How To Steer A Car Correctly – Driving Lessons

Hello I’m Chris. In this video I’m going toshow you how to control a gondola properly applying the gather push approach. It’s the safest wayof steering and exploited by professional drivers such as the Police. We viewed in a previous videohow to do the pull pushing steering in a parking lot. I’m now going to demonstrate the steeringin true situation on the road. When steering your hands should never cross over. Your righthand ever abides to the right half of the steering wheel and your left abides tothe left half and they were required never cross over.To control round this left hand corner I’m goingto control with my helping hand and it will start at the top. I’ll pull down with my right handand push up with my left. Grip with my left and push up with my right hand. It takes goodcontrol to arrange the rotations at the privilege extent. For some turns you’ll have to steera lot and rapidly. Using the whole size of the steering wheel. Sometimes it requiresfull lock, maximum steering. I’m going round a left hand corner, steering back time atthe right time so that I don’t over control towards the parked cars.You should brace thesteering wheel at a quarter to three place or at ten to two like I’m demonstrating here.One reason why you don’t want to traverses your forearms when steering is that if the airbag shouldever explode out of the centre of the steering wheel then you don’t want your arms to bein the way of it. You should retain both mitts on the steering wheel unless you need to operatea control. I’m taking the next road on the left. When to turn is very important. If Iturn too late then I’ll turn too wide, turn too early and I’ll touched the kerb.After theturn and you need to straighten the rotations then you need to keep in full control anddon’t let the steering wheel spin through your hands. At the mini roundabout I’m turningright. I’ll grip with my right hand, pulling it down and propagandizing up with my left hand andcontinue to feed the direct through. Planning onward I can see an oncoming vehicle so I’m goingto use this infinite. Thinking about how I’m going to get out of the opening as well. Nowbig turns to the realization of the rights, steering to the left so that I don’t swing out too much and thenstraightening the motors. I’m turning left at the end of the road. How much steeringto give truly depends on the turn.A common question when coming out of a tight gap isswinging out towards the parked autoes on the other side of the road. Make sure that yousteer back to the left in time and then straightening the wheels. I’m turning right at the miniroundabout and it is totally close-fisted. There’s parked vehicles in the way as well. I’m goingto steer a little bit left, I’ve got no choice but to drive over this roundabout to avoidthese parked gondolas. Steering back to the left so that I don’t swing out towards the whitecar. At the mini roundabout I’m turning left. Giving way to the right, steering left. Feedingthe steering wheel through, exercising that pull pushing programme of steering.Ready for oncoming.Some mini roundabouts are impossible to go round properly extremely when there’s parkedcars in accordance with the arrangements. Steering round the parked cars. At this circuitou I’m going to turnright. Again inconceivable to drive round properly. I’m in 1st paraphernalium. Steering left to swing round.Really trying my best to go round the circuitou. Using the pulling approach approach of steering hereas I steer back to the left and straighten the wheels. Well that’s the end of our videoon the pull move programme of steering. As customary, I truly hope it’s been useful. We reallyappreciate you watching our videos. If you haven’t subscribed once then delight do.Stay safe on the road and “ve seen you” soon.

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