4 Driving Test Tips To Help You Pass

In this driving lesson video I'm going
to give you four tips that will help to make you a better driver and help you
pass the driving test, tip number one – do a lesson before your driving test, I
always advise people to do a driving lesson the hour before the driving test
is scheduled for, so if you have a driving test at 2:15 I would recommend
you do a lesson at 1.00, if nothing else this will help take your
mind off the test and help to settle you it will also help to highlight some
mistakes or inaccuracies that you can hopefully fix in the
subsequent hour during the driving test I always find that the information is fresher in your head just before you go in if you do a mock or a dry run lesson, you
could do a lesson the day before or a few days before but with the passing of
time you are likely to forget some information or it just won't be as fresh
if you were just to do it the hour beforehand.

Tip number two – take some
notes after your lessons, whenever I'm giving driving lessons to somebody I
always ensure that they write down some notes at the end of the lesson, so I'll
be making my own notes throughout the driving lesson and I'd be talking and
discussing with the candidate what happened and why it happened but I'll
always have a summary at the end and I find for the learner driver
this helps to reinforce the information and they're more likely to
remember it. I do it as a way to help the learner to be aware of the mistakes not
to criticize them and if you're more aware of the mistakes you're making
you're more likely to be able to fix them next time out Tip number three – be
aware of your de-misters and back window wiper, sometimes if the weather is bad
like rainy or foggy or whatever if there's a lot of moisture in the air
basically, your back windows are more likely to fog up, it's very important
that you're aware of your controls so this is the control here for the back de-mister and this will help to clear the back
window of any condensation or fog, it'll only take a few minutes to work they
usually work quite quickly and quite efficiently and on my car the back wiper
is here where you just give it a quick flick forward and the back wiper works,
it's very very important that you can see clearly out your back window
especially if you haven't quite done your turnabout yet or you haven't done
your reverse around the corner yet or any reverse maneuver like parking
for example it's so important to be able to see out the back window when you're
doing any reversing manoeuvre so be aware of these controls, and since we're on the topic of de-misters the front de-misters are just as important if not
more important since you're going to be looking at the front more, so on my car
we can control the temperature here I usually recommend medium heat and one or
two as regards power and then the symbol there is just to the window symbol so I think it's better if it's a wet rainy day to have it on this type of setting so level one or two medium heat and pointed towards the window, medium heat so the car doesn't get too hot too quick and one or two probably two more
likely just so that there's air circulating but not too loud Tip number four – keep entrances clear lets say for example you're the driver of the blue car and this road here is quite busy and there's a long queue of traffic, as a driver of the blue car in this queue you should not drive up like this and
block that entrance there, it's far better if you stay back leave a little
gap there enough of a gap for example for the motorbike rider to come in like
this and then only proceed there as long as you can clear the entire Junction so
as long as you can be where the red car is for example now and that would be
better it shows good courtesy, it shows good planning ahead
and shows you're thinking about others and you're thinking about the situation
so if at all possible plan ahead and try not to block any entrances and
that way it can help keep traffic in the other lane so from here coming in, it can help their line of traffic move quicker if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to let me
know in the comment section how you've been getting on with your driving and
with your test and any other driving test tips as well, I'd be interested to
find out, thanks very much for watching and I'll be back very soon