Drive: How to pass the NZ restricted licence test

( music) The restricted licence test is in two stages. Stage 1 is about ten minutes long. In Stage 1 the Testing Officer wants to check that you know the basics well enough to progress to the more challenging tasks in the second stage. You must overstep Stage 1 to progress to Stage2. Stage 2 is about 35 instants long. The strive is to check you are able to display the appropriate safe driving skills across a variety of driving projects, roads and traffic. There are certain maneuvers youll be asked to perform during the test for example: turning right from a side road, changing lanes, overrule parallel parking, and so on. The Testing Officer will tell you when and where to perform the following ploys. Once the test has started, the Testing Officer probably wont talkto you very much. They need to concentrate on what they have to do and want to avoid distracting you with pointless talking.( At the next street turned off …) Dont concerned about or annoyed if they cant chat with you during the test.Throughout the entire measure, the Testing Officer will be assessing yourability to constitute safe decisions, apply the road powers, and direct your car. Youll need to concentrate and be alert for the whole 45 minutes of the test. Here are some of the specific things that the Testing Officer will assess duringthe test: how well are you scanning ahead and to thesides, checking your reflects, and shoulder checking for potential hazards? are you signalling for at least three seconds before you change course? are you signalling properly at roundabouts? how good are you at judging when there is a safe gap in trafficking in human beings? do you take the first accessible safe gap as well as scorning the unsafe ones? are you driving at a legal and safe speed for the traffic and conditions? This makes driving at or precisely under the speedlimit unless artery, condition or traffic conditions manufacture that unsafe. are you obeying the 2 second ruler, or the 4 second rule if appropriate?( 1001, 1002)( Yep so we’re at exactly 2 seconds) how well do you arrangement your vehicle onthe road and do you use the compensate lane when there is more than one? when you are parking and leaving the park, do you signal properly, check your mirrors and over your shoulder when necessary? do you look to the rear appropriately asyoure overturning? how well do you move and place the carduring the parking manoeuvre and when leaving the park? if “youre gonna have to” do a threepoint turn instead of a switch similarity ballpark, how well do you position the car throughoutthe turn? Do you prevent a looking after for traffic and signal appropriately? Its a good suggestion to have a lesson with a driving instructor before sitting the test to make sure youre doing things correctly.Most people who fail the test do so because of critical errors or immediate fail faults. Make sure you know what those inaccuracies are so youre wellprepared. If youre making any of these lapses during your practice sessions, it means youre not quite prepared to do the test. You can get more detail about the test content in the Restricted Licence Test Guide on the Transport Agency website. Remember, the more tradition “youve had”, thebetter. Its has been proposed that you aims to achieve around 120 hours of supervised rule before sitting the restricted licence experiment.

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