Learner Driver Full Mock Test | 2020 UK Driving Test

[Music] taking a mock driving test is a great way to get ready for a real driving test the learner driver can get a feel of what the driving test will be like and the instructor can see how the learner handles challenging situations when driving independently even if the learner makes enough faults to fail the mock test it will identify which skills are up to standard and which need to be improved in this video we have filmed a full mock test with Annabelle who is doing well with her lessons and wants to find out how close to test standard she is as always please consider subscribing to our channel so you are notified when we upload a new video and if you have any questions about mock tests then comment below we try and conduct a mock test in a similar way to a real driving test to make it realistic on a real test the examiner would check the candidates driving licence test their eyesight explain the format of the test and then ask her tell me question to save time we'll just get straight to the start of the actual driving let's start our engine and 1/2 drive [Music] turn left then bear left that's left you will arrive at your destination at 10:07 a.m.

They're left then go right on the roundabout and take the fourth exit that's all the way around this roundabout back down this ready right on the roundabout and take the fourth exit [Music] Anabelle makes excellent use of her mirrors and signals on this roundabout after 300 yards across the roundabout and take the first exit cross the roundabout and take the first exit [Music] reaction 8 the second X I may just ignore this enter cross the roundabout and take the third exit Anabelle should have kept to the right lane on this roundabout after 100 yards cross the roundabout and take the second exit across the roundabout and take the second exit well done for not blocking the pedestrian crossing here if the pedestrian crossing isn't clear we must stop and wait even if the traffic light is green after 300 yards go left on the roundabout and take the second exit towards new markets go left on the roundabout and take the second exit [Music] to keep them up test realistic we don't chat as much as on a normal driving lesson on a real test the examiner may keep fairly quiet they probably try not to distract you from concentrating on your driving after 1.2 miles take the exit towards Paris and Edmonds west but instead to do sir and he showed me after 800 yards take the exit towards Paris and Edmunds West then cross the roundabout take the second exit towards Westley take the exit then cross the roundabout take the second exit after 200 yards cross the roundabout and take the second exit towards Westley cross the roundabout and take the second exit this roundabout is large and has a national speed limit so he must be careful when entering it [Music] the national speed limit still applies on this narrow road but Annabelle has wisely reduced her speed to well below the limit after 300 yards bear left then at the end of the road turn left they're left then at the end of the road turn left could you fill up on the left side when screen thanks so much and then when you ready that drive won again we might need to be patient when pulling away on a busy road but we must remember to check our blind spots before moving off at the end of the road turn left turn left after 300 yards turn right after driving on faster roads it can be easy to accidentally speed once back in a 30 mile per hour zone but Annabelle controls her speed nicely here turn right that's lost stuff on the screen and we're going straight for the next thing interviews if the sat-nav is misleading or confusing the examiner will normally give verbal instructions if you're not sure at any point it's okay to ask them where you need to go notice the solid line on the left of the road it's easy to miss faded lines like this and drive on the wrong part of the road no faults for Annabelle here after 300 yards turn right turn right we should always check our side mirrors before changing lanes even if we are going around a parked car if we spot danger close behind us such as an overtaking motorbike we could break or stop our car to prevent a collision at the end of the road turn left then turn right turn left then turn right [Music] after 100 yards turn right turn right so if you can pull up on the left just behind this truck leave you said about our colony it should be just enough room to run away you can ignore the driveways perhaps also the end of the independent driving section I'll direct you from now on when you really drive up this is called an angled start and every driving test should include one as it tests the drivers car control and observation skills [Music] today's mock test is going well so far this is usually the first time that a learner has driven on their own for this long and even completing the route is a big milestone and shows the progress they have made if we can take the next road on the left and take the mix right in 11:11 please just faster spins [Music] so we're here for all the reverse parallel parking maneuver for the red card front so if you can move out and stop next to it then park back behind it again finishing reasonably close and parallel to the curb and try to stay within two colleagues maybe ready that's great thank you when you ready drive it again please [Music] at the end of this rider for example the parallel park maneuver went very well but Annabelle drove onto the pavement just beforehand on a real test we would probably get away with rubbing the curb but mounting the pavement will always be marked as a serious fault the left just by the greenlab basements it might seem pointless to keep stopping and starting but the examiner needs to see that you can pull away safely with good car control and observation when you're ready travel [Music] [Music] just off to the pedestrian crossing beneath general double-park streets like this can be a challenge as there is often oncoming traffic to deal with [Music] [Music] Matt stop the car with his dual controls there as our car was too close to the parked car we should try to give a meter gap and only go a little closer if we really have to if the examiner steps in to prevent a situation getting too dangerous it will be recorded as a dangerous fault I mean this road if we can turn left at the roundabout the first example that bump was just a sunken drain cover so there is no fault recorded but it is a good reminder to stay away from the edge of the road and then straight the head of the things around a pool Anabelle knows that she will need the right lane to go ahead at the next roundabout so is getting into lane in good time [Music] he's not sweating at second things and a right turn back into the government we're almost back to the test carpark now and it's best to be patient if we're not sure of crossing in front of oncoming traffic make you drive straight ahead and then park forwards in one of the base opposite of Israel it's great thanks sweet original sample test I think it went well we didn't pass go ahead put the brake on back in the other Street yeah we were just too close to that car I'm not certain whether we were gonna touch it or not but it shouldn't be that close so I wasn't really into risking the risk wasn't bad though things like mirrors and signals and stuff they were good there was one other thing that I noticed earlier on at the start of the test um we were going towards Tesco's and there was that man pushing two bicycles across that pedestrian crossing he was halfway across the crossing wasn't he yeah and I know that blinds are green but the crossing wasn't clear I think we've just got stopped for those once and I let go through because it wasn't too dangerous but I think they I think yeah we should have stopped for that one otherwise yeah there was not that many faults really pedestrian crossings the adequate clearance back over there and oh yes and we went up the curb just before the parallel park he wasn't much up the curve but we shouldn't get on the go um so but you know what I think partly there might be just down to having all the cameras in yeah you know um all right otherwise didn't actually the traffic was nice the route was okay yeah shame about the clearance that was the dodgy thing that the car had already flashes actually and we could have just kept going and then if you're gonna pull in pull right in but you know just just don't scrape to go in anything cause that'll be really expensive if we did that but you know what there we are um interesting wasn't it Anabelle didn't pass her mock driving test today but it has still been a useful experience it allows her to see what skills are up to standard and also those we will need to work on before attempting a real driving test thanks very much to Annabelle for allowing us to film her driving today and if you have your own mock test soon good luck if you found this video interesting then please visit our channel as there are over 100 more tutorial videos to help you improve your driving if you would like to help us make new videos then please 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