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Hello Guyz Welcome to Indian Driving School .. hope you ll are doing good As “youre seeing” I am not on Driving seat today So, this video ….. from now videos is likely to be little special Because we have a brand-new client Which is my Mom … momma say Hello! Hello …( in low voice) From today we will start a brand-new sequence where we will teach her how to drive. planneds she dosent know anything about driving so we will strat from the basics and than will proceed to advance I have planed for 20 daylights may be 20 videos aproximate What say? will you be able to learn in 20 days? Will try! So we will only strat with aa simple test! She was saying that i watch your videos and i have learnt and you make good videos … there is lot to learn from you videos and blah blah ….. so tells check was she lying or she got something! So … To start with First of all those three pedals down there .. exactly what we those … tell me something about that Which one is that on the right For Race ?…. Is that Race ?……………… aaahhh Ok and the centre one? This is brake … And what next? CLITCH ………… Clutch .. OK! OK … So when we use clutch? While shifting Gears. And when we use Damper? When someone comes infornt or the car is fast …. Ah ok And such is our paraphernaliums … Tell me something about this Which one is here This is ONE! How we alter to One? To that feature ..! How will you Alter? do this for me delight. Press Clutch. Press it … Yes … Now try .. Which one is this? This is Third .. I recollect ….. Haha yeah … So do that back This side yeah … now its First .! Very Nice … Second? Second, Down Back? How? Do that! Perfect …. Third? Third is Correct .. Fourth? Good one … Fifth? To that Side …. Yes ….. Good work! Its good but we have to give her more course about this. So If your simples are clear .. you are eligible to skip and watch the next videos .. But you can learn more in these videos So you can focus on that as well. Ok guyz so lts start the Engine …! k Mom, Start it .!( Engine Sound) Ok, So now what you have done is you pressed it for long .! Thats why it concluded that sound. So we have to do a bit Yes Now here We will discuss about these meters .. later First Lets see how much do you are familiar with ..! What are you going to do …. First tell me that .! I will press the Clutch. and applied the Gear in First .! Then …!!!!! Will press the accelerator .. Slowly …. Slowly …… liberate the Clutch .! Ok Coool … Very Nice. Oh Is an excellent …! In the First Attempt ..! you did this … !!! Wow … VVery Nice … Now Shift to second Gear .! Is an excellent .. !! So Proud of you. Keep going .! Can you please stop here for formerly .! How will you Stop ?? Dont know >?? Press the Clutch ..!! now keep your foot on brake … and press it gently and gradually .. You exhausted the Clutch ..!!! I forgot the Seat belt .! Is an excellent .! Lets pause for a sec..And will continue .! Back to the positions and camera is set .! Mom please look here once .! Ok you have done good las term .! Tells simply articulated the seat belts. I likewise forgot that in excitement .. Please take care of the seat belt .! Now what we have to do first .. before the commencement of .? Check the Handbrake .! How you disengage the hand brake? Have you is evident that in any Video? Right … How we do it? ok and how you dis engage …. utilizing this button very well. ok you know the gears .. you were all correct now start again! go your leg off from the accelerator .! Now Start! start the engine .! First Gear .. Is an excellent ..! Release the Clutch gradually .! Gently press the accelerator .! Veryy …. Nice ..! Superb .! Now when we will switch to second ?? Car is going to the edge ..! Do it little now … Turn the steer this side .! Second Gear .! Is an excellent .! She is doing Superb ..! Srsly! She is driving for the first time .! To whom you are giving tusk ?… Dont worry ..! Superb ..! Shift to Third .! Is an excellent … liberation the clutch gradually. press accelerator .! Very Nice .! Should we go to the Main Road? NO Ok, That’s fine makes rule now .! So we ever have to start from a road like this or it can be a plain ground extremely .!! and whenever wish to start … Start from that alone .! and mostly do practise .! As like she has seen my previous Videos ..! in past she never drove .! she might have noticed me while seating at back or maybe in front. OK! Now just stop at the leading edge .! how did i told you to stop? Press clutch …. make the paraphernalium out? No you dont have to take the paraphernalium out.just press the damper while pulping seizure right now .! take it to this slope slowly ..! Press the Clutch! Remove foot from accelerator .. And press damper ..! Turn the steering wheel likewise .! No … No …. No …. didnt you press the clutch? Pressed it. Where “youve had” pulped it? press if fully .! ok! Press it Amply .. till the end ..! Engine is off? yes it stopped .! Why it stopped? accelerator? No! Didnt press the Clutch! Yes .! beacuse you didnt press the clutch amply .! now start again! Remove the Gear firstly .! Press the Clutch first then take out the paraphernalium .! Now Start .! Is an excellent ,…! Now press the clutch and situated it in first gear .! Just got there and then stop.We will only go in fist gear and then merely control like this … towards left then will do it straight … lean first gear very nice common … exhaust it slowly like same you did before race llittle …….. no no no …….. ok! thats penalize! do a little left! Press Cluch, and press damper .!( Repeat) Now you have pressed the clutch amply. Amply dont release it. !!!!! Dont Release till the time you dont come to Neutral gear Keep it pulped …. than remove the Gear…..OK? Now we are pausing the Video … We will take a UTurn Back to that sit. Guys she said she will do it herself .! Although she didn’t said herself i told her .! We is not do it from here we will go forward Just steer it from outside this nature … and control fully In first gear. Remove your foot from both control and accelerator( Race) Ok? Now framed the Gear .! First steer this back. Dont “re scared” Dont worry i will be administered by steer……..But press the control. ok? Dont press it half … press it full ok .. Lets get! Put first gear …. Very Good Will move straight ?? yup Release it Slowly Slow …. Slow …. Slow…..Slow …. Hmmm Press the Clutch! Press it .! ok … It will move a bit .. dont fear .. Remove your paw from accelerator .! hmmm Remove your paw from cutch slowly .! is an excellent .. Press the seizure again … Press the control again! Do it in this way … control full this slope ,, very good .. now release the clutch gradually .! Release … Clutch Slowly .. Give a bit accelerator. ok ok ok … Press Clutch Steer full to that slope. ok? Now release the seizure gradually .. Release Clutch … Keep going … Keep going .. It will turn dont concern. Slow .. Slow .. Release it Slow .. If you will release ahead of us it will turn faster. Ok just keep it like this it will turn automatically…..We have to brake there! have to brake slowly .! .. Be moved dont stop keep your foot on brake( Dont Press) and secrete clutch slowly. Dont Press brake, Is an excellent … Its done ok! Dont be Scared like this ……… Straighten the steering…….Fast fast fast fast ..! very nice very nice … Faster faster this line-up .. yes ..! Now its straight. Keep moving slowly. now …. WOW. Wow ?? Hahaha Let him proceed .. Keep moving now yes yes … keep moving we have to shift to second gear now Slow. You keep moving … protrude turn a bit to that side. Now sifted to second gear. Press clutch … Shift second .. now accelerate Accelerate a bit ….. It stops till the time you applied second gear. very nice ok now intensify .! The main thing is about Clutch and Race .. its a combination. Ok … Don’t be scared in that. You didn’t even stop at first … people cant even move on their first day. is certain … switch to third gear fast .! press the seizure Shift to third gear. Keep moving .. moving .. moving .. moving .. Good x 5. Keep moving in your slope also is currently considering the reflects … look here .. don’t look in others merely look here. ok? keep moving is there anyone behind ?? No! No? ok Good … Speek Louder what happened? yes ..! Press Cutch ………. Press Clutch …………. Press Clutch We come slow if we pulp Clutch ?? When we press Clutch the influence will be suspended from machine. Implies …. If you pulp the seizure and try to accelerate … it will not alter .. Its various kinds of a breaking. in starting exactly to understand dont worry we can move from the side .. Just steer a little to that slope. Thats it …. now exactly get back here ….. ok this feature a bit .. That’s it ..! merely a little more. Now do it straight .! Its done it will go straight right? Press the Clutch … Press Clutch x2 Press the Clutch and than damper .! No just go straight. Go Straight dont worry .. Will go straight Dont Stop here its a Important turning point Should have stop saying that or now .. Ok stop to that slope .. than Put it in first gear. Its in third…Press clutch and articulated first gear. very nice .. move forward. start turning Now it stopped Press Clutch and than start hmm Release it slowly … We are in middle from where will he lead? She was very fast … Turn to that place fast .! Before anyone else come …… Release control Slowly .. Turn to that line-up … Do it straight now. Press the clutch and than press damper. x2 SLOWWWW press cltch than brakeeeee .! Press brake … and than handout remove the gear. Dont release the control OOKKK. I think thats penalty for today ..! ok? Hope fully we will learn soon.On the first time we did not stop many times. Switch off the engine … gear is removed? OK! Is an excellent .. Switch that off more. Cool! So for the first day …. How was it ?? Good !! Hows you feeling …. Why are you scared? hahaha what are you scared? No i am not .. Ok you are not? good … In how many day will yo learn.? I will try my best ….. OKKK so we will try ..! So now what we have to do ?? SUBSCRIBE ?? and What else ?? Do Subscribe and Like this Video .. yes .. and Do Comment .. if you feel anything … and Share it with your best friend. And Share also .. Ok MOM ..!! Anything else ?? That’s it? We forgot that … Press the buzzer icon so that you get notification with new video. Press the bell icon so that you will get notification. You are not audible … nobody will listen .. So that you will get to watch brand-new videos as soon as possible.Ok people so will see you in next vieo till than drive safe .! Good Luck .. Bye !.

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