Driving Instructor Full Mock Driving Test | 2020 UK Driving Test

[Music]. Have you ever wondered how good a driver a driving instructor needs to be? In fact, all driving instructors have to pass a harder driving test before they are allowed to teach anyone else to drive. So, in theory, any driving instructor should be able to easily pass the normal learner test, and that is what we are here to test today. Matz will drive a full test route and Ann will mark any faults that she spots before you start make sure you subscribe to our channel and click the bell, so you are alerted when we upload a new video. Also, we love to read your comments. So please scroll down and let us know what you think: [Music]. We will try to conduct this mock test in a similar way to a real driving test to make it realistic on a real test. The examiner would check the candidates driving licence test their eyesight and explain the format of the test before getting into the car. Well pick up the test just after getting into the car, tell me how you would check that your brakes are working. For you start a journey okay, so I drive slowly and then stop the car. The brake pedal should feel firm but not spongy, and also the steering shouldn’t fall to either side. Thank you very much I’ll. Ask you a ShowMe question, as we are going round on the route? Ok! Ok! Ok! So if you’d like to start the car, we’ll follow the sat-nav straight away and drive on when you’re ready, [Music] turn left, then they’re left. Since this is a fairly long video, we have placed links in the video description below in case. You want to jump ahead to other parts of the test, the room they’re left then across the roundabout, and take the second exit cross, the roundabout and take the second exit. After each Junction, I look at the sat-nav to help me plan ahead for the next Junction after 200 yards across the roundabout and take the second exit then keep right, Hoss the roundabout and take the second exit then keep right. Lane discipline is important at this small round amount, so I steer very carefully to stay in lane. Keep right, [, Music, ] after 300 yards, though right on the roundabout and take the third exit after a quick mirror check, are gettin, two-lane, nice and early again right on the roundabout and take the third exit. The easiest way to fail a test is to get in someone’s way at a busy Junction. So I take my time here: [Music, ] after 300 yards turn left. Then turn left plenty of mirror checks at this big Junction to keep an eye on following traffic turn left, then turn left turn left in case. You are wondering and have not told me which test tree or maneuver. We are doing today to make it more realistic. At the end of the road turn left, turn left. This close junction is uphill and has very poor visibility. So I dropped a first gear to give me more control, but it’s safe to do so. Could you show me how you were to open and close one of your side windows? Please remember if you forget how to do the show-me question, you can pull the car over and have another look for the button you need after 200 yards turn left then cross. The roundabout and take the second exit there are several other left turns before the end of the road. So I must delay my signal here, so I don’t confuse anyone. Turn left then cross the roundabout and take the second exit after 200 yards crossed the roundabout and take the second exit cross, the roundabout and take the second exit [Music] across the roundabout, and take the second exit after 200 yards cross, the roundabout and take The first exit cross, the roundabout and take the first exit after 100 yards go left on the roundabout and take the first exit towards new markets, go left on the roundabout and take the first exit. I would normally accelerate up to speed much faster here, but the current front is taking its time. So I follow at a safe distance. Now we’re up to speed on this dual carriageway. They use the cruise control to maintain my speed. This is allowed on a driving test, but if you’re not familiar with the system, it’s probably best to avoid the potential distraction. I’M trying to drive as smoothly as possible on this test route today, as this demonstrates good car control and gives a comfortable right to my passenger to prevent any harsh braking, I’m always trying to plan ahead as far as possible, so that I have plenty of time To react to any hazards, I see one point made miles: take the exit thoughts parasitic I like to keep an eye on the sat-nav to check the distance to the exit we need once I’m within a mile of it. I complete any overtaking and return to the left lane if traffic is heavy and we get stuck in the overtaking Lane, you might be safer to miss the exit and take a detour instead. Take the exit, I just round about I’ll. Take the second exit. Take the exit then cross the roundabout and take the second exit as I slowed down, I saved two gear changes by blocked, changing to fourth and then second gear, on the approach to the roundabout after 200 yards across the roundabout and take the second exit towards Westland cross. The roundabout and take the second exit this road still have the national speed limit, but I feel much safer at 30 miles an hour after 300 yards there left then at the end of the road turn left they’re left, then at the end of the road turn Left at the end of the road turn left turn left after driving on faster roads. It can be hard to stay under the limit once back in a 30 miles per hour zone. I am using the cruise control again here to make it easier for me. After 300 yards turn right, I’ve been driving for some time now, so I am expecting that we will need to pull over at the side of the road soon and maybe complete a manoeuvre right. I could ask you to pull up on the left in a safe, convenient leg on placements. Thank you for Obama. You ready at the end of the road turn left. I need to go quite slowly at the junctions, so we use a little clutch control in second gear to give me time to look both ways for traffic after 200 yards turn left. Please stopping just moving a car’s length of this white band. Please ignore the driver on the left, pull up within one car length, leaving about Carly yeah. Thats lovely that okay and draw them when you’re, ready, [, Music, ] turns left [Music]. How many left, in a second billion at the end of the road turn right, then they’re leaving? Thank you. That’S the ends be independent drive in part. The route follows in the sat-nav, okay, so clear to satin up now and then we learn to carry on driving following my instructions, all right, okay, so drove on when you’re ready and at the end of the road. I’D like you to turn right, geez, sorry about the poor audio quality. We had a problem with one of our cameras: [, Music]. I slow down and move over a little for oncoming traffic here so that they can squeeze past us, so the mini roundabouts ahead. If you could turn right, second exit, if it’s turning right. Second, look at the mini-map, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], still no driving faults that I’m aware of yet. Can I make it to the end with a clean sheet: [, Music, ] and at the roundabout ahead? If you could turn left for sexy, please left first exit, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music]. Due to the light traffic. Today we have completed the test route much faster than normal on a real test. The examiner would extend the route to ensure that the test is at least 36 minutes long, but we won’t bother doing that today. I always drive very slowly in car parks in case there are any careless pedestrians about at the end. If you could turn right, I’m going to ask you to do a maneuver. So if you can pick any of the bays on the left-hand side with a white sign, I’d like you to do reverse pay park finishing with all four wheels of in the white lines. I’M prefer to use the 45-degree method for reverse Bay parking, but you can use the 90-degree method if you like. Thank you at the end of the test, would like to turn off the engine and relax okay and a day. So on this occasion, I’m pleased to tell you that you would have passed your driving test good. Thats a try! Adi hi glad you did on this occasion. Matt would have passed the test with one minor on approach to the last roundabout on the test route. A left mirror check just before he went alongside the cars. Turning right would have been safer as a cycle lane was merging with the normal traffic flow. At this point, this shows that not everyone is perfect, even an approved driving instructor. However, in order to become an adi, we have to pass a much harder driving test, completing multiple manoeuvres and driving for one hour. We are only allowed 5 minor faults and any more will result in a fail. The expected standard is high, and so it should be. If you found this video interesting, then please visit our channel as there are over 100 more tutorial videos to help you improve your driving. 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