of seriousness of the blame concerned: Music, Music, Music. After six months, make the exit Music take the departure turn left. Take the departure Music Music after 600 gardens turn left. Music Music turn left Music. It’s got a ski. You’ll show me nice to know someone it’s safe to do so. When “youre feeling” comfy, could you satisfy be demonstrated by how you would turn on the figurehead d drizzle and then turn it again, but it’s safe to “youre going to” do so after 300 gardens there right. I’ll help you and right Music. At the end of the round turn left, then they’re left turn left, then their elevator Music, they’re left Music. Emma now has four driver flaws. Four reflects the change of speed as before. We will be suspended weighing this as a driver omission and now commemorate it as another serious flaw, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music after 300 grounds turn right Flemming. Road then take the second left. Music turn right, then take a left. If I could ask you exactly to put up on the left in a safe, opportune law place, satisfy thank you very much and drive on when you’re ready, Music after 200 gardens turn left and Road. How about safely, sometimes stupor, juice, lemon street, then turn left after some hundred gardens turn left Winchester Road prepare to pull on the edge of the road turn left a safe neighbourhood. Please. I’m just gon na clear something up: okay, just as the end of the independent driving street. Alright, so I will aim you from now on all right, giving you regulations, as I normally do. Okay, whenever you’re, ready, drive on and take this next road on the left part of the road, the top of this world. If you could turn left and at the end of this road, you turned off locate. I’ll ask you to pull up on the left just before this silver, BMW, neglecting driveways and finishing within a complex cease within a automobile period of the silver-tongued auto keys. My forward lovely is fine and drive on when you ready at the end of the road evidence crossroads, and I’d like to go straight home to please Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music and at around about. If you could turn left first exit. Please and the next roundabout, if you go straight on second exit, delight straight-shooting on second exit and if you could jump title into the chest sentence and if you continue to follow the road ahead and we’ll turn right at the end. Please now I’m gon na ask you to do your movement at the end of the test in place, I’m going to ask you to do a reversal wage Ballparks. If you’d like to drive to the right and choose anybody tagged with the white surfaces and make into it finishing with all four rotations of in the lines, okay, but any of these Bay’s marked on the website. Okay, thank you very much. That’s, the end of your test, move yourself comfortable and well done. Thank you. Even though Emma didn’t pass our test direction today, it has been interesting to see how her driving has developed her general planning and awareness has moved forward, and she is more confident with her automobile regulate and judgement. This is great to see, but she is clearly lapsed into regular minor faults typical of everyday drivers such as checking her reflects after revealing or reforming her hurry , not beforehand. This is the sort of small-scale fault that everyone is operators should be aware of making as one day a small fault like this could positioned them in danger to prevent this. We ever try to follow the reflect signal ploy routine, to ensure we establish safe decisions when driving Music. If you noted this video interesting and would like to be notified, when we release the next one, then please click our logo to subscribe to our Channel. If you would like to help us spawn brand-new videos, then please click the patreon logo to find out about our crowdfunding safarus, thanks for watching.

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